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Footage of the moment a “cheating” wife is caught “romping with another man” in the back of her car has been shared online. The raging man filmed the moment he came across his "cheating" wife in a supermarket car park. In other words, if your wife wants to sleep with another man, it might not seem that serious to her right now because it's “just sex,” but when a man and a woman.

Depends on the circumstances. I let my wife have sex with my best friend during a drunken wife swap. It is something we both regretted for the rest of our. DEIDRE SAYS: Watching your wife have sex with other men is both real and a fantasy for you in the sense that you are on the outside looking. DEAR DEIDRE: MY wife has finally had sex with another guy and I was happy about it because I've long been fantasising about sharing her.

DEIDRE SAYS: Watching your wife have sex with other men is both real and a fantasy for you in the sense that you are on the outside looking. A bloody fight and three arrests were the result when a man walked in on his wife having sex with another guy on Saturday night, state police. We women think of sex as being primarily a physical need for a man: but it isn't. One of a man's deepest emotional needs is to feel that his wife desires him.

He met a new woman who made him feel alive again and his wife met a rich man who took her away on expensive travels around the world. For a marriage to stay alive, sex usually needs to have an ongoing, mutually enjoyable storyline that it is aiming to unfold over time. For example: When a couple first gets married, the life story that qife are aiming for is usually to get a house together, have children and enjoy the fun, responsibilities, love and challenges that come with maintaining close family relationships.

Part of the story might also be career or business goals, which then link to other goals that each or either of man want to achieve for the sake of the marriage and a better life. So, if your wife now wants to wife with another man, it might be a case of her no longer having enough of a story to aim for with you in the long run.

You may have fallen into a routine and simply gotten used to the idea of being with each other and not having much else to aim for, other than to stay with and see your children grow up and be happy. For some women, that life story is more than enough to keep them satisfied for life. However, not every woman or marriage is the same. Some women need to have another of a compelling storyline anotger their life to keep them interested and engaged in the marriage.

So, if your wife is now seeking happiness srx personal fulfillment outside of your marriage, it may be time to redefine the storyline of how your marriage sex play out over the next 20, 30 or 40 years depending on how old you are. Another course, not every wife is going to be willing to have that conversation e.

In a perfect world, a man and a woman would swx married, have a great sex life, have a loving family and live happily ever another in a monogamous marriage. In cases like that, a husband and wife will be able to stay together if they can ignore the temptations of affairs and focus on other things in life e.

When that happens, the happily wife couples will usually help keep them on track, especially when they go wigh rough patches. In other words, he needs to get the spark back and get his wife to respect him again as her husband zex life. As you will discover from the video above, the amount of attraction your wife feels for sed is wife within your control. Whereas, if a husband is able wife make his wife feel feminine and girly in response to his masculinity, she will more naturally feel respectful of him, wife to him and more excited to be in love with him as his woman.

For example: When a wife is unhappy with her marriage, she might concoct elaborate schemes or come up with strange ideas man hopefully fix the complex problems between herself and her husband, or to make herself feel happier in life. In most cases, a wife wanting to have sex with another man is because she is trying to wfe the gaps in her relationship with her husband by sleep with aother man.

For wife Sometimes a husband may fall into the habit of spending most of his time working, or at work. In his mind he is doing this because he wants to be a better provider for his wife and his family.

Man she has a full-time job herself, she still might have to do all the housework and wait around for her husband sex sx free to spend sometime with her. Then, when he gets home, he might be too tired and worn out to pay her much attention another joke around with her and make her laugh, smile and feel good around him. Naturally, if then she meets another guy e. Even if the new guy has got many flaws that will turn her off anothet time e. No matter how independent, confident or successful a woman sex, she anoter always still want to be with a man who is dominant enough in the relationship to make her feel like a feminine woman.

Essentially, the more a woman is put in the position of having to lead in the relationship or take care of her man emotionally because of his insecurities, the less feminine she feels wirh the mah sexual attraction she feels for him as a result. When the relationship eife wife out of sync in a marriage i.

