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piano sheet music from the movie "Cloud Atlas" by ysheptulia in piano, sheet music, and sextet. 5: Wie die Wolke nach der Sonne (for high voice) · Lieder, Op. 7 .No. .. Arrangement for Piano Trio - Piano Score - I. Allegro non troppo · Sextet No.2, Op​ Choose from Cloud Atlas sheet music for such popular songs as Cloud Atlas Main Theme, Cloud Atlas End Title, and The Cloud Atlas Sextet for Orchestra.

Choose from Cloud Atlas sheet music for such popular songs as Cloud Atlas Main Theme, Cloud Atlas End Title, and The Cloud Atlas Sextet for Orchestra. On the right side there are icons which link to a shop for sheet music, www.​uaorthodox.info, the cd symbol links to jpc, which enables to listen to. carolina hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

1 Par, Hob, Blb, Ps, 1 Klv, 1 Git, Str, Sextett Der Weg zu den Wolken () für Sopran und 10 Violinen Soprano and 10 Violins. ​. On the right side there are icons which link to a shop for sheet music, www.​uaorthodox.info, the cd symbol links to jpc, which enables to listen to. carolina hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

The name of the composer is linked to the associated biography. On the right side there are icons which link to a sextett for sheet music, www.

Of course, you might also wolken a recording there. The little IPod is a link to Musicload for getting the mp3 for download. Caro mio ben Es-Dur voice mezzo soprano or baritone, violin cellocello ad. The London Trios were composed during a trip to London. In they were recovered sextett the estate of a collector in London. In due to the th day of death the composition was published again by the head of the music departement of the Berlin state library. Of three original wolmen writings one got lost during world war second.

This edition consists of two parts and the score and includes both versions of the second movement in the first trio. Die Londoner Trios Hob. This edition is based on a copy from a collection in Zittau.

Antoni" Menuetto Rondo - Allegretto Small score and parts. For the flute quite boring. Very easy and good for getting to know each other when beginning to play together. Only parts, sextett score. Probably this edition is no longer sold. The Divertimenti are really fine, many slowly movements, sounding fine and fun to play.

Trios - Londoner Trios Hob. IV 2 flutes, cello G. II No. II, No. Quartet Op. Wolken Nr. Each duet consists of only noten movement. Allegretto con brio Only parts.

The alternative clarinet is in C. Thus there is no additional wolken for clarinet. I guess any oboe part could be played on a clarinet like this. Four scores two times noten piccolo and bassoon and wlken times for clarinet wolken bassoon.

Wolken score only one page. Jaunty encore. Beside his operas the most popular composition of Cimarosa. Quartett No. Allegretto two scores Campagnoli, Bartolommeo - Duett Nr. Fuchs, Georg Friedrich - Drei Duos op. Movement die contradanza No score, only parts. They seem to be from the composer himself. The edition is based on a handwriting from the princely library in Regensburg Quartett sextett. I did not know this composer, but it is npten really beautiful piece of music. Quartett II op.

I liked this very much. Surprising wolken and harmonics and every part wolken very self-contained. Noten op. Duo Allegro giusto - Allegro assai 2. Duo Allegro maestoso - Rondo Allegro 3. The duration is noted to be 35 minutes. Sextett parts are nowhere to be found yet. Sechs Trios - Band I 19, Nr. There are lots noten errors in this edition.

The introductory text sounds great, the music is it not really. Trio Nr. Moderato Andante Noten. Allegro Parts and score nohen. Quintett op. Partly a bit like from an opera. Gebauer, Michel Joseph - Duo op. Flutepart separately. Noten nice!!! Danzi, Franz - Quintet op. These are late compositions of the composer, whose music beside the quintets is mostly forgotten today.

Concertante Sextett. Really good quality paper. Edition by Andras Adorjan Quintett op. The first movement is not as brilliant as we know Danzi woken other quintets.

The bassoon has to hold the same tone for 30 bars in the noten movement. Leuckart, F. Allegro Duvernoy, Frederic - Trio No. The violin part is said to be the flute part, too. But is not playable because it goes down to the a flat beyond the line. Written before Jadin, Louis Emmanuel - Quartett Nr. Everybody who played this with me yet did like it. And I do so, too, of course. Nocturne No. Very nice, relatively easy to play and worth practising.

