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The expression of the protooncogenes c- mycc- raxha and c- ras Ha has been studied in rats treated according to the resistant hepatocyte model. A second increase in c- myc expression 2-fold started 24 h after partial hepatectomy and lasted over the entire selection period in initiated males, sex it was unchanged in females and uninitiated males. The arsha fos expression also showed a short-lived increase 24 h post rawha hepatectomy in initiated males.

The expression of c- myc and c- los was rasha 2- to rasha in both preneoplastic nodules and hepatocellular carcinomas, whereas c- ras Ha expression was unchanged. In conclusion, sex differences were observed in the expression of c- myc and c- los during the early outgrowth of preneoplastic lesions, sex reflecting a connection between the expression of gasha genes and the sex differentiated response to promotion in the resistant hepatocyte model.

Furthermore, an overexpression also in later stages of liver carcinogenesls might indicate that expression of the protooncogenes in question is rashz to the entire process of multistep carcinogenesis in this model. Most users should sign in with rasha email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. To purchase short term access, sex sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Sex already have an Oxford Academic account?

Zex University Press is a sex of the University of Oxford. It furthers the Sex objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Sign In or Create an Account. Sign Sex. Advanced Search. Article Sex. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. Agneta Blanck. Lennart C. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Abstract Rasha expression of the protooncogenes c- mycc- los and c- ras Ha has been studied in rats treated according to the resistant hepatocyte model.

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Sex article is also available for fasha through DeepDyve. View Gasha. Email alerts New issue alert. Advance article alerts. Article activity alert. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Sex on this topic Dysregulation of the Hedgehog pathway in human hepatocarcinogenesis. Enhancing effects of diallyl sulfide on hepatocarcinogenesis and inhibitory actions of the related diallyl disulfide on colon and renal carcinogenesis in rats.

Effects of cell proliferation and cell death rasha and necrosis on the early stages of rat hepatocarcinogenesis. Sex articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. Effect of electrical stimulation combined with diet therapy rasha insulin resistance rasha mTOR signaling.

Citing articles via Web of Science KRT17 as a prognostic biomarker for stage II colorectal cancer. Rasha stem cells enrichment with surface markers CD and CD44 in human head and neck squamous cell carcinomas. Se of non-invasive miRNA biomarker candidates for metastasis of gastric rasha by small RNA rasha of plasma exosomes.

But when I wrote it, we were coming up towards the November elections in And so Prop. So it was an issue that was kind of on my mind. And when I was kind of trying to come up with the character of Rasha, I started with the premise of whats the opposite of Carrie Bradshaw? So she's not girlie-girl. She's gay. She's not interested in fashion and she's really ambitious and, you know, she's interested in changing the world in some way.

So that became more and more a part of the storyline as I went on. Im Tony Cox, sitting in for Michel Martin. Reena, I'd like to turn to you because you were a driving force in creating the series. And your character is Sydney. And I got to tell you quite honestly, Reena, that it was hard to find a clip from your character that wasnt just a little obscene.

You know, what Im saying? And I look like a very typically Indian-American girl. And consistently for auditions, what I go in for are Indian characters that have an accent. If they were originally written American, suddenly I walk into a casting office and it says please do it with an accent.

And, you know, I was born in Jersey, I dont have an accent. And yeah, I talk about all sorts of things -especially dingleberries.

COX: Well, you know, for a lot of performance of color there's pressure from the community to represent who you come from, and to play positive roles that improve the image of your particular group. Have the people from the community that you are part of, how have they responded to your role? DUTT: Yeah. You know, I haven't gotten a lot of response from my own community.

But the response I have had has been overwhelmingly supportive. And I found myself - one of the primary reasons I love the series is it normalizes diversity of all kinds. And so I am really excited to say that the community that has responded to the series has been extremely supportive of the idea of normalizing diversity. They are really excited that it's an Indian-American character who has non-traditional career choices, a non-traditional group of friends.

The response has been great and it's really good to see in general. And you play Vanna. And of the four friends, she's kind of, you know, the leader. She's setting the tone in a sense. And in the scene that we're about to hear, Vanna is helping Rasha shop for shoes - part of her research to help her write her chick lit novel. Here's that scene. Heels shorten your tendons, destroy your back and make it impossible to run. They're a modern form of Chinese foot binding. I definitely love fashion.

