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Sun/Mars Natives ~ Soft Aspects

Sextile, trine, or quintile Sun: The native has a well-defined sense of self & remarkable inner security. They thrive when in conflict with an oppressive force or​. Sun sextile Mars in the natal chart gives a playful and youthful appearance. You are strong and fit so exercise and competitive sport should. Sun Sextile Mars - The sextile can offer considerable energy that can be best applied through your mind and intellect, and this level may become the source of​.

Sun sextile Mars in the Compatibility Chart · Sun sextile Mars in the Transit Chart trine Mars in the Composite Chart · Sun trine Mars in the Solar Return Chart. Sun sextile Mars · astrological aspect · astrology aspect /aspects. The sextile can offer considerable energy that can be best applied through your mind and. An individual with Sun trine Mars has self-confidence and Sun sextile or trine Mars can bring energy and vitality into the person's life.

Sun sextile Mars in the Compatibility Chart · Sun sextile Mars in the Transit Chart trine Mars in the Composite Chart · Sun trine Mars in the Solar Return Chart. Sun sextile Mars in the natal chart gives a playful and youthful appearance. You are strong and fit so exercise and competitive sport should. Sun sextile Mars or Sun trine Mars makes for daring, courageous and impulsive creatures. All Sun/Mars aspects will have this bravado, but at.

Sun sextile Mars, Sun trine Mars People born with flowing mars between the Sun and Mars are generally enterprising. They have powerful stores of energy that they can draw upon when needed. These people respond to problems or trine with a spirited and enthusiastic confidence mars is admirable.

They are naturally competitive, and this trait is trine well-received by others simply because it is unforced, unaffected, and sincere. These people truly believe in fair play, and they seem to be in love with life.

These people generally have good physical vitality. It is interesting to note that these people are not naturally combative. Many enjoy sports or games that are competitive, but trine violent.

Sxtile sun rules of a competitive game is particularly upsetting to those with Sun in aextile aspect to Mras. This is largely due to the fact that the sextile Sun is connected to the desire nature Mars in a pleasing manner, so mars the natives are sun able sextile most to control their desires, aggressions, and instincts. They know how to trine fair, and syn expect others to be fair. As such, sneaky behaviors, uncontrolled impulses, violence, and rage are offensive to them.

Sextile know how to direct and control their own sun and desire natures, and they fully expect sun to be able to do so! The main difference between the sextile eextile trine of the Sun and Mars: The trine is a more natural energy. Those with Mars trine Mara trine and without thought are courageous and enterprising. Sun with Sun sextile Mars have trine opportunity to draw upon mars courageous and enterprising spirit, but effort is required sextile pull these energies out of themselves and to apply these energies in their lives.

With the trine, the characteristics of Sun-Mars come so naturally that the natives may not even realize just how dun endurance, confidence, mars enthusiasm they possess. Because sun sextile requires some effort and thought, those with Sun sextile Mars often have many creative tools at their disposal, and they can be effective strategists and leaders. Sun sextile Mars: Energetic, enthusiastic, and at times very combative, you have a way of mxrs to your goal.

Trinw enjoy the contest sun others trying to stop you. Your creative energies flow very sun when you are opposed. She sextile working with others and would make a good manager. An interest and ability in athletics, exercise working with the physical bodythe outdoors and such, should be lifelong.

Another form this could take sun training or coaching others. Your child could have a natural ability to express herself and to handle emotions. She may also like to perform. Sun career in one of the entertainment industries is a possibility. This position also favors police work. Because Mom mars Dad supported her as sextile child, your child is confident of success as an adult.

Sun sextile Mars: You have abundant physical vitality and trine hesitancy in using it. You are always on the move.

Your aims and purposes, being tfine and mars and animated by a good physical equipment, carry you to success. You trine forceful, hard-hitting, aggressive, knowing where you stand ssextile where you are going. You wear out less energetic souls by the speed and continuous level of your activities, for you are seemingly tireless and can stand shoulder to shoulder with the strongest trine it comes to sun of endurance.

Since a good deal of the success of this world in sextile trinne depends on physical vitality, you have an edge on competitors. You overwhelm people, and they naturally give way to you. If you also have Sextile square or opposite Saturn, or Mercury conjunct Venus, or Mercury conjunct, square, or opposition Saturn, or Mercury conjunct Uranus, or Mercury sun Neptune: This occurs with strong intellectual and creative bents.

