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Delineation of the transiting Sun trine or sextile natal Uranus in your birth chart by aspect and as house lord. This is an easy aspect showing cooperation between two planets which leads to opportunity. It has a positive blending effect on the planets. Sextiles are. Cafe Astrology: meaning of, interpretation of, Sun conjunct, sextile, trine, square, and opposition Uranus.

Cafe Astrology: meaning of, interpretation of, Sun conjunct, sextile, trine, square, and opposition Uranus. Sun Sextile Uranus - The more radical use of the conjunction energies are potentially easier to express in both the sextile and the trine. Whereas an important. Interpretation of transiting Sun Sextile natal Uranus,Free horoscopes, Astrology reports, astrology forecasts and horoscope predictions covering love, romance.

Sun-Uranus aspects: Unlikely Heroine ~Sun conjunct Uranus, Sun sextile Uranus, Sun square Uranus, Sun trine Uranus, Sun opposite Uranus: Easily bored. We might be in the midst of Mercury station direct and ending his retrograde*, but the Sun and Mars get all fired up via sextiles to electric Uranus. This activating. Sun sextile Uranus natal allows you to express excitement, change, and eccentricity through your ego. You like to show your differences.

The Sextile transits to planets in the natal chart are brief influences, lasting approximately a sun. The Sun's energy acts to signify the issues and conditions surrounding the natal planet that it is transiting.

Sun sextile one year to travel Degrees uranhs the Zodiac and the uranus houses. The text below is the interpretation of Sun transit when Sextile Sun. Previous Sextile Transit. It makes me more confidant to approach upcoming interviews. User ID. Uranus Me. Forgot Password? Sun Transits. Doing things differently means stepping outside your normal routine so that you can discover something new. Independence calls you and allows you to show what makes you special. In expressing your unique uranus, you have the opportunity to see yourself sun clearly.

You should feel refreshed and revitalized today sextilee pursuing the sun rather than the sextile. You may have more nervous energy or a desire for dextile amusement, sextile will enjoy activities with friends or being part of a group effort.

You enjoy discussions that uranus provocative and challenging, especially subjects related to the conditions of zun or new breakthroughs uranus technology. Sun may also work more with machines or computers. What others are Saying about us.

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We are more open-minded than usual, curious and interested in change and reform. Progress is highlighted, with attention paid to the humanitarian impact of new plans. There could be some very interesting encounters with nonconformist, bohemian individuals. Their function is to wake people up to an alternate reality.

Any attempts at restricting the comings and goings of the general populace will leave most folks chomping at the bit, ready to burst through -- by force, if need be -- to a place of freedom and spontaneity.

Sun sextile Uranus in the Natal Chart. Philosophically, is this so important in the larger scheme of things? And possibly, how can we turn this into a book, or a TV show? But nevertheless, Saturn wants to think about it, plan it out, discuss it before taking action. Impulsive Mars is ready to go asap. And it could feel frustrating. Black moon Lilith in Sagittarius is at a highly positive angle to Uranus in Aries.

Unexpected sexual passion could be on the agenda in this sky. Possibly an international love affair, the mile high club, perhaps. Could be an unexpected impulsive meeting with someone on the internet that seems to be turning into a hot and steamy affair.

BML can also be feminine power, a strong female. And Uranus can be futuristic technology, future visions, surprises, uniqueness, a maverick or an activist. There could be some kind of activity by a female activist or technology-oriented woman that brings some surprise activity.

Possibly related to gaming, or a new technology leader who is a woman. Perhaps a video game featuring a strong female character is introduced. Today the moon is trine Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron in Pisces could be related to hurt feelings, sensitivities based on illness or a health issue. The moon could be a nurturing mother figure, family member or could relate to staying home and taking care of yourself if you are sick, or taking a mental health day.

Being good to yourself or someone in your family, or who feels like family. Nurturing or showing compassion to someone to comfort them. Getting your own illness or pain soothed by someone you are comfortable with. The moon is also sextile Venus and Mars in Virgo today , though only exact to each at slightly different times.

Sextile angles bring in opportunities for a positive outcome. Venus in Virgo could relate to feeling happy and healthy, looking good because of eating right and focusing on health matters. Getting fit. And the moon could be the mother, positive feelings by making yourself look good in a healthy way. Possibly even wearing clothes that are environmentally friendly. Could be that you are doing some fall cleaning and decorating the home for fall, and getting things organized.

Focusing on the details as you decorate. Mars sextile the moon could also mean putting a lot of energy into the project could result in a positive outcome. But Mars sextile the moon could also mean expressing feelings toward family members or the mother, which, if you choose to do it, could be a positive thing. The sun and mercury in Libra are sextile the North Node in Leo today. Sun and mercury in Libra would relate to speaking or thinking diplomatically—shining a light on communication that is harmonious, diplomatic, fair, and has the power to build relationships that could be positive for the social destiny, but only if action is taken.

