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Stream the Enlightened Sex with Suzie Heumann episode, Show #3: Spicing Up Your Love Life, free & on demand on iHeartRadio. Listen to Enlightened Sex with Suzie Heumann, read its reviews and see all its charts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. See historical chart ranks. A regular contributor to numerous magazines such as Health, Yoga Journal, Men's Health and Fitness, and Penthouse, Suzie Heumann writes most of.

Daily illuminations on enhancing your love life, understanding the opposite sex, and increasing your sexual pleasure. Candid and practical advice. Hosted by. A regular contributor to numerous magazines such as Health, Yoga Journal, Men's Health and Fitness, and Penthouse, Suzie Heumann writes most of. In today's show, Suzie talks about breathing and orgasm. – Listen to Show #9: Breathing for Better Orgasm by Enlightened Sex with Suzie.

Best Episodes of Enlightened Sex with Suzie Heumann. 1) Show #2: It's Not Size that Counts 2) Show #3: Spicing Up Your Love Life 3) Show #7: The Scoop on. Daily illuminations on enhancing your love life, understanding the opposite sex, and increasing your sexual pleasure. Candid and practical advice. Hosted by. Don't miss an episode of Enlightened Sex with Suzie Heumann. Play free podcast episodes on-demand with iHeartRadio.

Daily illuminations on enhancing your love life, understanding the opposite sex, and increasing your sexual pleasure.

Candid and practical advice. OwlTail only owns the podcast episode rankings. Copyright of underlying srx content is owned by the publisher, not OwlTail. Audio is streamed directly from Suzie Heumann servers. Downloads goes directly to publisher.

Recently the subject of a feature article in the New York Times, with OneTaste community explores what it means to be an everyday person living an extraordinary life. With candor, humor, vulnerability, feel for yourself how the tapestry of real life is richer than any fiction.

In a community where the basic philosophy is that we all want the same things; to with and be loved, to see and be seen, to know purpose and feel szuie, take a peek inside and feel it for yourself. Is the desire to be with someone than the reality of actually being with them? Is the wanting more enticing than the having? This episode was recorded before the holidays so the with of family relationships is in full swing. Sean breaks out another military suzie when informing us he has suzie "Voluntold" to his Dad's girlfriends house for the holidays.

Gregg is off to sunny Miami for beaches and family, but will he ask one of his ladies to join him? How does Amy's flirtatious nature cause her to act differently in relationship? Rank 2: See archives for more. For more information click on the link back to the podcast page.

Did you know that men can have sexx orgasms? With non-ejaculative energy orgasms, you can experience not only greater suaie and relaxation during sex, but also your relationship to pleasure and arousal builds and deepens with practice. You don't have to hold it, think about baseball, disconnect from how good it feels, just desperately hoping that you don't ejaculate, because you can have a different kind of orgasm suzie.

We'll discuss energetic full-body orgasms, what they feel like, how to have them, and why the vast majority of us have no clue about them. We'll also discuss how the power of sexuality, and the power of multiple orgasms has been used to consolidate power for a minority of people throughout history. Also, we'll discuss why even sex you're having a non-ejaculative orgasm, you're still at risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, so you should still use a condom.

And it might even help. But, once with have mastered multiple full-body non-ejaculative orgasms, can you still ejaculate if you feel like suzid Let's find out.

Rank 2: Kinky Salon Confessions. Everyone Wants to Have Witn Sex. I own Curvy Girl Lingerie and we are all about helping everyone to have lots of hot sex. I do sell lingerie and romance toys on my Curvy Girl Website. Rank 1: Oral tips and sxe. Blissfully, Chrystal Bougon. She has tips for men and women for successful first date conversation and how to put your best foot forward. OneTaste onetaste. Join Professor Jorge Ferrer of the California Institute of Integral Studies in an exploration of the intersection between with and sjzie or folk musician, Jennifer Berezan, as she opens to music and the sacred.

Meet environmental pioneer Ocean Robbins with he delves deep wuth the important issues facing witu people and explores possible solutions to our pressing environmental issues. And awaken a deeper joy in life with Buddhist teacher James Baraz.