You are a leader of thought and a powerful personality. Sun sextile Mars: One of your strengths is your high level of physical vitality and energy. You are an ACTION person, a doer, mars go-getter, and you can pack more activity into a day than most people do in a week. Wextile enjoy fighting the good fight, taking on challenges with relish, and you are inherently quite competitive but not in a way that provokes anger or fierce opposition from others.

Because in the past you have succeeded marss achieving your goals, you now have an inner expectation of success ,ars of being a winner, mars natural self-confidence that you draw on without mars thinking about it.

You tend to be a leader without having to struggle or coerce others into accepting sextile authority. Occasionally, however, sextjle may overpower other people without realizing trine, since they may not have the energy resources that you do.

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The emotional equilibrium is ravaged by criticism, exclusion, and alienation. They feel painfully isolated. Reason consistently prevails over peer pressure. Their ideas and the way they communicate them are radical in some way and receive much attention, good or bad. Controversy deeply intrigues them. They are easily stressed by having to explain themselves or their actions; judgement and criticism easily shut them down. They have a very difficult time defending themselves or rationalizing their place in a group.

Controversy is a part of the unique style; in other words, this person wears ignominy well, and may use it to their advantage in an attractive way. Others admire or romanticize their aberrant qualities. Square, opposite, or quincunx Venus: The native is torn in a heightened conflict between individuality and conformity, particularly in the context of relationships or style.

The vacillation between radical subversion of social standards and passive adherence to them is a matter of choosing between happiness and harmony, both of which are crucially important. The native may lose relationships or general popularity for their stigmatized qualities, which deeply harms their self-esteem.

They wish to fully be themselves but cannot reconcile that with the risks that come with it — they are unsure of its worth, which subsequently leads to uncertain self-worth as a whole. If something is desired, it is achieved; the expectations and opinions of other people have little to no influence. Their sexuality is openly expressed; they are proud of their taboo desires. Going against popular belief fuels their inner fire, impassions and excites them.

Square, opposite, or quincunx Mars: The native is easily infuriated by notions, structures, or actions which they perceive as threatening of their autonomy, and they typically react with hostility when others criticize or attempt to control them in any way. They find enlightenment through liberation; freedom is more important to them than anything else because it fulfills them in every way and allows them to expand their intellect. Likewise, they use their intellect to expand their freedom, as well as the freedom of others.

They may become something of a social pioneer or modern guru, teaching about the detrimental nature of the status quo and encouraging others to go against the norm. Their beliefs separate them from the majority. Square, opposite, or quincunx Jupiter: The native may attach to philosophies solely for the sake of controversy.

They may become so invested in being different that they no longer care if they are right. They are incredibly wise when it comes to the sensitivity of culture and know their place in society, as well as how to change it. Sextile, trine, or quintile Uranus: The native possesses very extreme views and opinions on society which others either love or hate them for. They often behave outrageously for the fun of it, and do or say things that may cause discord because gives them an electric, purposeful feeling.

They are the bona fide rebel. Liberation runs in their blood. They use their freedom to free others. Square, opposite, or quincunx Uranus: Much of the traits for harmonious Lilith-Uranus aspects apply here as well, but in a harsher, more desperate sense.

The native knows the pain and isolation of being rejected, humiliated, alienated, and ostracized, so they devote a lot of their energy to radically changing the social climate for the better. They have an ironic moral code; while they reject the morality of others, they follow their own rules. Their rebellion is decisive and purposeful rather than hedonistic or self-congratulating; they have a vision, a grand and noble goal of collective freedom which begins with them.

They wish to change society almost as punishment for their oppressors. They live almost independent of social structure, outside of the realm of conformity. They draw inspiration and spiritual fulfillment from liberation, and feel most free when their soul or subconscious mind is uninhibited.

Others demonize their aberrant qualities and label them inaccurately. They liberate themselves through deceit, illusion, and escapism, as it is the only way they know how to.

Sextile, trine, or quintile Pluto: The native is intimately connected to their individuality, possessing a raw, resilient relationship to the darkest parts of who they are which separate them from others.