If not, then the effect will not be activated. And Venus in Virgo is at an awkward angle to Uranus in Aries. Uranus in Aries is a volatile, surprise or unpredictable outburst, explosion, fire, or action—possibly related to new technology. Venus in Virgo is a sense of love, and harmony based on the littlest details, having all the ducks in a row.

This awkward angle, called a quincunx, seems to indicate that difficult in getting the details right in attempts to keep things harmonious—because small details are getting in the way—could result in an explosive or surprise action that could be improved based on the Libra solution, likely the connection between the diplomatic communication and the effort to communicate in a way that builds relationships.

There is also a triangle of potential related to mercury as the apex, flanked by the North Node and Saturn. Sun Conjunct Uranus Independent, rebellious, and original is to put this placement in simplest terms.

Makes impulsive decisions. Easily offended and stubborn opinions. It symbolizes an unfeminine woman fighting to be equal to men. Makes the best freedom fighters and humanitarians. Overall extremely intelligent and factual. Likely to attract other like-minded people with this Aquarian energy.

Again, very intuitive. Sun Square Uranus Rebellious and independent. Anarchy type attitude to an extent. Intelligent, but maybe misguided.

Makes unnecessary decisions. Easily upset and kind of rude. Especially woman or feminine people tend to have issues with males. Great self-will that will also great affect outer forces. Rarely feels or understands humility. Misguided intelligence. Not good to be on their bad side and they rarely forget things.

Sun Conjunct Neptune Likely to have some psychic abilities or any area on that plane. May have great interest in areas of the occult or astrology. Very sensitive and emotional. Sincere, romantic, persuasive, and a bit oblivious to physical surroundings. Mystical and unusual. Wishful thinker, may not act on their dreams though. Tries to escape and hide from harsh realities.

Art inclined, makes great musicians. As the individual gets older, likely to hide away or live alone, inclined to move towards bodies of water, especially the sea. Has a gift for metaphysical healing. Love of all art forms. An amazing imagination and quite a day-dreamer. Very elegant and refined. Great love for animals and the sea. Sacrifice needs, or at least feels to the individual, to be made in that area.

The individual make seek sympathy and often justify their wrong doings. Opt to escapism; drugs and alcohol may be an issue. Also a very likely victim to cultism and dangerous beliefs. Easily deceived. Although many negative traits are seen in these aspects, the individual may just be confused. They still love nature and animals as all Neptune placements do, typically deep down good people. Individuals with this placement are more likely to have irresponsible parents than others.

It also warns to be careful of people who come into their life as not everything is like it seems. Be careful of people who will influence you into escapism. Hi there! My question is;which placements would indicate a tendency to age-gap love, hidden or forbidden love affairs? The f ull moon in Scorpio is exact as I write this. The full moon brings things to a conclusion, to fruition, and Saturn represents long-term effects, traditional perspectives, responsibility, hard work, delays.

Things that may have been delayed could be coming to an end today—either the delay will end or the effort will end. But the energy will be positive or have an opportunity connected to it. The sun in Taurus represents money, stability, security, determination, persistence. It is the things that make us feel good, that make life pleasant and beautiful. There is a focus on those things now and Saturn brings structure and endurance, practicality. It can represent the sea, water, as well as power, transformation.

The angle between the moon and Saturn brings a positive opportunity if action is taken. It could relate to transformation of our country or home, or feelings for our family, and emotional aspects based on things that are hidden. Saturn can be making someone take responsibility, or to build something that will endure. Saturn is the taskmaster and the moon in Scorpio is powerful feelings about changes and transformation — to the ocean and waterways, to the country, to financial matters both Taurus and Scorpio represent finances—Taurus is banks, Scorpio is money from investments or authorities, like the government or insurance companies.

Saturn and Pluto energy can bring on long-term changes in power structures, possibly related to financial matters, since both those signs are involved. Capricorn , where Saturn is, also represents big business, the economy, our workplace. There could be changes possible at the work place — changes in who is boss—or an opportunity for the boss to change and build a new structure in the workplace.

There is a highly positive connection to stability and the workplace, to financial security, and a determination to bring comfort to the workplace. Taurus also represents food, agriculture, beauty, particularly in the places where we want to feel comforted and nurtured—in the home, in the arms of our lover, in nature. Chiron has just moved into Aries just as unpredictable Uranus is on its way out—into Taurus as well —bringing instability to our sense of security and stability.

But Saturn is there to keep things in check, to oversee the unexpected possibilities. Once Uranus leaves Aries, it leaves behind a good deal of impulsiveness and aggression, and will feel more grounded. Possibly focusing more on money markets being unpredictable, and the earth earthquakes , as well as technology and agriculture, how we grow food, how we earn money or what we invest in.

How money is handled and by whom. So back to Chiron. Chiron represents our wounds from early childhood — things that made us feel pain, things that hurt us, things we may have suffered from in prior years and now we are working on them to heal, to change our feelings and painful memories and learn how to overcome those painful memories and situations from the past.

Chiron is in Aries, just out of Pisces. In Pisces, it related to compassion, psychological issues, nurturing, caring. Painful issues related to compassion or lack of compassion.