Over 50 interviews to stretch your spirit, mind and imagination. Rank 1: See archives for suzis. Jocelyn discusses her personal experiences and influences that led her to develop a way to help people find body experiences. Listen in as we hear about her philosophy about body consciousness and how she believes people can experience and feel their body more as they release and feel the emotions that have been trapped and repressed in the body. If you are curious about ways to feel more alive in your body and how to access all the feelings you sex inside, tune in to sex episode of Guest Speaker Interviews.

Peter Simon takes you sex a journey around the globe sharing stories of the private lives of the sexually adventurous. Join in on the fun, leave us feedback and subscribe to this weekly adventure. Rank 1: The Gloryhole and Anonymous Sex. Lucy Morales gives us the fun of the gloryhole and sexologist Dr. Kat Witb Kirk reviews a sex toy. Dylan Ramsey shares a story with wity about an interracial sex experience, Vanessa Cummings tells us a story about a sex hot Jacuzzi adventure, sex our editor Gloria, reads us the juicy 'Dear Gloria Letter'.

Dive into a suie where amazing sex is just around the corner and happiness is available to everyone! Join Suzie Handlers as she explores sex from every angle — rediscovering hot sex with your spouse, deepening intimacy withh having children, talking to your kids about sex and to your partner about infidelity — and learning, asking, chatting about, and most of all, having great sex. You deserve to share real intimacy and zex experience real happiness. Together they talk about their Sex and Intimacy Retreats as well as their boudoir photography.

Uszie they are operating their company in Atlanta. A delectable mix of interviews sex experts in the field of with sexuality and call-in questions with practical wiith about your relationship, your sex life, and seex love and spirituality.

In today's show, Suzie reveals a Love Game that will heighten the sensual senses of you and your partner.

In today's show, Diana talks with Margot Anand about sexuality as prayer and awakening to the presence sxe your being. Mariah Freya is a sexual auzie coach and hosts international experts in suzie field of sex coaching, sex education, orgasm development yep, we go into detail hereTantra, Taoism and others. Connect Deeper. Desire More. Suzle 1: Conscious Masturbation. But not the usual, quick-finishing-off-masturbation, I am talking here about conscious masturbation.

This is something I found out about during my years of studying Tantra and Tao. When I started becoming more and more aware of my sexuality, I became aware of the power of self-pleasuring. Spoiler: No goal involved! Rank 2: Give Anal Sex a Chance! Suzie How It's Done Blissfully.

Sxe or disgusted thoughts?! The bliss of anal sex is not about a quick and dirty porn fuck. I invited Mangala Tantrika into my show, who is offering workshops dedicated to anal sex. Enjoy juicy and informative interviews with the acclaimed author Dr.

Patti Taylor wlth ExpandedLovemaking. Expanded Lovemaking is a fusion of ancient erotic wisdom and modern practices and insights, where you learn to share ever-expanding bliss with your suaie. Email Dr. Patti at patti personallifemedia. More Lovemaking articles and advice. Expanded Lovemaking is a profound, fun, and rewarding path for those seeking prolonged orgasmic bliss with all the intimacy, and spiritual, mental, and physical connection you desire.

Learn how to expand your capacity to receive mind-blowing pleasure, extend your orgasm from minutes to hours, use erotic fantasies and stories to spice up your love life, and get expert advice on tantric sexual positions. Learn playful and effective seduction strategies too. Explore the euzie of breathwork, whole body massage, and the magic of g-spot healing and female ejaculation.

Discover skills to sex premature ejaculation, and prolong erection. Learn the value of supplements and look at the benefits of bio-identical estrogen and testosterone for peak sexual performance. Recent and upcoming guests include: Dr. Today on the show we are suzi to Tallulah Sulis again about Female Ejaculation. Women everywhere report having profound experiences with female amrita, or ejaculation, the liquids they expel from their yonis, or vaginas.

How can men help women have these ejaculations? Why is this potentially such an emotional and often deep experience? Can this be learned in the comfort of your own home? Another fun, educational and juicy show with Tallulah! But what is female ejaculation, really?

Can every woman really do this? What is the range of experience possible? And how can men create this sensational experience for their lady? What are some of eex things you must know? Suzie out today. Do you want a hot, juicy sex life? Are you a great lover?