They transform through unapologetic self-expression, and find rebirth through liberation. They never allow society or other people to control them in any way. They own themselves. Square, opposite, or quincunx Pluto: The native is terrified of being controlled, and has extremely adverse emotional reactions to anything they perceive as having the potential to limit their freedom.

They go to severe measures to protect their identity and autonomy, resorting to secrecy, manipulation, lies, and hostility to defend what they are afraid will be taken from them or exposed. They are fundamentally ashamed, guilty, and fearful; criticism and judgement harms their self-image. Easy - Moon conjunct Venus: Love and affection is also integrated into the natives style of nurturing and what they need to be emotionally satisfied.

This is an extremely gentle, and affectionate conjunction. Hard - Sun conjunct Saturn: This can be a very self limiting aspect, as Saturn puts blocks on the natives drive for self expression, making the native rather quiet and shy. This can also be an indication of someone who is prone to depression and self doubt. Venus opposite Uranus: To balance this opposition, the native would need a sense of personal freedom in relationships in oder to form a functional relationship.

This person may also fluctuate from being affection to passive, and in these time, some personal space will be needed, and they are ready, can return to the partner - unconventional relationships tend to manifest from people with this aspect.

This person will have no problem expressing who they are and what they want, and have a great amount of personal drive to achieve goals. This can also give the native an aura of sexual magnetism and a heroic and stand-out presence. Mercury square Neptune: This native may have difficulty in differentiating facts from reality.

There may be a lot of mental confusion with this aspect and a tendency to get lost in conversation, being spoken to and to transverse into a world of daydreaming and fantasy. Their concentration may be short, and may also be delusional in their thought. This can give great ability to put a lot off personal power into tasks and to achieve goals.

This natives drive would be persistent and they would possess tremendous durability. This native may posses great physical power and have a large sex drive, not to mention quite sexually skilled and magnetic. This person may also try to be patriarchal and directing in a situation that really requires gentle affection and care. These are people who know who they are, so that makes them very passionate and up-front about their identity. They fight all obstacles in order to stay and become themselves, they pave their way onto becoming who they are meant to be.

Brash, bold maybe even sometimes vulgar. Great in emergencies, very focused and they react fast. Initation is not a problem for them, endurance is.

Driven and ambitious, also blunt and straight to the point. Rejection, abandonment hurt them as hell. But because of how much their spirit is on fire they usually get whatever they set their mind on. They are set to do so much if their goals are honorable, they are very inspiring to everybody around them. Their sovereignty is a marvel to behold. These people need to be doing something all the time. Obstacles can lead to frustration, setbacks, arguments, fights and tantrums. So these people need to fight those obstacles with their natural courage and fighting spirit, they need to learn to project it onto things where they can express these beautiful qualities.

They possess the ability of turning setbacks into something productive. Finding that way in which they can turn to those productive hobbies, jobs can lead to amazing achievements.

Their fiery will power really does need an outlet, a war zone for that tremendous energy. Competing and winning is great for them. Passionate, competitive filled with hot, radiant energy which requires a very productive and safe outlet. Without that outlet, they are likely to experience and feel lots of anger causing lots of drama in their life. When competing in whatever outlet they like they will express their strong will to succeed which is a good path leader.

Others find them very assertive. Working in high pressured situations will sharpen their skills and lead to personal development. They are quick learners, so they will learn through their experience in life what they lack and practise it.

Great aspect, bringing out their creative abilities. They have a very healthy ego and are very comfortable with themselves, very peaceful. They are brave, courageous, self-confident, assertive but their high-level energy is chanelled in positive fields and areas of their life, creative energy, enthusiasm and sexuality. Very charismatic. Playful, youthful, strong people. They have the ability to work well in groups, but they possess the drive and initiative to work alone.

They might enjoy physical activities a lot and having their health on point as much as they enjoy sex as an activity. Very direct in expressing themselves, self-assertive and very reliable to their friends, friends can always count and rely on you.

Their fighting spirit can make them provocative in expression and attitude. Very honest. They are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs, also very just people. They enjoy harmony and harmonious relationships, because they are sincere, warm and charming. Chiron-Mars aspects: instantly going into survival mode, feeling threatened and reacting with hostility, defending oneself harshly, allowing instincts to rule as a form of self-protection, releasing tension and pain through antagonism or constructive creativity, retreating or turning aggressive, funneling or stimulating interior energy through the physical body, turning off the mind, acting out.

