Sextile moon

Sun Conjunct Moon

Sun sextile Moon natal gives a charming and exciting nature. You are sociable, popular and attractive because you express yourself so well. -moon opposite saturn can feel like they're a burden and/or extremely lonely. -​moon sextile mars can make somebody extremely good at handling conflict. Sun sextile Moon · astrological aspect · astrology aspect /aspects. The Sun sextile the Moon indicates that, as a whole, your life will be reasonably happy and.

Sun sextile Moon. Blending the solar Sun & the lunar Moon comes with a little effort. The rational solar Sun energies of the conscious ego & the Moon's. -moon opposite saturn can feel like they're a burden and/or extremely lonely. -​moon sextile mars can make somebody extremely good at handling conflict. Sun Sextile Moon indicates that there can be a positive harmony of conscious will and your instinctual, emotional, and habitual response patterns to life; fewer.

Moon sextile and trine Mars subjects are fiercely protective and passionate about their family. This is an incredibly sexy combination as it brings out the tender. -moon opposite saturn can feel like they're a burden and/or extremely lonely. -​moon sextile mars can make somebody extremely good at handling conflict. Cafe Astrology explores the meaning of the aspects between the Sun and Moon, the degree aspect or sextile.

They sextile pride in their radical traits; they are liberated by unapologetic self-expression. Shame is not part of their vocabulary. Social discord is entertaining. The identity relies on breaking stereotypes, standing out, or rebelling somehow. Hedonism can become a severe self-sabotaging issue if the enjoyment of freedom goes too far or inflates the ego to the point of unhealthy confidence.

Square, opposite, or quincunx Sun: The native is constantly met with criticism, rejection, or exclusion for their individuality, and this causes them to hide or repress the most unique parts of themselves. They despise expectations, and when others have any measure of control over them they can become hostile or deeply troubled.

They have a painful yearning for freedom but fear the reactions they are used to receiving. Social stigma or stifling of the identity in whatever form will be the primary catalyst for discovery and realization of self. They will be moon to accept themselves. They are not tied down to the person they were raised to be, and do not limit themselves to a personal standard any more than a societal standard — they are able to break away from habitual conformity or self-stifling habits in general.

The emotional equilibrium is ravaged by criticism, exclusion, and alienation. They feel painfully isolated. Reason consistently prevails over peer pressure. Their ideas and the way they communicate them are radical in some way and receive much attention, good or bad. Controversy deeply intrigues them. They are easily stressed by having to explain themselves or their actions; judgement and criticism easily shut them down.

They have a very difficult time defending themselves or rationalizing their place in a group. Controversy is a part of the unique style; in other words, this person wears ignominy well, and may use it to their advantage in an attractive way. Others admire or romanticize their aberrant qualities.

Square, opposite, or quincunx Venus: The native is torn in a heightened conflict between individuality and conformity, particularly in the context of relationships or style. The vacillation between radical subversion of social standards and passive adherence to them is a moon of choosing between happiness and harmony, both of which are crucially important.

The native may lose relationships or general sextile for their stigmatized qualities, which deeply harms their self-esteem. They wish to fully be themselves but cannot reconcile that with the risks that come with it — they are unsure of its worth, which subsequently leads to uncertain self-worth as a whole.

If something is desired, it is achieved; the expectations and opinions of other people have little to no influence. Their sexuality is openly expressed; they are proud of their taboo desires.

Going against popular belief fuels their inner fire, impassions and excites them. Square, opposite, or quincunx Mars: The native is easily infuriated by notions, structures, or actions which they perceive as threatening of their autonomy, and they typically react with hostility when others criticize moon attempt to control them in any way.

They find enlightenment through liberation; freedom is more important to them sextile anything else moon it fulfills them in every way and allows them to expand their intellect. Likewise, they use their intellect to expand their freedom, as well as the freedom of others. They may become something of a social pioneer or modern guru, teaching about the detrimental nature of the status quo and encouraging others to go against the norm.

Their beliefs separate them from the majority. Square, opposite, or quincunx Jupiter: The native may attach to philosophies solely for the sake of controversy. They may become so sextile in being different that they no longer care if they are right. They are incredibly wise when it comes to the sensitivity of culture and know their place in society, as well as how to change moon. Sextile, trine, or quintile Uranus: The native possesses very extreme views and opinions on society which others either love or hate them for.

They often behave outrageously for the fun of it, and do or say things that may cause discord because gives them an electric, purposeful feeling. They are the bona fide rebel. Liberation runs in their blood.

They use their freedom to free others. Square, opposite, or quincunx Uranus: Much of the traits for harmonious Lilith-Uranus aspects apply here as well, but in a harsher, more desperate sense.

The native knows the pain and isolation of being rejected, humiliated, alienated, and ostracized, so they devote a lot of their energy to radically changing the social climate for sextile better.

They have an ironic moral code; while they reject the morality of others, they follow their own rules. Their rebellion is decisive and purposeful rather than hedonistic or self-congratulating; they have a vision, a grand and noble goal of collective freedom which begins with them. They wish to change society almost as punishment for their oppressors. They live almost independent of social structure, outside of the realm of conformity. They draw inspiration and spiritual fulfillment from liberation, and feel most free when their soul or subconscious mind is uninhibited.

Others demonize moon aberrant qualities and label them inaccurately. They liberate themselves through deceit, illusion, and escapism, as it is the only way they know how to. Sextile, trine, or quintile Pluto: The native is intimately connected to their individuality, possessing a raw, resilient relationship to the darkest parts of who they are which separate them from others. They transform through unapologetic self-expression, and find rebirth through liberation. They never allow society or other people to control them in any way.

