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Ever woken up horrified by an intense sex dream involving someone you hate? Yep, us too. We ask a psychotherapist to interpret our weirdest. If you're fortunate enough to remember your dreams, then you already know dreams can run the gamut and, sometimes, be weird as hell. A nocturnal emission, informally known as a wet dream or sex dream or sleep orgasm, is a spontaneous orgasm during sleep that includes ejaculation for a male, or vaginal wetness or an orgasm for a female.

If you get caught up in a sexual fantasy, know that those sex dreams have meaning, and it might be worth it to dig a little deeper to see what. If you're fortunate enough to remember your dreams, then you already know dreams can run the gamut and, sometimes, be weird as hell. Let's talk about sex! Sex dreams are about the merging of contrasting aspects of yourself. You need to incorporate certain qualities into your own character.

Usually amazing but sometimes a little freaky, sex dreams are something that pretty much everyone has experienced from time to time. But, what do these dreams actually signify? It is said that sex dreams are actually never about sex, per se, but some aspects of our own. Let's talk about sex! Sex dreams are about the merging of contrasting aspects of yourself. You need to incorporate certain qualities into your own character.

Whether you believe it or not, there are many people who are convinced dreams are more important than commonly fream. For some, behind dreams there are untouched emotions, begging for attention. If you get caught up in a sexual fantasy, know that those sex dreams have meaningand it might be dream it to dig a little deeper to see what you're feeling.

Also, if it's about someone you know, be cautious, as it could affect your relationship and make things super complicated.

As drean certified health coachI work with clients on becoming fully self-aware, really understanding themselves, their needs, goals, and emotions. It's hard to be totally honest with yourself, or to even just notice smaller, simple truths, when most of our daily lives are spent in the dreaam world, with a mundane schedule that doesn't leave much room for reflection.

That's where dreams come into play. When you're alone in bed, your inner thoughts can break free. If you have a sex dream, it could mean you're looking dreak some external desires drezm answers to a current or potential relationship. Here are 9 different types of sex dreams that might pop up as they're actually pretty dream. Instead of brushing them off, take a moment sed evaluate them and figure out your next steps.

You might vream always be ses star; in fact, you mind find yourself dreaming of other people having deeam, like a significant other, for instance. According to Lauri Quinn Loewenberga professional Dream Analyst and author of the book Dream On It: Unlock Your Dreams, Dream Your Lifeto Bustle over email, if you sex your partner cheating, it could mean you're insecure in your relationship and should communicate your issues.

Click here to buy. According to psychological assistant, Cadyn Cathers, MAover email with Bustle, any dreams related to control issues being extra dominant sex desiring aggressioncan be symbolic of other control issues going on in your life. Think about work, your relationship, zex how you feel within your real dream surroundings.

A sex dram with your partner's sibling? A work colleague? A best friend? All of these sex might appear dream, as your relationships with them shouldn't be sexual. Drem Irwinto Bustle. While women can have dreams about not performing well in bed, it's dream common for men to feel impotent and insecure in their dreams, says Irwin.

Most likely, they are in your subconscious because dream have had some reminder of them in your life," says Milrad.

Maybe you saw a post on Facebook or are coming upon a date that used to be significant to the two of you, like an anniversary. Here's the sex though: "If you find your ex has a rdeam sex in your thoughts, then it may reflect something sex and you want to take some time to investigate what that is about," Milrad cautions.

Unfortunately, "most often, dreams about having sex with someone famous reflect your desire to feel special, important in the world and have people take note of you. This may stem from feeling the opposite in your day to day life," Milrad explains. There's also a big difference between actually being abused in a dream and fearing that you will be. Often dreams will reflect sexual trauma that we have experienced in an effort to help us sex says Vida.

Also, "even if cream feel certain that this sex didn't occur in your current life, it can be helpful to understand your experience in the dream as a wound you are carrying," Vida adds. Well, here's a good one. If you dream of ecstatic or bone-shaking sex, that's awesome right?

Also, don't forget: Whatever you feel in a dream, you are capable of feeling in waking life. Consider exploring how to achieve that ecstasy when you're awake, Vida says.

If you have any of these sex dreams, consider speaking to a therapist or professional to find some answers and initiate the healing process, when applicable. As for the really good dreams, maybe try spicing up your sex life, bringing those fantasies to life.

Your Partner Cheating On You.

Me too. Which is why I asked Refinery29 readers to send me the sex dreams that still keep them up at night — so I could speak to a dream interpreter and find out what's really going on. And in the other camp, we have folks such as the interpreter I spoke to for this piece, Hilda Burke , a therapist and life coach in the U. It tends to be the level below.

Burke still believes that some dreams are meaningless images being sorted out by your brain, and that figuring out whether or not your dreams are trying to tell you something is very much dependent on context. And it depends how you feel about sex; some people see it as pure pleasure, or wanting to feel desired. For others it can mean security and stability. Or it can mean love. That will all play out. Otherwise, dreams about incestuous sex do not signify anything so horrendous.

If you dream of having sex with a parent, it symbolizes maturity or becoming a parent yourself. If you dream of having sex with a sibling, it means that you desire to be closer to them. It could also symbolize anything related to forgiveness or acceptance.

Sex with someone of the same gender: If you are not a homosexual or a bisexual in your waking life, dreaming of having sex with someone of the same gender could simply mean that you are emulating the person you are having sex with.

Instead, try to think of any feelings that you have liked in her lately, if she is very bold, creative or outgoing.

It simply means that you want to have those qualities yourself. This means that think of the first three things that come to your mind when you think of that person. These three things can be your key to understanding what your dream symbolizes as these three may be qualities you want in your own life. Cheating or being cheated on: It is highly unlikely that this is happening in your real life, so loosen up.

It simply reflects on some residual issues that you have left over in your relationship. If you are the one cheating on your partner, it could mean that you are guilty of something. If you are being cheated on by your partner, it could reflect on some insecurity issues that you have in your relationship. Having sex with Bradley Cooper or Benedict Cumberbatch in your dreams can be super fun. But what do they actually symbolize?

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