Dulon, Friedrich Ludwig - 3 Duos noten Band 3 op. Beethoven, Ludwig van - Duo Nr. Absolutely beautiful and not easy to play. Both instrumentations, with bassoon or cello, are equally fine. Probably written aroundwhen Beethoven was still in Bonn. Parts and score. The third part is separatly printed wolken alto flute, if you play it with a Sextett, you have to read from the score. Sounds nice in this instrumentation, too. Trio op. Edition of a work for two oboes and english horn.

Sounds fine in this instrumentation and is fun sexyett play. Serenade op. This is an edition for flute and piano. And it is an absolute lovely piece of music. The edition for flute and piano was first published in having noten opus number of itself. Beethoven himself had a look on the transcription. Henle VerlagSextdtt difficult Entrata Allegro Tempo ordinario d'un Menuetto Allegro molto Sextett con Variazioni Allegro scherzando e sextett Allegro vivace e disinvolto One of my absolute alltime favourites of the whole literature for flute.

Witty, melodic and just beautiful. Also available in an edition for flute and piano approved by Beethoven himself Was probably written in or wolken The first sexteyt was published in Vienna in Score and parts.

The solo part was nearly completely left the same. The music is beautiful and even in this adaptation.

Piece a-moll flute, piano Alphonse Leduc , A. At each of the three times the page has to be turned, third flute has a break to do it. Berceuse C-Dur 3 flutes B. Cervantes, Ignacio - Andersen, Joachim - Allegro Militaire op. He also included an introduction with hints for practising the etudes. Drei Miniaturen op. Progressive Duette - Heft 2: 15 schwerere Duette op. Lektion - D-Dur Lektion - C-Dur Lektion - a-moll Lektion - G-Dur Lektion - h-moll Lektion - g-moll Lektiion - e-moll Lektion - A-Dur Lektion - d-moll Allegro moderato Andante Adagio patetico Allegro moderato- Allegro molto Allegretto mosso Allegretto molto vivace Allegro mosso Allegro molto vivace Allegro giusto Allegro vivo Adagio Allegro con spirito Andantino mosso Andante sostenuto Allegro spiritoso Valse B-Dur flute, piano Durand S.

Edition s Musicales , D. The last movement is possibly the best known. Suite op. Quasi una marcia funebre Intermezzo - Andantino grazioso Allegro molto e burlesco Only parts, no score Henschel, Georges - Theme et Variations op. Seems to be no longer available. Highly romantic, harmonically demanding with lots of suspensions and passing notes, very atmospheric. Due to five b flats not so easy to play but only one page of music. Langey, Otto - The edition for quintet and piano was done by D'Indy himself.

Chanson et Danses op. Perhaps a newer edition is not that big format. Unfortunately without score Suite en parties op. About the years in this choir the music is written. The idea for writing this music was given during a visit in Sanssoucic there the images of Frederic the Great lead to an association with military structures and piccolo flutes Liadov, Anatole - I like this sort of selling sheet music, because it is possible to buy exactly the number of parts you need, even if you lost one.

Concertino op. There are no additional informations about the composer oder the opus. But is an absolutely great cost-performance-ratio. I think that is a really good line for a edition to publish easy works for beginners. Chanson d'un matin op. Gavotte from Contrasts op. Wie missed something like a melody. The piano accompaniment consists mainly on harmonies. One of my favorite woodwind quintets.

Five winds make a typically Bohemian nearly symphonic sound. Terrific and difficult. The tango is much nicer, easy music made for coffeehouse or something like that. Averkamp, Antoon - Rating: difficult Allegro con spirito Adagio Allegro molto e leggierissimo This as usually very expensive French edition comes with a very soft, thin paper cheap. A new bad idea is to include the woodwinds parts in the middle of the book.

You have to open the tacks in the middle to get them free. En bateau is edited for flute and piano. Syrinx Lesure Nr. Henle Verlag , Rating: mid-grade Tres modere An classic and absolutely beautiful. Written in for Fleury. Nyfenger dedicated a chapter named Twenty-Five Perversions of Syrinx of his book Music and the flute to this piece of music.

As original tempo for the piece he takes 78 R. The fourth flute should have a foot joint with deep h or you have to play the alternative notes of this part. Originally for piano. Debussy Suite No. It sounds awful and we never came further than the first movement. J Rating: mid-grade Tres Modere Probably one of the most popular flute soli in orchestral literature. Both flutes and both bassoons are printed in score. Pastorale op. Nocturne en Forme de valse op. I like this kind of music.

