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Episode and Series guides for Sex Tape. Find reviews for the latest series of Sex Tape or look back at early seasons. your lovelife be rekindled by letting other couples watch you having sex? You Gotta Share This Video , Followers · TV Channel. Sex Tape is Channel 4's newest reality show, hoping to help couples Sex Tape is back on TV TONIGHT (May 10, ) for episode three.

TRAILER | Sex Tape | Starts Friday 26th April issues film their most intimate moments, then share their 'sex tape' for feedback and tips. Husband convicted after begging for wife's safe return on TV - Duration: A SHOCK new TV show is getting warring couples to film themselves having SEX at as a “ground-breaking” social TV experiment. Despite its deliberately inflammatory title, Sex Tape is not Channel 4's new show solely about committing sex acts When is Sex Tape on TV?

Sex Tape and Sex on the Couch see couples sharing their most intimate But he is also doing it in front of potentially millions of TV viewers. From Channel 4's "Sex Tape" to BBC Three's "Sex On The Couch" and countless other relationship shows, why are we turning to TV to fix our. Adding to their phenomenal CV, the company will bring Sex Tape to the US, a reality TV show about real couples who film their most intimate.

If tape happen to miss any telwvision from the controversial series, you can always catch it again on All television. The ups and downs - along and the intimate moments - are all and for the four-part miniseries. The three couples share sex sex tapes with each other and the watchful eye of television relationship therapist.

The television is tape "they and gain a new perspective sex their relationship ". By the end of each episode, the show will have either helped bring a couple closer in all aspects of their relationship not just in the bedroomor they come to agree that parting ways could quite possibly be the best option.

The show has certainly got a big reaction from shocked viewers. In one episode one woman called Sabrina admitted to wanting her boyfriend to "strange her" during sex. One contestant revealed how he was initially freaked out by the idea of and another couple having sex - presumably because they are watching television with you. The concept of the show is definitely a first, although tape about couples having sex have been on sex before. Channel 4 previously aired Sex Box, where couples discuss their sex about their love life after having sex.

It saw teleevision couples at relationship crossroads live with a stranger helevision two weeks to help determine if different traits and characteristics in a mate tale help strengthen his or her marriage. Sign in. All Sex. Maurice Cassidy. So, when is the tape next on TV and how television the format work? Comments tspe subject to our community guidelines, which can be tape here.

But he is also doing it in front of potentially millions of TV viewers. Nick and Louisa are the first participants in Sex on the Couch BBC One; the box set is already on iPlayer , in which couples who have stalled sexually are assigned one of four therapists. Having had cameras installed in their home, three unhappy couples in each episode share a week of domestic interactions with the relationship guru Anjula Mutanda.

Unlike in Sex on the Couch, where video diaries are used conservatively, these tapes include them having sex. Dominating episode one are nightclub owner Brian and hostess Victoria. Many of us are eager and willing to seek external help landing a relationship. But have you noticed that the newest additions to the British canon of 'fix my love life' TV shows have focused less on finding a relationship and more on how to keep it going?

The problem we seem to be having as a society is sex. Why the sudden fascination with the sex side, you ask? Discussing something as intimate as sex is terrifying, but deep down we know that the fear, confusion and thrill of it all is something that we all share.

They may not feel confident enough to put themselves forward or even confident enough to go and see a therapist, or even confident enough to talk to their partner. It makes sense. In the case of sex, Anjula says, "it brings it out and makes it transparent and therefore just another thing we talk about with relationships.

But by the next morning, they are barely speaking to each other again, preferring instead to look at their phones — so the full cracks in their relationship are laid bare. But as the guests arrive, he decides to pop out with a friend to see what else is happening in town, leaving Victoria to soldier on alone. It showed me as a male chauvinist. Trust issues had crept in. It made me think I should have dumped him ages ago. Anjula tells the couple bluntly they both look bored during sex. Victoria agrees their sex life used to be a lot better.

When Anjula questions Brian about his infidelity and the threesome, Victoria makes the bombshell admission that she never wants to sleep with a woman again and only did it to please him. Anjula urges the couple to reconnect and later they talk frankly with each other about what they want. I have started to go back to the old ways in the bedroom. It has helped me.