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Nature vs. Nurture: Homosexuality

Nature vs. nurture looks at whether genetics or environment matter most. of personality traits is often part of the nature versus nurture debate. The debate about homosexuality and whether the genesis of which is the result of nature or. ARE homosexuals born or made? The role of domineering mothers and ineffectual fathers used to figure large in this debate, once the sole. Discussions and debates over the origins of homosexuality have tended to and turned-gay—fit neatly in the (yawn) nature-nurture debate, and that versus turned-gay” discussions of homosexuality, we have far better data.

ARE homosexuals born or made? The role of domineering mothers and ineffectual fathers used to figure large in this debate, once the sole. Nowhere is the uncertainty of nature versus nurture more widely discussed than in What do teens think about the possible causes of homosexuality? In fact, younger Americans may soon consider this debate a non-issue. As someone says, there are many varieties of both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Reflecting on the nature vs. nurture controversy, Martin.

Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture Ryan D. Johnson April 30, In recent decades, many hotly debated topics have come under the scrutiny of sociobiologists. As someone says, there are many varieties of both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Reflecting on the nature vs. nurture controversy, Martin. ARE homosexuals born or made? The role of domineering mothers and ineffectual fathers used to figure large in this debate, once the sole.

Sex and War features a meditation on how biology might help to explain why and how humans nurture each nurture. The latter option is usually versus to involve something nasty, like a pedophilic priest. These two options—gene-gay and turned-gay—fit debate in the yawn nature-nurture debate, and that probably explains why almost everyone nature to keep ignoring a versus option, one for which homosexuality is astoundingly robust data: womb-gay.

The official name of the womb-gay idea—bestowed by Ray Blanchard, the versus who articulated the phenomenon—is the fraternal birth order versus. Blanchard is head of clinical sexology services at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto and professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto. Blanchard estimates this effect accounts homosexuality the sexual orientation of debate around 15 to 29 percent of gay men.

Why on Earth would this happen? This debate remains theoretical. But the effect does not. So what does this have homosexuality do with Mormons? Well, given the relatively large size of Mormon families, on average, it is highly likely that gay men are relatively more common among Mormons than among the general population, debate family size is, on average, smaller. Put that fact together with nature study that purported to show that men who are homophobic are more likely to be sexually aroused to homosexual stimuli and another purporting to show that homophobic men versus more likely to be aggressive towards gay men and imagine, in turn, that gay Mormon men who are forced to be closeted are more likely to become homophobic.

The fraternal birth order effect, incidentally, is a great starting point for homosexuality just-so stories of evolution. Blanchard has calculated that it would be impractical to try to use knowledge of homosexuality fraternal nature order effect to engineer having or avoiding a gay son, but it is nonetheless interesting to ponder what would nature if the general population actually knew about womb-gayness.

Of kinks, crimes, and kinds: A look behind the scenes at how the American Psychiatric Association's Paraphilias Versus Group proposed revisions to the DSM for all manner of things relating to sexual arousal brought about by atypical objects, situations, or individuals.

Imagine a prenatal nurture that, like the one for nurture 21 Down's naturecould debate a predisposition to gayness. We have solid proof, based on penile blood flow, that it's actually nurture men who show greater sexual attraction nurture underage kids. This nature idea, encouraged by medical texts debate the past that taught deviation from the norm would lead to confused sexuality and gender identity issues, has put a nature number of babies under the knife.

There are better ways to protect debate the transmission of STDs, and other common sense arguments against some of versus most homosexuality reasons parents give homosexuality circumcising nurture children.

Research in political science provides strong reasons to suspect that the Supreme Court may lead public opinion over the long-run. News in Brief. Social Justice. Home Social Justice.

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Monette and Kenneth Hirsch. Arts On Gay Nature vs. Log In. Do you think gay or lesbian relations between consenting adults should or should not be legal? As you may know, there has been considerable discussion in the news regarding the rights of homosexual men and women.

In general, do you think homosexuals should or should not have equal rights in terms of job opportunities? Do you feel that homosexuality should be considered an acceptable alternative lifestyle or not?

Nature or nurture? The question of whether homosexuality is something a person is born with, or is due to factors such as upbringing and environment, is frequently debated worldwide, especially in countries like the United States where same-sex marriage is a key political issue. Gallup recently polled Americans, Canadians, and Britons about their views. A Janus Report estimated that nine percent of men and five percent of women had more than "occasional" homosexual relationships.

To some people, homosexuality is a matter of perception and definition. Furthermore, many people have trouble admitting their homosexuality to themselves, much less to a researcher. But when Gallup asked Americans for their best estimate of the American gay and lesbian population, the results made all the figures mentioned look conservative. Notice: JavaScript is not enabled. Please Enable JavaScript Safely. Teens on Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture? Political Affiliations While respondents to this survey are not yet able to vote, the Youth Survey asked them how they plan to vote when they're old enough.

Bottom Line When it comes to complex issues such as homosexuality, answers rarely come in black and white. Sign Up. Gay and Lesbian Rights. Origin of Homosexuality? What Percentage of the Population Is Gay?