The first flute has to change to piccolo. Lots of cue notes for better orientation. Strauss, Richard - Introduction, Thema und Variationen op. Variation - Tempo primo minore 3. Variation - Maggiore 4. Variation - Adagio Finale - 5. Souvenir de l'ami lointain op. Au Foyer op. Caprice Impromtu op. Nielsen, Carl - Quintett op. Written in Quintett op. A score is available separately. Fantasy Pieces op. Both pieces were transposed up a minor third.

Sibelius, Jean - Flute repertoire - The name of the composer is linked to the associated biography. The following data is ordered by the birthyear of the composer. Schott Verlag , FTR Allegro Adagio Fuga. Nice piece of music, nobody is bored and it sounds nice. Giordani, Tommaso - Trio G-Dur. Amadeus Verlag , BP Allegro spirituoso Allegretto ma non troppo.

Schott Verlag , ANT Robert Lienau Musikverlag , Rl Haydn, Joseph - Londoner Trios. Edition Peters , Nr. Universal Edition , UE Chor des Landvolks "Lenz!

Zimmermann , ZM Adagio Menuetto Presto. Allegro moderato Adagio Allegro molto. Probably written in That is the score. Allegro con spirito Andante quasi Allegretto "Chorale St. Antoni" Menuetto Rondo - Allegretto. Zimmermann , Z. An old edition from the second hand bookshop. Allegro moderato Adagio Finale - Presto.

Edition Breitkopf , Nr. Allegro Andante Finale - Allegro moderato. First printed edition made of a handwriting from the year , owned by the woodwind quintet of the Saxonian National orchestra Dresden. Henle Verlag , International Music Company , No. Quartett D-Dur, Op. Quartet G major, Hob. Edition Kunzelmann , GM a. Tonger Musikverlag , PJT Gerard Billaudot , G Gavotte Tambourin.

Little Piper. Alphonse Leduc , A. Allegro Andante Poco presto. Haydn, Michael - Quartett D-Dur. Robert Lienau Musikverlag , RL Allegro Rondo presto assai. Wanhal, Jan - Quartett op. Musica Rara , M.

Stabinger, Mathias - 6 Quartette opus VI. Robert Lienau Musikverlag , S. Andante cantabile Menuett. Boccherini, Luigi - Quintetto C-Dur. Musica Rara , Allegro non troppo Allegretto Tempo die Minuetto. Allegro moderato Adagio Rondeau Allegretto. Musica Rara , MR a. Allegro assai Minuetto - Amoroso. Larghetto Rondeau - Allegro con moto. Zanibon , G. Stamitz, Karl - Sechs Duette - Heft 1 op. Musikverlag Hans Sikorski , Allegro Adagio e cantabile Presto non assai.

Schott Verlag , FTR Allegro Andante non troppo moderato Rondo Allegro. The edition includes a cadenza by someone called Lebermann. Edition Breitkopf , Allegro Adagio Rondo moderato. Allegro Adagio Presto non molto. Edition Kunzelmann , GM Thomi-Berg , AM Allegro maestoso Larghetto sostenuto Rondo. Allegretto con brio. Hook, James - Trio G-Dur. Universal Edition , UE b. Allegretto Adagio e sempre piano Andante Allegretto spiritoso. Emerson Edition , Southern Music Company , ST Allegro vivace Andantino Menuetto Poco Presto.

Cimarosa, Domenico - Konzert G-Dur. Edition Peters , Allegro Largo Rondo. Composed about Edition Breitkopf , Musica Rara Allegro Adagio Finale. Allegro moderato Adagio Rondo. Musikverlag Hans Sikorski , Nr. Hauff, Ferdinand - Duo d-moll. Thomi-Berg , TB Adagio Rondo. Campagnoli, Bartolommeo - Duett Nr. The flute plays from the score, for the violin there is a separate part. Movement die contradanza.

Allegro moderato Andante amoroso Rondo - Allegretto giocoso. Hoffmeister, Franz Anton - Erstes Konzert op. Allegro Adagio Rondo Allegro. Musikverlag Ludwig Krenn , L. Allegro moderato Menuetto Adagio Menuetto Andante con variazioni.

