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Quran () - "Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you?" This verse is part of the previous text and it establishes that homosexuality​. They generally claim that homosexuality is banned by the Quran. to by the Quranic passages was attempted sodomy (specifically anal. Christian gays and lesbians have had to work hard for a measure of Scriptures and later writers usually referred only to particular sexual acts.

The Qu'ran and Homosexuality. Richard Burton suggests the following Qu'ranic verses as relevant to homosexuality: The texts are from the Qu'ran edition at. ISIS has invoked Quranic passages about Sodom and Gomorrah in the killing of gays, including in Orlando. But prominent clerics vary widely. the topic of homosexuality within Islam and to highlight demnation of homosexuals often use verses . in a particular Quranic verse, Muslims often.

What do Islam and the Qur'an say about homosexuality and the Muslim scholars cite these verses to support a prohibition against. They generally claim that homosexuality is banned by the Quran. to by the Quranic passages was attempted sodomy (specifically anal. Christian gays and lesbians have had to work hard for a measure of Scriptures and later writers usually referred only to particular sexual acts.

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Bent u een voortrekkker in uw school om te zorgen dat iedereen zichzelf kan zijn? Meld u aan als Verses ambassadeur en maak gebruik van de ondersteuning! Laat uw leerlingen de situatie rond veiligheid homosexuality seksuele diversiteit op uw school onderzoeken! De schoolvisite is een leuke maar ook leerzame methode. Lees hier meer over verses schoolvisite. Lees hier meer over de MijnID themaweek. This story is repeated several times quran the Qur' an.

They all follow a similar pattern, but the details change from one telling to the next, as we shall see. This story of Lot verses his family and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is mentioned in verses,, and The first thing to note is that these Qur'anic passages are verses hand accounts: Muhammad, in telling the story of the Prophet Lut, is repeating what he has heard from other sources.

It quran said in many of Muhammad's biographies that he was heavily influenced by the Jewish and Christian. As for the history of this story, the Gay Almanac says, 'According to the Book of Genesis, the cities of Sodom homosexuality Gomorrah are destroyed with fire and brimstone.

This is interpreted by Philo of Alexandria centuries later, and then by religious writers, to have been a wrathful God' s punishment for the homosexuality of the inhabitants. That interpretation, although common, hinges on an unlikely translation of the ambiguous Hebrew word meaning 'to know'. Verses term is used times in the Old Testament; in only 15 of those times is it used as a euphemism for sexual activity.

According to many modem-day scholars, it is likely that the story of Sodom and Gomorrah did not involve homosexuality at all. In the first line of the Qur'anic passage cited above, the Prophet Lut says to his people, 'Why do you commit this lecherous act which none in the world has committed before? We assume verses because of the next passage which states, 'In preference to women, you satisfy your lust with men. Even so, there are a variety of questions we could ask.

What exactly was this 'lecherous act'? Was it sodomy between males, or sodomy between males and females? And for that matter, what exactly do we mean by the term sodomy? Was it rape, or abuse, or the pursuing of multiple sex partners, or sex with children? And when the Qur'an says, 'In preference to women, you satisfy your lust with men', what, again, does it mean? That the inhabitants were leaving their natural disposition toward heterosexual relationships and experimenting with homosexualityeven though they were not homosexual?

Or something else entirely? Are we to assume it is okay to approach women with 'lust' but not men? And again, what exactly is the 'lust' we're talking about? Is it sodomy? Oral sex? Pre-marital sex?

Or does this passage simply mean that sexual activity was being approached in an abusive manner? The next line says, 'His people made no answer, and only said: 'Drive them out of the city.

They profess to be pure. The reasons for quran are not clear: perhaps they wanted to sexually abuse the angels, an idea that gains credence when one reads verses accounts of this story in which Lut offers his two daughters quran the crowds for their sexual enjoyment. Whatever the reason, what the crowd was demanding was that Lut be inhospitable to his guests. And this could have been - indeed, very probably was - the 'sin' of the quran of Sodom. So a cardinal rule of Lot's society was to offer hospitality to travelers.

The same rule is a traditional part of Semitic and Arabic cultures. This rule was so strict that no one might harm even an enemy who had been offered shelter for the night. The idea was to insult the men by treating them like women. It begins to seem as though the discussion of homosexuality was more or less an after thought, and certainly not the main issue at hand.

The verses point of the story involves the arrival of the two angels who have been sent by Allah to save Lut and his family before the cities were destroyed. Another point to note is that the details of this story change from one telling to the next in the Qur'an.

For example, we are sometimes told that it was Homosexuality wife who was destined homosexuality be left behind, and sometimes we are told it was an 'old woman'. It would quran most odd to refer to Lut's wife, the wife of a prophet, as just an 'old woman'. Sura reads: 'So we saved him and his whole family except one old woman who remained behind.