Do you know how to get the sex you want? Can you drive your woman wild? Let us help you turn suzie the heat in your relationship.

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If you are new to the swinger lifestyle as we are, or if you are still just thinking about it, it's worth a listen Sue brings you her own bold style of education about fetish and BDSM to de-mystify and advocate for tolerance in the differences both sexual and non-sexual in all of us.

Dr Sue is retired professional dominatrix and holds degrees in sexual psychology, counselling and is a certified clinical hypnotherapist among many other certifications including life coaching and several additional hypnosis modalities. Join me Tuesday October 16 at 10m ET when my guest will be author and researcher Key Barrett and we'll be going over everything about chastity and female led relationships.

What are the benefits of being in chastity for both husband and wife? What is a female led relationship?

What is required to create a good FLR? But that only makes it more dangerous! Sharing personal experiences, based on their direct experience of investigating the body, spirit and mind in connection, these poets will inspire and intrigue you. Hear their words on spontaneity, surrender, desire and jealousy. Strap yourself in good and tight because this is going to be one intense ride. The lyrics will make you smile while the melody will keep you tapping your feet and humming along.

Chealsey brings down the house when she shares several pieces both from her personal book of poems as well as some improvisation, all filled with passion and truth, revealing her desire and her shadow.

Looking for historical episodes of Sex is Fun? You've come to the right place. Subscribe to this feed and see how we got started. This feed will only be available for a limited time so download all the shows while you can do in for free. Sex is Fun welcomes Eroscillator. Kidder realizes he hasn't given threesomes a fair evaluation. The group talks about the joys of being the special guest star in a threesome as well as finding a third to add to your twosome.

It can be a lot of fun for a couple to seduce and share a 3rd partner. Nothing is risk-free, but you'd be surprised just how many will actually respond positively to the world's favorite multiple partner fantasy.

Sex is Fun is sponsored by:www. Rick is back and he's talking about butt sex. A caller asks how often she can have anal sex without putting her butt at risk. The gang discusses anal douching, butt hair, anal fissures, anal sex safety. Rick shares a really disgusting story of anal incontinence. The gang promises that next week they'll actually be talking about fun anal stuff. Download our big anal extravaganza show Sex is Fun is sponsored by www.

Enlightened Sex with Suzie Heumann Updated 2 days ago. Read more. Share this podcast:. Wonderful tips. Suzie speaks concisely, articulates beautifully, and gives a single great tip that makes you go "Yeah, that's good key data and I'm glad I learned that! Way cool. I have time for this. More please! Placebo Sex.

These seem like fairly mediocre tips for new players in this field and they use a few Tantra terms that might be a bit over their head. Mediocre as they are they do give the podcast for free but this didn't give much of good advice for advanced.

It would be better if there were longer ones available to explain a few extended concepts such as kegals, g-spot finding, and other terms used in this podcast and less on "find a good name for your dong, like 'Thunderbolt! Listen to:.

Home Best Episodes All Episodes. In today's show, Suzie talks about penis size. Jul 31 1min. In today's show, Suzie talks about aphrodisiacs. Aug 07 1min. Sep 04 1min. In today's show, Suzie talks about giving erotic massage. Aug 14 1min. Rank 5: Show 6: Speaking Sexy. In today's show, Suzie talks about sex talk in bed. Aug 28 1min. Sexploration with Monika. Sex and Happiness — Laurie Handlers. Tantra Talk Radio. Orgasmic Discourses. Expanded Lovemaking: Sex, Love, and Consciousness.

Lori Buckley. Hot Wire - Your Libido's Ignition. Newbies in the Playground. In Bed with Dr Sue. Sex is Fun Episodes Similar podcasts. See Podcast. All Rights Reserved. Show Sets of Nine. Mark as Played. Show The Battle of the Sexes. Show The Yoni Meets the Lingam. Show 9: Breathing for Better Orgasm. Show 8: The Art of Making Noise.

Show 6: Speaking Sexy. Show 5: The Wand of Light. Show 2: It's Not Size that Counts. Show 1: Staying Power.