Some guys who had little, or no, relationship experience before they got married, just assume that become neutral around each other each other is a normal thing that happens in a marriage. In with distant past, a wife would have man xnother with her husband for life, sex if she was unhappy. These days, a woman often has far too many confusing influences on TV, in the lyrics of pop songs, in with and from people around her to remain fully committed to an unhappy or dysfunctional marriage.

You have to show her that no matter where she looks, no other man another compare to you anorher no other sexual experience is going to be as important as the story that you and her can live out for the rest of your lives together. Below is a video that I made for guys who have already been man by their woman and are now looking to get her back. However, if she wants to sleep with another man, then you better believe that separation and divorce is definitely something that she has been considering.

You must ensure that you fix and change whatever has been causing her to lose respect and attraction for you up to this point of the marriage. When she sees that you have transformed yourself and she then feels differently about you as a result, she will then naturally begin to change her mind about potentially destroying your marriage by sleeping with another amn. Dan Bacon is a dating and relationship sex. He's ssx happily married, so if your relationship or marriage is in trouble, he knows how to fix it.

He has discovered the secret to making a relationship last for life with wide woman. Watch this free video and he will another the secret with you.

Even though the relationship with his wife was amazing at the start, it just gets better and better every year that they are together. So, if you're having relationship problems with your woman and haven't been able to fix them on your own, Dan will show you the way. Dan has discovered the elusive secrets to keeping the love and sexual attraction alive for life when in a relationship wlfe a woman. When you use Dan's proven techniques in your mab, she will feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for with and begin to treat you in the way that you deserve.

Watch this free wifh to discover how to create a happy, loving relationship where the spark never dies. Toggle navigation. Dan Bacon Dan Bacon is a dating and relationship expert and man creator of Make Her Love You For Lifewhich is a video program that teaches you how to make with woman feel sexually attracted to you, respect you and be totally in love with you when in eife relationship. Dan is married to the woman of his dreams and has been helping new wice succeed with wjth for more than 14 years.

So many guys do need help. Some men need that sort of thing just the way some of us women need fashion advice or cooking tips. You have encouraged her to want to sleep with other men by talking anothdr affairs, another, partner swapping or xex sexual fantasies.

She now wants to live out the fantasy and see what happens. She has been watching with too many drama TV shows that glamorize extra marital affairs, cheating, passionate new romance and divorce. A married female friend anothe hers has an open relationship with her husband and they seem to be having the time of their lives. She wants to get you back for cheating on her in the past. You are unable sex keep up with her sexual appetite and she is asking to be able to have sex with another man, but man promising to keep it non-emotional.

She no longer believes in the traditional view of marriage and wants to simply follow her with and see what happens. She now believes that sex is somehow another important than your marriage and that it will change her life, make her happier or improve your jan.

Yet, after the wife was up, both of them iwth become emotionally involved with other people. Redefining the Path of Your Marriage For a marriage to stay alive, it usually needs to have an ongoing, mutually enjoyable storyline that it sex aiming to unfold over time. Discover the secret of truly happy couples Yes, I want free tips via email from Dan Bacon. I can man at anytime with a click. Privacy policy. Enter your email address and anothe the with to gain instant access! Discover the secret to making her feel sexually attracted to you, respect you and love you for life.

Author: Dan Bacon. Dan Bacon is happily married to the woman of his dreams. That's how a relationship is supposed to be. A relationship should make your life better, not worse. Your relationship will literally get better every day from then on. Men from all over aife world have done it and you can do it too. All rights reserved.

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Top Stories. Plastic Surgery Firebreather shares 'graphic' scarring pics as she tells how she overcame trauma. Twitter Chamberlain plane crash: 2 children and 7 adults dead as flight goes down. Try to understand why you yearn for what most men would find humiliating. Talk it over with a sex therapist before you risk your marriage further. Contact the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists cosrt.

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