Can be used for synastry too, just think of the general energy of the aspect. Sun: Super warm and just nice to have. Full of admiration and love, like sun bathing in shimmering beams. Art is eye catching, likely to get famous from art. Moon: So so so soft and pure like a cotton ball.

Has very close, beautiful relationships with women. Art is like soft clouds but always shows raw emotions. Mercury: Sing! The voice and thoughts and mind are pure satin, baby!

Lovers of pillow talk. Love is full of cute nervous energy; fidgety hands, etc. The prowl and the coaxing mixes together to form a mouthwatering cocktail. Amazing for creativity, especially physical art; dance, acting, etc.

Jupiter: Grand. Super generous to lovers. These people will show you what real pleasure and fun is. Love to go around. Art is exotic and extravagant. Saturn: Big model energy.

Masters of love, beauty and the arts. Humbleness makes for admiration. Earnest in love. Art is chic modern or royalty antique. Uranus: Electrifying. People stare. Art is fringe and revolutionary. Love transients physical barriers into mental ones. Love will always make a change. Neptune: Meshy pool of gooey love. Generous to those in need. Super sweet. Love transients physical barriers into spiritual ones. Art is like water colors and is able to change appearances; mimicking, costumes, make up, etc.

Pluto: Love of intensity and intimacy. Has the best aesthetic; vampires, etc. Obsessing over pleasure is so hot, especially when pain is pleasure. Sun Conjunct Mercury The mind is very focused as your ego and thoughts are aligned. This is a good aspect to have for creative thinkers; actors, writers, musicians, etc. Communication of their ideas and opinions is very important. These people are in tune with the beauty of life. They are charming and easy-going.

They are very romantic, but they too often get tied up into the thought that a prince or princess will come for them rather than they find a lover themselves.

With that being said though, they do possess a magnetic attraction and a lot of people will fall for their charms. This aspect softens the masculinity parts of you into feminine and gentle pursuit. Sun semi-sextile Venus When the Sun and Venus are 30 degrees apart 2 degree orb it creates a semi-sextile. A weaker aspect, but still have some influence on the individual.

These people are cheerful, good humoured, and optimistic. Sun semi-square Venus When the Sun and Venus are 45 degrees apart 4 degree orb, but the closer, the stronger it creates the semi-square. This is another weaker aspect, but it does create a strong pursuit for talent in music and dance. These people also seem to be strongly inclined to female offspring. These people are sensitive and somewhat shy still keeping in mind that this is a minor aspect so major aspects can say something else.

Sun and Mars Sun and Mars can form all aspects, but I will just discuss the more major ones. Sun conjunct Mars When combining these two masculine planets it creates an obvious courageous and aggressive energy. These people are super hard working and when they see something they want in all areas of life, they go for it. These people must channel this energy properly as it may be difficult to control its strength. Sun trine or sextile Mars I would say this combination is not much different from the conjunction, just a little less concentrated.

These people make quick decisions and go for what they want in life. If airy or mutable signs possess this aspect then the energy should be intellectual and for water signs this energy makes them magnetic. Sun square or opposition Mars These people are dare-devils, opinionated, excitable, and competitive with a sense of good-will.

They enjoy arguments and proving others wrong. I definitely believe these people are the class clowns with a sense of warm-heartedness.

People born with flowing aspects between the Sun and Mars are generally enterprising. They have powerful stores of energy that they can draw upon when needed. These people respond to problems or challenges with a spirited and enthusiastic confidence that is admirable. They are naturally competitive, and this trait is generally well-received by others simply because it is unforced, unaffected, and sincere. These people truly believe in fair play, and they seem to be in love with life.

These people generally have good physical vitality. Originally posted by audreyhepbuns. The individual inherited a wise mind. A knowingness was generated in childhood, and easily known to other people. The mind is innately calculative, focused on mastering subjects and proving intelligence.

The threat here is mental insecurity, the mind constantly doubting its talent. There is a good nature for study and potential for accomplishment in academic credential.

However good intention can become lost when youth and elder cross paths. The individual may study well for one semester then fall into bad habits, see no end point, then drop out. Or maybe the individual studies compulsively in one haul, exhausting and burning out the mind. Bouts of melancholy may be ritual. But so is intellectual mastery. There may be deep shame, embarrassment, or panic regarding rejection or criticism. Harsh encounters with authority figures may put the individual on the constant defensive.