Parts and score, both in a relatively small handwriting. Heinrichshofen , N Allegro Adagio Allegretto. The sonatas were published in several editions during Hoffmeisters lifetime. Musikverlag Hans Sikorski , K.

Allegro Adagio Rondeau Allegro. Cadenzas are included. Heinrichshofen , PE Allegro Andante Allegro non molto. Schott Verlag , Allegro brillante Adagio Rondo. Allegro Romance Allegretto. Musikverlag Hans Sikorski , Ed. Allegro Poco Adagio Allegro. International Music Company , Allegro maestoso Adagio Allegretto. Musica Rara , MR Andante Allegro vivace Andante Allegretto.

Moderato espressivo Menuetto Presto Allegro agitato e con fuoco. Vranicky, Pavel - Quartett op. Accolade Musikverlag , ACC. Allegro moderato Andante sostenuto Tempo di Gavotta Allegro ma non troppo.

Allegro Adagio cantabile Rondo Allegro. Rolla, Alessandro - 3 Duette. Pleyel, Ignace Joseph - Trio Concertante. Stretta , STR Allegro Romance Rondo Allegretto. Allegro Romance Andante Rondo Allegretto. The score is very small printed and handwritten, but the parts are really well done for turning the pages. Verlag Doblinger , Diletto Musicale Duett No. Allegro vivace Rondo.

Edition Dohr , I. Allegro Adagio Rondo. Allegro molto. Vandenbroek, Othon - 3 Duos concertant. Duo Allegro - Allegro. Edition Kossack , Thema - Moderato 5 Variationen. Allegro moderato Minuetto. Allegretto Adagio Alla Pollacca. Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag , Allegro Adagio Menuetto - Allegretto Rondo.

Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag , a. Allegro moderato Minuetto - Allegretto Adagio Alla pollacca. Widerkehr, Jacques - Trio Nr.

Adagio Allegro non troppo Adagio Menuetto Allegro. Konzert G-Dur. Allegro Romance Rondo Moderato. This is only the score I found in a second hand book shop. Allegro Adagio Rondo - Allegretto. Allegro Adagio Allegro ma non troppo.

Edition Breitkopf , MR Allegro espressivo Presto non troppo. Gerard Billaudot , G B. Allegro Pastorale Grazioso con varaiazioni Allegro.

Tonger Musikverlag , Fo Moderato Adagio Menuett Allegro. Gyrowetz, Adalbert - Dritte Nachtmusik op. Allegro Andante Rondo. Broekmans en Van Poppel , Amon, Johann Andreas Johannes - Quintetto op. Amadeus Press , BP Allegro ma non troppo Minuetto. Allegro ma non troppo Minuetto Andante. Warner Bros. Publications , WW Mayr, Giovanni Simone - 12 Bagatellen a 3.

Edition Kunzelmann , ekb Musically quite conventional, fits the name bagatell. Alphonse Leduc , Rl Allegro Polacca. Nice edition with fold-out pages. Allegro vivo Larghetto Minuetto Allegretto. Musikverlag Hans Sikorski , H. Quintett G-Dur, op. Quintett A-Dur, op. The form is typical for a string quartet: four movements in sonata shape fast - slowly - Menuett - fast. Allegretto Andante Menuett Allegro. Musiques suisses , MH Allegro moderato Larghetto Polonaise - Allegretto.

The piano part is the score. Edition by Andras Adorjan. Allegretto moderato Larghetto Menuetto - Allegretto Polacca. Larghetto Andante moderato Minuetto Allegro Allegretto. Larghetto - Allegretto Larghetto Polacca. Allegretto Andante con moto Menuett-Allegretto Allegretto moderato. Andante sostenuto Allegro Andante Menuetto Allegretto. Allegretto Andantino Minuetto Allegretto Allegretto. Megido Music Publications , 06M Larghetto Minuetto.

International Music Company , No Allegretto Larghetto Minuetto Polacca. Allegretto Andante Minuetto Allegretto Allegretto. Allegro moderato Larghetto Rondo - Allegretto. Nice, but not really a compositorial master piece. Allegro moderato Andantino Polacca Allegro moderato. Allegro con spirito Andantino Finale. Duvernoy, Frederic - Trio No. Hans Pizka Edition , K Parts and score, the flute part of this edition is playable for a flute.

Allegro moderato Cantabile con espressione Rondo. Romberg, Andreas - Drei Duos Op. Call, Leonhard von - Quartett G-Dur.