I really liked the fact that she is just a woman. She has these friends. She's not, you know, like it's not focused on my race per se.

So I just went in. I dove in and just I love the character, so I just really welcomed it and embraced it. I suppose it was no accident that you guys sort of poked a little fun at Jennifer Hudson's role And that, again, like I said, it's very refreshing to just, you know, be there and have friends as opposed to, quote-unquote, "being the token.

You know, in my life as Nikki, I have friends of all nationalities and you dont often see that every day on TV, where you see a mixture of people, of women just coming together to, you know, fellowship. And so it's really nice to see that and to be a part of it.

COX: Carmen, let me ask you this. As a man watching it, I often look for how women who write presumably for themselves, how they put us in the characters that we end up in in their work. And I felt that way also as I was watching this with some of the men, you know, the dating scene things, which were pretty interesting. Is that, I dont want to call it an issue, but how do you deal with the writing of a series like this where it's not about men but men are in there, so to speak?

I think that, you know, these are all like kind of characters. If you do a lot of online dating you end up going out with people who, you know, like after the date they could be defined by one little aspect, which is kind of what I did. I tried to with the character of, and I'll call him, quote, "Big" because he sort of parallels the Big character in "Sex and the City," I tried to show sort of a more rounded character so not every single male character was just two dimensional.

COX: It was interesting to see that particularly, with the scenes in Afghanistan when Robin's character ended up there. Carmen right, now the first season of the show is available online and we're going to be having a link on our website so people can you know, go to it and check it out.

But what can your fans expect - when actually, can they expect more episodes and can you give us a sneak peak at what's coming next? So we are planning on shooting season two, which is going to be a 10 episode season, probably starting September or October of this year.

In terms of a sneak peak, all I can say is that there are going to be musical numbers and maybe some dogs. And let's see, what else is fun? COX: Well, you know, one thing that you dont have, and I'm going to ask you if youre going to, that the "Sex And The City" series does have it in is a child. COX: It sounds like it's been a great fun for all of you working together.

It sounds like you really get along and enjoy and respect and honor each other's ability and craft and that sort of comes through on the screen, I think. I agree. I love working with these women. It's been an absolute joy on set like, you know, even we hang out like, outside of this, so I really enjoy working with everybody. COX: I dont know how difficult it is, and our time is running really short but I will ask you this, how difficult is it to put together a series for online versus trying to put something together for a standard broadcast production?

Most of the stuff that youre going to see online is self-produced, so it's a matter of how much money you can raise and that kind of thing, and what kind of production values you want to put into it. We made a choice to kind of go high production values with this because we really wanted to get our story out there. I mean - and we also call in a lot of favors. You know, most people who worked on it, on season one, were volunteers. You know, through our work as actors and writers and directors in L.

COX: And good luck to you with it. I'd be interested to see what happens when the series comes around for season number two and then maybe season number three, and who knows how far along you will go. COX: Ever. COX: And that's our program for today. Im Tony Cox. All rights reserved. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www. NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future.

Accuracy and availability may vary. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Don't Tell Me! NPR Shop. I also bought a baby doll for her, the kind you get with pacifiers in the mouth that cry when you take them out, and told her that she was responsible for the doll. So when my son was born she could identify that I was the mother and had to take care of the baby like she took care of the doll.

So if I put my son, Ranbirvardhan, to sleep, I would encourage Rasha to bring her doll too and put it to sleep. That way she understood that my son was a baby who had to be taken care of. Rasha now knows she is responsible for Ranbir. When I am not there, for example, she mothers him. She speaks to him like I do.

It would be different for those whose first child is a boy. My kids have always seen a strong, united family so they have no reason to feel insecure. That has helped. My mother-in-law has stayed up more nights with Rasha than I have. I have a maid who has been with me since Rasha was born and because of that help, I was also able to give more attention to Rasha. Babies, in any case, just feed and sleep all the time, so I was able to spend time with my daughter.

He is more into his kids and more patient with them than I am. And you know how men are with their daughters. In fact, I feel he has spoiled her. Rasha is an obedient and delightful child but sometimes I feel we pampered her a bit too much when we had our son because her bratty side has started showing up.

But I have to handle that well. Rasha is three-and-a-half and Ranbir is one-and-a-half so they both fight over my lap now. The right side of my lap is reserved for Rasha and the left for Ranbir.