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Grown-ups are slouching around in sweatsuits that are the closest thing to infant rompers, flocking to movies full of juvenile potty humor and listening to kiddie-pop.

Meanwhile, Times Square has been handed over to cartoon characters. It's all too perfect that the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync and a stable of fellow kiddie-pop hopefuls are based in Orlando, Fla.

Youth culture once meant culture stoked by the energy and confusion and idealism of adolescence; now, it seems, listeners prefer to be babied. According to United States census figures, the number of people aged 5 to 13 -- the core of the kiddie-pop audience -- has grown by about 3. But children's influence has grown faster than their numbers. The entertainment business has clearly decided that youngsters now have decisive buying power.

Kiddie pop music benefits from a handful of interlocking trends. There's a general return -- post-grunge, post-gangsta -- to peppy, happy-faced pop songs: a reaction to too much self-importantly gloomy music. Perhaps, after a long national sex scandal, people are also longing for more romantic, less carnal visions of love. There's a creative slump in rock's more aggressive styles; maybe musicians are hoarding brilliant ideas until , so they won't get lumped in with that old 20th-century music.

There's also an all-out assault on the language barrier by comely Hispanic pop stars with Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez in the vanguard who polished their pickup lines and video moves before Spanish-speaking audiences. Meanwhile, there's a post-Hanson, post-Brandy, post-LeAnn Rimes rush by recording companies to sign precocious talent: the year-old classical soprano Charlotte Church, the year-old Lilith Fair contender Kendall Payne, the teen-age rhythm-and-blues trio Blaque and the Moffatts, a four-brother group -- like Hanson plus one -- of year-old triplets and a year-old brother.

Of course, singers don't have to be teen-agers to draw squeals; geezers in their early 20's are fine, as long as there's no show of crudeness, chest hair, crooked teeth or condescension.

All those tendencies converge to anoint year-old girls as pop's reigning tastemakers. The Backstreet Boys, for instance, have been getting top airplay on adult-contemporary or ''lite'' radio stations whose presumed audience is well over For some older listeners, apparently, kiddie pop's pledges of love stake out the romantic middle of the road that Bread or Boyz II Men once occupied.

And the performers' youth makes them even more attractive than older saccharin dispensers. It's easier for youngsters to act innocent, which is a relief for some adults and a turn-on, acknowledged or not, for others. While a few teen-age performers, like Aaliyah and Li'l Kim, have exploited their jailbait allure, kiddie-pop's top acts present the image of extremely good children: ambitious and diligent and virtuous.

Baby One More Time,'' includes a photo scrapbook of her training and triumphs: dance class, gymnastics trophies, her selection at age 10 as Miss Talent USA. She's not just a superkid. She's obedient, too, singing the songs and hitting the marks that are choreographed for her. So do the boy groups, synchronizing their moves without a trace of mischief. Pop provides wish-fulfillment for listeners, and kiddie pop can give adults the ultimate parental fantasy: well-groomed, perfectly behaved, highly motivated adolescents who -- fantasy of fantasies -- always do as they're told.

Girlish enthusiasm has stoked the pop market at least since the days of bobby-soxers swooning over Frank Sinatra. When rock-and-roll began, many people thought its sole purpose was to get teen-agers hot and bothered and insisted that it would never be good for anything else. By the early 's, the formula for teen-age idols was already in place: a nice young man, songs that promised endless sublimated love, mild-mannered music and an attitude that wouldn't scare parents.

Television exposure -- the best way for an under-age girl to get a glimpse of the product -- was a catalyst for stars from Ricky Nelson to the Jackson 5. In rock's early days, a hitmaker was expected to have teen appeal; the Beatles would have been nowhere without that initial, deafening wave of Beatlemania. But the Beatles, and rock, decided to grow up, shrugging off teen-pop antecedents and differentiating themselves from the unabashed commercialism of knockoffs like the Monkees.

Soon, self-conscious rockers began defining themselves against the teen-pop recipe. They would be noisy and rebellious; they wouldn't confine themselves to sweet love songs. They would try to live up to every parental worry they could imagine. Teen idols never disappeared, but by the 's they had sacrificed most respect.

True rockers considered themselves artists with careers, not mere entertainers, and it was already obvious that the teen-idol business had faster turnover than a junior high school. Adulation for the cute boy singer of the moment was, for most fans, a phase between teddy bears and actual boyfriends, something they would later look back on with a blush.

And young girls had no use for their older sisters' fleeting favorites. David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, Andy Gibb and Rick Springfield flickered across pop's short-term memory and receded, with only the performers themselves, perhaps, expecting the squeals to go on forever.

Music video revitalized the teen-idol business in the 's. The teenybopper idol image is that of the young boy next door, with its key elements being self-pity, vulnerability and need. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This section is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic.

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