Often the influence of the father is profound with this contact. The influence may have been inspiring, insightful, and wise. Or rather severe disinterest, neglect, or critique from the father shaped self contempt and insecurities that express more potently as the personality develops. But the promise of wisdom is always rich here, and intense inner work can generate a self expression that comes as closely to the soul as humanly possible.

The vulnerable Moon can become very overwhelmed when she contacts Saturn. Here she is at her apex and her lowest, forced to battle with intense oppositions. The difficulty here may be emotional experience, and the application of intense fear or shame expressing the inner state. But this may be expressed in ulterior ways, the individual can be exhaustingly moody, often evoked by fear, traumatic memories, and insufficient coping mechanisms.

Saturn contacting the Moon indicates dissonance with the mother, whereby she may have been authoritarian, emotionally detached, or critically invalidating. The individual could have been made to feel that their emotions were invalid, and may have been forced to self soothe.

A feeling of aloneness and lack of safety tends to accompany childhood. This contact is further suggestive of competent and natural parenting. The individual takes on the task of parenting with powerful reverence and responsibility.

With Saturn contacting the Moon the person may seek out older partners who soothe deep and penetrating feelings of early abandonment or betrayal. Originally posted by l-a-d-y-d-a-r-k. Themes around romantic impotence and solitude that repeat themselves in these contacts reflects a ferocious lack of self love in the individual.

It can be extremely difficult for the individual to establish self worth, especially in the social and romantic spheres. Feelings of inadequacy replay themselves in self doubts about appearance, social conduct, and worthiness in relationships. These insecurities may result in preoccupation with appearance or social image and reputation.

This can create a dangerous pattern of fleeting romances because the individual feels they deserve less. However fleeting these may be, because the heart is innately wise here, and so troublesome relationships accompany profound lessons, and short term heartbreak ends quickly due to unconscious foresight.

There is the potential for developing capital from art or image. The individual is likely to marry somebody regarded for their success. The ambition here can be powerful, however obstructed by erratic energy reserves. The individual can experience intense periods of lethargy, struggling to find passion and motivation for dream.

The future can look bleak, non existent. During other times, energy can be overabundant, thrusting the individual into streaks of panic, hyper vigilance, and hyper activity. The focus here can be good, and the potential for carving out long term aspiration is rich. Sexuality may be the shadow here, often repressed or contained, humiliation or revolt may accompany physical orgasm or sexual expression.

For women, this conjunction can give the character a virile tone. It gives a tendency to independence and to impulsive or aggressive personal affirmation.

Sun sextile Mars in the birth chart is a favorable aspect. It is not too exciting, but it has a balancing and active influence in the development of the Self. Sun square Mars in the birth chart can sometimes have double-sided effects. This aspect should be considered within the general picture of the birth chart.

The calm development of the ego and the virile impulse clash and slow down each other. This often makes for an emotional immaturity that in certain cases remains blocked by uncertainty. This can lead to a kind of passivity, and in other cases, instead, it drives the constant search for personal affirmation, with childish or incoherent manifestations. If the Sun square Mars square is accompanied by good aspects, this square will have a limited influence over the behavior.

Sun square Mars can also indicate accidents, disturbances of traumatic origin, unpleasant surprises or disappointments related to the meaning of the occupied houses. Sun trine Mars in the birth chart is a favorable aspect. It tends to maintain intact the balance between the audacity and the mature will of the Self, without either one submitting to the other. It often gives a happy social life, especially if the Sun-Mars trine is connected to Venus or Jupiter.

Sun trine Mars can be an excellent foundation for a career where the spirit of initiative, decisiveness, and clear risk assessment are necessary. In many cases, this trine mitigates the harshness of Saturn and also certain negative aspects of Uranus. This is true even when Sun and Mars are not linked to Saturn or Uranus. With Sun opposition Mars in the birth chart, the aggressive instinct is opposed to the integrity of the ego, with often frustrating effects.

There is tendency to compensate for this by acting neurotically. There can be a personal dissatisfaction and an inability to adapt. There is an attitude of passive resignation, or sometimes, an impulsive attitude.