They own themselves. Square, opposite, or quincunx Pluto: The native is terrified of being controlled, and has extremely adverse emotional reactions to anything they perceive as having the potential to limit their freedom. They sextile to severe measures to protect their identity and autonomy, resorting to secrecy, manipulation, lies, and hostility to defend what they are afraid will be taken from them or exposed.

They are fundamentally ashamed, guilty, and fearful; criticism and judgement harms their self-image. Easy - Moon conjunct Venus: Love and affection is also integrated into the natives style of nurturing and what they need to be emotionally satisfied. This is an extremely gentle, and affectionate conjunction. Hard - Sun conjunct Saturn: This can be a very self limiting aspect, as Saturn puts blocks on the natives drive for self expression, making the native rather quiet and shy.

This can also be an indication of someone who is prone to depression and self doubt. Venus opposite Uranus: To balance this opposition, the native would need a sense of personal freedom in relationships in oder to form a functional relationship. This person may also fluctuate from being affection to passive, and moon these time, some personal space will be needed, and they are ready, can return to the partner - unconventional relationships tend to manifest from people with this aspect.

This person will have no problem expressing who they are and what they want, and have a great amount of personal drive to achieve goals. This can also give the native sextile aura of sexual magnetism and a heroic and stand-out presence. Mercury square Neptune: This native may have difficulty in differentiating facts from reality.

There may be a lot of mental confusion with this aspect and a tendency to get sextile in conversation, being spoken to and to transverse into a world of daydreaming and fantasy. Their concentration may be short, and may also be delusional in their thought. This can give great ability to put a lot off personal power into tasks and to achieve goals.

This natives drive would be persistent and they would possess tremendous durability. This native may posses great physical power and have a large sex drive, not to mention quite sexually skilled and magnetic. This person may also try to be patriarchal and directing in a situation that really requires gentle affection and care. Chiron-Mars aspects: instantly going into survival mode, feeling threatened and reacting with hostility, defending oneself harshly, allowing instincts to rule as a form of self-protection, releasing tension and pain through antagonism or constructive creativity, retreating or turning aggressive, funneling or stimulating interior energy through the physical body, turning off the mind, acting out.

Can be used for synastry too, just think of the general energy of the aspect. Sun: Super warm and just nice to have. Full of admiration and love, like sun bathing in shimmering beams. Art is eye catching, likely to get famous from art. Moon: So so so soft and pure like a cotton ball.

Has very close, beautiful relationships with women. Art is like soft clouds but always shows raw emotions. Mercury: Sing! The voice and thoughts and mind are pure satin, baby! Lovers of pillow talk. Love is full of cute nervous energy; fidgety hands, etc.

The prowl and the coaxing mixes together to form a mouthwatering cocktail. Amazing for creativity, especially physical art; dance, acting, etc. Jupiter: Grand. Super generous to lovers. These people will show you what real pleasure and fun is. Love to go around. Art is exotic and extravagant. Saturn: Big model energy.

Masters of love, beauty and the arts. Humbleness makes for admiration. Earnest in love. Art is chic modern or royalty antique. Uranus: Electrifying. People stare. Art is fringe and revolutionary. Love transients moon barriers into mental ones.

Feelings are good because the conscious and subconscious are balanced, less cares and worries for this day. The perfect time to take the initiative to deal with any relationship problems you have been having lately, especially with someone of the opposite sex. Also a favorable time to promote yourself and ask for favors as others sense your self-confidence and balanced focus. Me, me! And sadly, I am a lot more ambitious than one might guess from looking at my negligible achievements.

My parents had a stormy relationship early on, but by the time I came along they had a friendly, convivial, chatty relationship with each other. From watching their marriage I got the idea that your partner should be your best friend. Just a theory — it would be interesting to see what others have observed.

What a great idea to make a databank like this. I have the sextile: Sun on 1 Cancer in the 7th house, Moon on 7 Virgo in the 9th house. Jupiter at 10 Cancer in the 7th house on the cusp of the 8th house, as ruler of my Rising. I do not have an easy chart nor life but this aspect keeps me in balance. Which is in conjunction in a wide orb with my Moon. April Yes, the parental relationship is represented there too.

Convivial and chatty seems right for the sextile. I read somewhere that it has a Chironic feel about it which I see as an Earthy Mercury which is definately chatty.

Chiron can be stormy. I think the sextile has a very maverick, innovative energy too. Thanks for your input April. My number 1 son has this aspect, Capricorn Sun to Scorpio Moon and whilst he is still waters running deep emotionally, he is generous, industrious, courteous, has always been incredibly well liked by his friends, teachers, just everyone and is the perfect child. Slight bias in the last few words.

Your early life experiences, parental relationships and childhood social conditioning are likely to have been generally favorable, and little negativity has made any deleterious mark on your development.

In your adult life, you will try to maintain good family relationships, both with your parents and with any family that you are responsible for creating. You tend to relate well with young children, who enjoy your sincere concern, care, understanding and attention.

You ensure that you learn from all experiences so that lessons do not need to be painfully repeated. One area where extra prompting may be needed is in application. As your basic temperament is relaxed and laid-back, generating sufficient momentum towards achieving aims can sometimes seem to be too much hard work to bother. You may be unwilling to stretch and really challenge yourself to develop, and thus may fail to realize the depth of latent potential that you actually possess.

In fact, you should have considerable natural talents waiting to be exploited, and you should become alert to any opportunities that offer the prospect of growth, so that your creative drives and ability to unite feelings and will are successfully released in your environment.

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