Was it his 'whole family' or his wife? The conversations Lut is recorded to have had also vary - sometimes greatly - from one telling to the next. In verses tellings of the story the inhabitants are reported to have said nothing; in others, they did indeed respond to Lut.

Even the verses of the story itself varies. In Sura we read: 'They lusted after his guests, so We put out their eyes and said: 'Taste My punishment homosexuality My commination! It would seem a rather significant part of the story if Allah did indeed 'put out' the eyes of the inhabitants and speak directly to them.

Verses yet in no other account are these rather homosexuality facts mentioned. In some tellings, the people are said to have accused the 'messengers of lies' - in other words, they scoffed at the prophets sent to them, abused them, mistreated them. Sura reads, 'The people of Lut rejected the warnings. But in other tellings, it is the sexual aspects of the story which are emphasized, or homosexuality inhospitality to Lut's guests.

Another version of quran story, as told in Surareads this way: 'The people of Lut accused the messengers of lies. When their brother Lot said to them: 'Will you not take heed? I have been sent quran a trusted messenger to you.

So fear God and listen to me. I ask no recompense of you for this. My reward is due from none but the Lord of all the worlds.

Why do you go for males unlike all other creatures leaving the consorts your Lord has made for you? But you are a people who exceed the bounds. Lot said: '1 am disgusted with your actions. Then We destroyed the rest of them. This is much different from the story we originally quoted: 'And we sent Lot, who said to his people: 'Why do you commit this lecherous act which none in the world has committed before?

In preference to women you satisfy your lust with men. Indeed you are a people who are guilty of excess. And We rained down on them a shower of homosexuality. So witness the end of sinners!

What really happened in Sodom and Gomorrah - and how will we ever know, with any certainty? We could say, for the sake of argument, that the inhabitants were destroyed because they were 'exceeding the bounds. The Qur'an details the stories of numerous communities that were destroyed for their evil ways - what has that to do with us, today, here and now? Perhaps homosexuals in Sodom and Gomorrah were given over to all sorts of perversions - multiple sexual partners, prostitution, wickedness of every kind.

Perhaps they so aroused the quran of Allah that the cities they lived in homosexuality completely destroyed. Were the people destroyed simply because they were homosexual? If that is indeed the case, why did Allah make them homosexual to start with? Or were they destroyed because they were exceeding the bounds of decency, and not simply because they were homosexual?

The strongest Islamic argument against homosexuality is based on the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and on the belief that since Allah destroyed these two cities, homosexua1ity must, consequently, be wrong.

But the quran is rather weak. The story itself is not clear on whether the inhabitants were destroyed simply because of their sexualityor because of other factors - inhospitality, for example, or inappropriate sexual conduct.

This is a crucial distinction. Are homosexuals, simply by the very fact of their homosexualitydispleasing to Allah and thus worthy of destruction? And, if this is so, then why does Allah create homosexuals to begin with? The argument makes an issue of the sexuality of the inhabitants - but only in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah homosexuality such a distinction drawn.

The Qur'an is replete with stories of various communities that were destroyed for one reason or another - why is it that in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, the sexuality of the inhabitants is suddenly an issue, whereas in all the other stories it is not? One can be homosexual and yet live completely according to Islamic law and practice, refraining from sexual quran, devoted to worship and good works and in all ways an outstanding member of the homosexuality is such a person, because of his or her homosexuality, worthy of condemnation?

Yet another problem we are faced with homosexuality the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and its supposed condemnation of homosexuality is that 'homosexuality' was not understood to be a personal identity until only very recently. It is not accurate to quran that 'homosexuals' were condemned in Sodom and Gomorrah because the concept of a 'homosexual' as being a distinct person with a same-sex sexuality did not come about until only very recently.

The Qur'an could not condemn a class of people that were not even known to exist.

In some countries, views were becoming more conservative among younger people. There are a number of Islamic ex-gay organizations, that is, those composed of people claiming to have experienced a basic change in sexual orientation from exclusive homosexuality to exclusive heterosexuality. One of the leading LGBT reformatory Muslim organization is StraightWay Foundation , which was established in the United Kingdom in as an organization that provides information and advice for Muslims who struggle with homosexual attraction.

They teach that the male-female pair is the "basis for humanity's growth" and that homosexual acts "are forbidden by God". It was suggested that Livingstone was giving a platform to Islamic fundamentalists, and not liberal and progressive Muslims. Since February , over male residents of the Chechen Republic part of the Russian Federation assumed to be gay or bisexual have been rounded up, detained and tortured by authorities on account of their sexual orientation.

The men are held and allegedly tortured in concentration camps. Allegations were initially reported in Novaya Gazeta on April 1, [] a Russian-language opposition newspaper, which reported that over men have allegedly been detained and tortured and at least three people have died in an extrajudicial killing.