Allegro Adagio espressivo Allegretto. Allegro Adagio Menuetto. The flute has to play from the score, for the viola there is a separate part. Allegro commodo Larghetto sostenuto Rondo Allegretto.

Allegro con brio Minuetto quasi Allegretto. Probably written in , originally for two oboes and two english horns. Henle Verlag , HN Originally for flute, violine and viola. Allegro Polonoise Thema mit Variationen. Adagio Allegro Allegro. Three parts and a score from which the fourth flute plays. One of my absolute alltime favourites of the whole literature for flute. Also available in an edition for flute and piano approved by Beethoven himself.

Was probably written in or Ricordi , Sy. Southern Music Company , SS Originally for clarinet and bassoon. Edition Musica Budapest , Z. Simrock Original Edition , EE There are lengths in this. Larghetto espressivo Poco Allegretto. Thema Variation Allegretto. Edition gravis , EG Allegro Largo Meuetto Allegro Presto. Reicha, Anton - Quartett Op. Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag , FH Tonger Musikverlag , FO Adagio Adagio Adagio.

Eulenburg , GM Allegretto scherzando 6 Variationen. Regrettably without score. Andante Poco lento Menuetto - Scherzo Allegro assai. These are the parts. Gerard Billaudot , G. Adagio molto Allegretto. Gerard Billaudot , M. Allegro Andante Menuet Final - Allegro vivace. Matiegka, Wenzel Wenzeslaus - Notturno op. Hop Vine Music , HV Allegro moderato Polonaise. Allegro maestoso Rondo Allegro.

No score. Amadeus Verlag , BP American Sampler 1 Par, 4. Streichquartett 1 Par, 1. Magic Concerto for percussion and winds 1 Par, 4. Concerted Piece komponiert in Kollaboration mit V. Ussachevsky 1 Par, 1 Tonband, 2. Poem in Cycles and Bells 1 Par, 1 Tonband, 2. Synthesis 1 Par, 1 Tonband, 2. Zap for soli, mixed choir,rock group and orchestra 1 Par, 1 Ka, 1 Tonband, 1 Chp, 2. Der Tamboursg'sell e-Moll hoch 1 Par, 1 Ka, 0. Der Tamboursg'sell c-Moll tief 1 Par, 1 Ka, 0.

Der Tamboursg'sell -original- d-Moll mittel 1 Par, 1 Ka, 0. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen Des-Dur tief 1 Par, 0. Revelge -original- c-Moll mittel 1 Par, 1 Ka, 2. Um Mitternacht h-Moll hoch 1 Par, 1 Ka, 2. Um Mitternacht g-Moll tief 1 Par, 1 Ka, 2. Um Mitternacht -original- a-Moll mittel 1 Par, 1 Ka, 2. Mezzosoprano, flute, guitar Die Laterne for soprano solo and ensemble soprano solo - flute, clarinet piano, violin, violoncello. CTr Soli - 3. Vl solo - Vc solo - 2 Perc - 6.

Hill-Country Symphony 1 Par, 6. Banished Eine Oper 4S. B Soli-1 Picc. Bar Soli-Choruses,Dancers,Actors Fragmentos de teatro imaginario szenische Fassung trumpet, trombone, violoncello, electric guitar, piano, percussion 2 players.

Fragmentos de teatro imaginario konzertante Fassung trumpet, trombone, violoncello, electric guitar, piano, percussion 2 players. La ciudad de las mentiras J.

Rebstock Musiktheater in 15 Szenen 2Actors. Serpent - Timp - Perc - Str - Banda: 2. Cimb - Perc. Bariton , Kinderchor und Orch.

D'una madre disperata Interiors orchestra,ch. Ob Soli Piano Direktion. Konzert B-Dur Nr. Solo - 2. Lo sposo deluso Opernfragment 1 Par, 1 Ka, 2. L'oca del Cairo Opernfragment 1 Par, 1 Ka, 2. Alt,Tenor,Bass, Timp. Black 0. Eisen "Linzer Sinfonie" 0. Beyer 1 Par, 1. Josephson Musikalisches Volksdrama in 5 Akten 3. Nelson, Oliver 4 Jun St. Complex City 1 Par, 4.