Painful issues from when we did not show compassion to others. Pisces is also a more easy-going, go-with-the-flow kind of sign, and Chiron could be pain from lack of passion, pain from procrastination—missed opportunities—or from depressive conditions or from drug and alcohol addiction.

It has been in Pisces since April of , and will briefly backtrack into Pisces in September and leave again in late February When Chiron is in Aries, it will stay until It was last in Aries in Chiron takes 50 years to go around the zodiac, so when we turn 50, we experience its return to where it was when we were born, just before we head into our second Saturn return. In , we had the Vietnam war, and violent protests, we had the sense of fighting for rights of individuals — women, minorities.

We may see more protests in the next 9 years against guns, and war. Chiron is what happens as we begin to heal the pain we feel as a result of what the sign represents. The pain we feel from attacks, from wars, from violence, from not being ourselves, or from dealing with self-centeredness in others.

What is the positive side of Aries? We may look for ways to find healing energy—healing the body with energy, vibration—healing the pain caused by the energy around us—electromagnetic issues, fossil fuels, smoke and pollution, changes in temperature, solar energy. In , we had nuclear disarmament talks. That could come up again. Healing our war-like ways, healing our propensity toward violence.

Protests about guns, violence on the streets, and healing issues like bullying, gangs. There could be more healing coming about for burns or fevers and new methods of fire prevention, cooking, heating that may have not been safe in the past or may be healthier now. On a personal level,. Chiron will heal things related to Aries, but more for where it falls in our charts. In the second house, it could heal issues related to money—spending money or earning it in ways that may have felt as if we were burning a hold in our pocket—or a passion for making money and spending money—might need to be healed at this point.

Find a healthy way of looking at money as well as self-esteem issues and other things we value. Third house is painful communication we may have had—things we said impulsively, or arguments that still hurt, could be healed now. Third house also represents siblings, cousins and neighbors—if things were hurtful in the past because of those relationships, now is the time to heal them. Fourth house could be issues related to a home or family or parents—even our country.

Having painful memories or past experiences in these areas—even a past fire, explosion, violence, fights—can begin to heal at this time. Fifth house issues relate to lovers, children, gambling, events, things we like to do for fun—things that may have been painful in the past, can now begin to heal and we can learn and grow from those issues.

Sixth house is our day-to-day work or health. What we spend our time doing every day. What needs healing that may have been fiery, or impulsive, or hostile.

We have nine years to change that. Seventh house is long-term, committed partnerships—relationships or business partnerships—and also open enemies — those people that everyone knows we have issues with. Those painful, angry memories could be healed now. Also passions or aggression in past relationships can begin to feel settled and overcome.

Eighth house is power, shared resources, and transformation that may have been painful. Perhaps someone held power over your head because of financial issues, or your life was changed dramatically in a painful way.

This is the time to heal from the anger or the strong impulsive emotions that may have resulted. Or the arguments and bad feelings. Ninth house is the world, it is what we believe about faith and philosophy and what we learn, how we see other cultures. Also about long-distance travel. Painful issues surrounding other cultures, or travel, or about religious differences that may have caused anger to ensue, educational disagreements — those can now heal. Tenth house issues—can be the father, the boss, as well as how the world sees us.

If Aries is in the tenth house, it can be time to settle things with regard to reputation, to heal difficulties from the past with the father or the boss.

Eleventh house relates to social groups and peers. Sun Sextile Uranus The more radical use of the conjunction energies are potentially easier to express in both the sextile and the trine.

Whereas an important shift may need to occur in the individual with the conjunction aspect - in order to renew and redirect any overflowing, insistent Uranian energy through the unifying Sun center - these other two dynamic, harmonious aspects are ripe for exploitation and unfoldment. You should have a progressive outlook, and a sense of social affinity which is directed towards affirming its positive side and potential for future improvements in the quality of life.

The assertive and possibly aggressive rebellious stance is already transformed within you into a reformist tendency. Your mind will be very active, searching, questioning, and naturally explorative, allied with an intuitive creative need for self-expression. It will be important to be personally assertive, but undue eccentricity is not your style. Due to that positive solar relationship, you will feel more centered, forming a stable inner character and extending an ability to direct your life and make wiser choices.

Tolerance and understanding of others will be more evident, especially an intellectually derived tolerance based on your innate humanitarian instincts, although often your emotional affinity with others can be a little cold or withdrawn. You do not feel at one with this world, yet intellectually your mind is; perhaps more empathy is required. You are likely to contribute to groups which support social reform and have an attitude of 'changing the world to be a better place for everyone to live in'.

Probably you could rise to important positions in such groups, transmitting your enthusiasms and positivity by becoming a spokesperson for their visions and ideals.

Your opinions are usually forthright, and you try to stay true and committed to your beliefs. Honesty and straightforwardness are high on your list of essential values, and you have little tolerance for lies and deceits and those who perpetrate them. This can easily lead you towards opposing a national government or establishment groups who are 'economical with the truth' on orders from their 'superiors'.