The paper, citing its sources in the Chechen special services, called the wave of detentions a "prophylactic sweep. On 11 January , it was reported that another 'gay purge' had begun in the country in December , with several gay men and women being detained. The coming together of "human rights discourses and sexual orientation struggles" has resulted in an abundance of "social movements and organizations concerned with gender and sexual minority oppression and discrimination.

The Al-Fatiha Foundation was an organization which tried to advance the cause of gay, lesbian, and transgender Muslims. It was founded in by Faisal Alam , a Pakistani American , and was registered as a nonprofit organization in the United States. The organization was an offshoot of an internet listserve that brought together many gay, lesbian and questioning Muslims from various countries.

After Alam stepped down, subsequent leaders failed to sustain the organization and it began a process of legal dissolution in In , Al-Muhajiroun , an international organization which sought the establishment of a global Islamic caliphate , but which is now a banned and defunct, issued a fatwa ruling declaring that all members of Al-Fatiha were murtadd apostates , and condemning them to death.

Because of this threat and their conservative familial backgrounds, many Al-Fatiha members chose anonymity to protect their identity. Some of them are listed below:. In , an anthology Islam and Homosexuality was published.

The answer, for me, is an unequivocal no. Marhuq Fatima Khan in a chapter "Queer, American, and Muslim: Cultivating Identities and Communities of Affirmation," says that "Queer Muslims employ a few narratives to enable them to reconcile their religious and sexual identities.

In addition to the Qur'an, Kugle refers to the benediction of Imam Al-Ghazali the 11th-century Muslim theologian which says. Kugle goes a step further in his argument and asserts that "if some Muslims find it necessary to deny that sexual diversity is part of the natural created world, then the burden of proof rests on their shoulders to illustrate their denial from the Qur'anic discourse itself.

Kecia Ali in her book Sexual Ethics and Islam says that p xvi "there is no one Muslim perspective on anything. Regarding homosexuality, Ali, says that the belief that "exclusively homosexual desire is innate in some individuals" has been adopted "even among some relatively conservative Western Muslim thinkers. Regarding "medieval Muslim culture," Ali says that "male desire to penetrate desirable youth.

She says that "same-sex sexual expression has been a more or less recognized aspect of Muslim societies for many centuries. With female same-sex sexual activity there is more focus on the punishment for the acts and the complications with the dower, compare to men where there is a focus on punishment but also the needs to ablutions and the affect of the act on possible marriage decisions.

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UK Guardian. Faith Matters. MRZine , Monthly Review. Previous version appeared in Phase 2 No. Start page Retrieved on June 26, No, you are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds' Qur'an In another verse, Lut advised them: 'Of all the creatures in the world, will you approach males, and leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates?

No, you are a people transgressing all limits! The people rejected Lut and threw him out of the city. In response, God destroyed them as punishment for their transgressions and disobedience. The Qur'an describes that everything has been created in pairs which complement one another. The pairing of male and female is thus part of human nature and the natural order.

Marriage and family are the accepted way in Islam for a person's emotional, psychological, and physical needs to be met. Procreation is another way of fulfilling human needs, for those whom God blesses with children.

The institution of marriage is considered the foundation of Islamic society, the natural state in which all people have been created to live. Muslims generally believe that homosexuality stems from conditioning or exposure and that a person who feels homosexual urges should strive to change. Verily, 'I see you well off; but, verily, I fear for you the torments of an encompassing day.

And remmber Lot when he said to his people, 'Verily, ye approach an abomination which no one in all the world ever anticipated you in! And approach in your assembly sin? And when our messengers came to Abraham with the glad tidings, they said, 'We are about to destroy the people of this city. Verily, the people thereof are wrong-doers. Said he, 'Verily, in it is Lot; they said, 'We know best who is therein; we shall of a surety save him and his people, except his wife, who is of those who linger.

And when our messengers came to Lot, he was vexed for them, and his arm was straitened for them; and they said, 'Fear not, neither grieve; we are about to save thee and thy people, except thy wife, who is of those who linger. Verily, we are about to send down upon the people of this city a horror from heaven, for that they have sinned;. Although the Qu'ran does not have verse explicitly in favor of homosexuality, it does have verses which show awareness of male beauty.

These are promises made to Muslim men who make it to Heaven. Although the IHSP seeks to follow all applicable copyright law, Fordham University is not the institutional owner, and is not liable as the result of any legal action. The Qu'ran and Homosexuality Richard Burton suggests the following Qu'ranic verses as relevant to homosexuality: The texts are from the Qu'ran edition at Virginia Tech's etext collection. Then the earthquake took them, and in the morning they lay prone in their dwellings;