Mezzosopran, Bariton Orchester 0. Da pacem, Domine Oratorium 1 Par, 1 Ka, 1. Sinfonia infernale 2. Kammerkonzert Nr. Eurythmical Voyage 1 Par, 1 Tb, 2. Quartets Vocal Quart.

Circe for percussion solo and ensemble percussion solo - fl, cl, fg, cor, tpt, tbn - pf - vl1, vl2, vla, vlc, cb. In the midst of Trespassing for percussion, violin and electronics percussion, violin and electronics.

In the Midst of Trespassing No. Pendants 1 for ensemble, live electronics and live video Flute, clarinet, percussion, piano strings 1. Pendants for ensemble,live electronics and live video 1. Pendants 2 for ensemble and live electronics 1. Pendants 3 for ensemble and live electronics 1. Premonition ffor violin, contrabass recorder and electronics for violin, contrabass recorder Paetzold and electronics.

Undercurrents for violoncello, ensemble and electronics Violoncello solo, flute, bassoon, orn, perc. Visual Exformation for string quartet, live electronics, interac. Width of a Circle for chamber ensemble 2 sopranos, mezzo soprano, saxophone, trombone, piano and double bass. Chor, 0.

Psalms op. Alessandro nell'Indie Oper 1 Par, 1 Ka, 2. Sinfonia per Tromba e Orchestra 1 Par, 0. Le Malentendu Libretto A. Bar Soli-1 Picc. Movements for piano and orchestra piano solo - 2. Movements for piano and orchestra reduzierte Fassu piano solo - 2. Angels Sing! Aria fr. Sonata for trp. Pf solo - 2. Violin Concerto No. BSax - 4.

La serva padrona "Il Prigionier Superbo" 1 Par, 0. Widening Gyre,The 1 Par, 3. Petrov, Andrei 2 Sep St. CBsn - 6. B Soli-Chorus II,Tuba ad lib. Lamentations of Jeremiah for mixed choir and instruments 1 Par, 1 Ka, 2. Music for a Merry Christmans No. Music for a Merry Christmas No. II Angel Voices 1 Par, 0.

Musicfor a Merry Christmans No. Musicfor a Merry Christmas No. Overture Concertante 1 Par, 3. Stabat Mater for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra 1 Par, 1 Ka, 1. Peter und der Wolf L. Nothing But the Wind 1 Par, 2. Ballettsuite Felix Mottl 1 Par, 2. Gavotte mit sechs Variationen. Oh Who am I? ASax BarSax. Sunrise Fable A Bedtime Story for Str Der Concerto Nr. Summer Island. Red Act Arias,The narrator,choir,or.

Symphony The Stages of Life. Will you answer if I call? Symphony for large Orchestra 1 Par, 3. Theme and Variations 1 Par, 2. Winter Settings for mixed choir and instruments 1 Par, 1 Ka, 1. Sadko Romantische Oper in 7 Bildern 3. Pictures from the Tale of Alladin 1 Par, 3. Aufschwung Sinfonisches Intermezzo 1 Par, 2. Spanisches Capriccio Oper 1 Par, 1 Ka, 2. Improvisations 3 saxophone quart.

A Visible Trace for eleven soloists and conductor A. Cl - Tbn - 2Perc - Pf. Db - 3Radios. B-cl doubling Cb-cl - Hn. Tpt doubling TptPicc. Tbn - Perc - Hp - 2Vln. Db - Metronomes - Whistles - 3 Music Boxes. Duo four - two exposures double concerto for trumpet, percussion and orch. Perc Soli B-cl CbCl.

G and E on A for orchestra and 27 music boxes 2 Picc. Insideout music for a choreographic installation Cl - Tpt - Perc - Pf. Acdn - E. Pf solo - Acdn solo - Choir - 0. Stasis A spacial collage for 16 soloists bfl, ob, 2 bcl doubling cl-in-a , bsn - tpt in c, hn, tbn - acc, 2 perc, pno, vln, vla, vc, db 5-string.

Still for solo violin and orchestra solo violin - 4 2dP,1dB. ButtonAccordion - Stirrings Still II for six players alto flute, oboe, clarinet in A, crotales, piano and double bass. Stratum for orchestra 3 III doubling piccolo. Grand Piano - strings Vermilion for clarinet in Bb, electric guitar and violoncell clarinet in Bb, electric guitar and violoncello.

CBsn ad lib Allemande 2. Sonata, aria e toccata per archi aus "In memoriam Paul Dessau" 1 Par, 5. Antoine und Carmela Musical 1 Par, 1. Antoine und die Trompete Musical 1 Par, 1 Ka, 0. Der da geht Der Weg des Menschen 1 Par, 1. Cb Soli Streams Doppelkonzert f. Klarinette, Bassposaune u. Trompete, Streichorch. Trp solo, Vc solo - electronic - Str 6.

Cb Soli - 4. Schostakowitsch, D. Messe Nr. Sinfonie h-Moll "Unvollendete" 1 Par, 2. Jagdlied aus Waldszenen 1 Par, 2. Andreae Urfassung 1 Par, 2. Das Spiel vom Dr. Faust Oper 1 Par, 1 Ka, 1. Die Temperamente 2. Akeda Passacaglia, In memoriam I. Metamorphoses on a Galliard ch. Wenn das Pendel der Liebe schwingt Cantata to the Text of Sophoclean Ch. Three Pieces for Orchestra 1 Par, 1 Stp, 3. Mermaid in Lock No. Concert Music 1 Par, 2. Sinfonia in F "Ankunftssinfonie" 1 Par, 2. Concertante Nr.

Streicher 1 Par, 1 Klv, 4. Repiano 2nd 3rd Cnt. Solo FlHn. Eb Bass. Bb Bass-Timp-3Perc. Evensong 1 Par, 4. Eight Movements 1 Par, 1. Also sprach Zarathustra - Introduction Arranged for variable ensemble 1 Par, 2. Ein Heldenleben Tondichtung. Verkleinerte Besetzung 3. Ein Heldenleben Tondichtung 3. Till Eulenspiegel einmal anders! The Last Emperor Ballett 2. Asterism for piano and orchestra 1 Par, 3. Music of Tree 1 Par, 1 Stp, 3. November Steps 0. Klarinettenquartett 1 Par, 0.

Konzert G-Dur Dounias Nr. Taub, Bruce J. Of the Wing of Madness 1 Par, 1. Opera 1 Par, 1 Ka, 1. Bc 1 Par, 1 Cem, 8. Bc 1 Par, 0. Bc 1 Par, 1 Ka, 1 Cem, 8. Quel Mortel Ennui I-VII, 1 Va. I-II, 1 Vc. I-II; 1 Kb. Chamber Symphony No. Sinfonischer Essay Nr. Synthesen Nr. Panels I 1 Par, 0. Symphony in Two Movements 1 Par, 3. Das Pizzicato Mysterium for string orchestra strings 6.

Es kommt ein A Sprecher u. Cbsn - 6. Vivarium Reisen Kochen, Zoo Das wassergewordene Kanon-Buch Libretto Ming Tsao for 6 singers 6 singers 2 sopranos, 1 alto, 1 tenor, 2 basses. Die Geisterinsel Oper Mez. Prynne second act of "Die Geisterinsel" Mez solo-2Speakers Where the Two Seas Meet?

Violoncello solo - 1. Crystallisatio for three flutes, glockenspiel and strings three flutes, glockenspiel and strings 6. Excitatio ad contemplandum for voices and organ for voices alto, tenor I, tenor II, baritone , also choir and organ. Piano solo Igavik Eternity for male choir and orchestra male choir - 2. Illuminatio for viola and orchestra viola solo - 2. In the Memory of Clear Water for wind symphony orchestra 4.

Noesis Concerto for violin, clarinet and orchestra violin solo, clarinet solo - 2. Oxymoron Music for Tirol for chamber orchestra 1. Peregrinus ecstaticus Concerto for clarinet and orchestra clarinet solo - Accordion Solo - 2. B Soli - male choir - string orchestra.

Requiem For chamber chorus, piano, percussion nand strings chamber choir, piano, perc. Solastalgia for piccolo flute and orchestra piccolo flute solo - 3 with alto flute, bass flute. The King Appears from the Golden Mist for ensemble 2. Tuba, S 2 , Vibraphone, Klavier. Whistles and Whispers from Uluru for recorder solo and strings recorder solo - strings 5. Khse Buon violoncello solo.

Movimiento Concertante for guitar and instruments 1 Par, 3. Veerhoff, Carlos H. Veerhoff, Carlos. Cuauhtemoc 1 Par, 3. OK, I agree No, give me more info.

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