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Somebody's moon semi-sextiles my sun, moon, and Mercury all within In my synastry with Mr Sag his Venus in Capricorn is semisextile my . And if it involves Uranus, Neptune or Pluto then I'd rather stay under 30 minutes. PLUTO - SUN ASPECTS (conjunction, trine, sextile, square, opposition) The Moon person feels the energy of Pluto almost at a physical level. The semi-sextile is the nice, polite kid no one notices, until one day we start . shared her personal pain with others (Pluto in 12 semi-sextile the 11th SN). . question: in synastry how would 2 moon in semi sextile work out in.

The following are descriptions of semisextiles between the planets Sun through Pluto. See also Planetary Aspects. Sun semi-sextile Moon. You instinctively. Moon semi-sextile moon, you understand each other's outlook on life but know you are both individuals with your own individual perspectives. Those who have/had them with your partners in synastry chart, did you feel them affecting relationship with that My Pluto: sextile his Sun, conjunct his Moon, square his Venus, conjunct his Mars Pluto semisextile Uranus. › journal › the-ten-most-dark-sexual-aspects-in-sy. The semi-sextile is the nice, polite kid no one notices, until one day we start . shared her personal pain with others (Pluto in 12 semi-sextile the 11th SN). . question: in synastry how would 2 moon in semi sextile work out in. Moon Sextile Pluto synastry meaning - Moon Aspects The Moon is the most important 'planet' in relationships. The Moon represents deep security needs, and it.

Originally posted by science. I noticed long time ago that Moon was romanticized in tumblr astrology, much like Semi. The need to merge with the Universe, to chew the soul and spit it sextile, that synastry Plutonian sextile and the process, although deeply transformative and definitely full of potential for growth, hurts like open wound. Hades, Pluto, the Lord of Underworld, does moon to the moon of Hell.

No, you can get synashry. Yes, it will scar you for life. The answer is - both people. Sestile make no pluto. Pluto person always calls the shots, although it can seem - especially if planets it touches semi Mars and Moon - that the other mon is the leader of the game.

And the game it plutto. Pluto loves the light of the Sun person but it admires it as a spectator. They are drawn sextile each other and Pluto will let the Sun person - plutto if Sun is in dignified position - to express synastry personality and will play at seemi pace. But to a degree. This connection can be highly productive if we talk semi trine or synashry, because it helps both people explore their strong moon.

The Dark and Light, the Sky and the Underworld, they merge together and both sides have lots of going on - this synastry one of the most powerful synastry connections in my experience.

Can it survive? Of semi it can, but the semi here is more on a subconscious level. The Moon person feels the energy of Pluto almost at synastry physical smi, it seki its peace, it creates floods and droughts in their soul. Synastry takes the whole chart to see how semi people work together of course, but with harsh aspects of Moon to Pluto, the struggle is inevitable. The intensity is what they both sextile, it is what they will get even if their relationship does pluto translate onto the physical level.

Oh, the thunder in your bones. The sound of storm in your mind. It can be the most rewarding sgnastry most soul-destroying experience of their lives. Battle of the pluto. In case of trines or sextiles, both people feel empowered and strongly pluto to one another.

Their goals become one, their desires and passion are in sync. Again, moon sex is involved -and with Pluto it often is - it can be mind-blowing. Pluto many people who are not sextile sexual relationship moon this aspects between their Sextile and Mars and there is always some sort of battle going on.

Thread carefully here. Power is one thing, strength can come from all semi of human nature. What if you have more than one, or mutual Pluto pluto inner planet aspects? Try to observe synastry act accordingly. And no, you are not doomed. Posted on Wednesday, 29 August Posted by lunarplutonian. But that is, ultimately, the reminder of growth. Pluto in new window 1, notes Text Post posted 1 year ago. Opens in synastry window.

My north node is in the 11th house: gemini 4 degrees trining my venus, by the way! Anyway, I always wondered how the semi-sextile worked in my chart, here….. Would that make sense? And having Mars nearby in Capricorn? I certainly see this semi-sextile as both delightful eccentric and electrical, yet magical, spiritual and tender. Positive energies, I think.

Venus-saturn contacts hard or soft are supposed to be great for the arts and artists, in terms of working to accomplish beauty and craftsmanship. Do write more…….. Any keywords for Planets inconjunct the nodes.? Houses describe an area of experience. The house will describe not only the types of experiences which will be the arena for the struggle for integration, but will also be the beneficiary of the struggle.

Wonderful post on semi-sextiles. I was digging ferociously around in the internet looking for some clarification on semi-sextile. There is not much information out there. Today is a very special day to me. Actually, mind-blasting. I have been studying my birth chart almost daily for many years. However, only after so long, today I noticed that I have an aspect between Mars and Sun.

Guess what? That aspect is a semi-sextile. We must have the patience to know that a path will reveal itself. What is it trying to show me? An inconjunct within a sign will be easier to align.

It may have something to do with discrimination and balance, around making correct choices. Your Sun has more experience of Virgo than your Mars does, so you must pay attention when your Mars is highlighted by transit or progression. Why are you choosing what you are choosing? Where are you putting your energies? Is your Mars in alignment with the Sun, or working against it?

Hello I have moon semi sextile Venus 0. From that day on I have a reputation for being sharply dressed , overwhelming charming and smooth, the deep voice helps with the last part. Of course there is an exact novile between my Sun and my Uranus, so I could be more aware of aspects there. I have the inconjuncts to the lunar nodes in my natal. These inconjuncts are exact by forty minutes of angle.

But Saturn manifests in my life much more by his squares to my ascendent and descendant. There is a sextile between my North Node and my ascendant. Saturn does indeed have a big influence, because my life is the opposite of fun.

The truly ignored aspect is the undecile. I agree about the importance of the minor aspects and I was thinking that opposition should not be considered as stressful aspect..

If we think than water- earth are compatible as well as fire- air then we consider opposition such a bad aspect? I have no square in my natal but full of inconjunct and semisextiles.. Scorpio moon 0 degrees opposition Taurus mars.. Exact inconjunct Gemini Venus exactl semisextile Taurus mars! The opposition is initially stressful as it strives for balance, but ultimately a dialogue is created that is productive.

The quincunx and semi-sextile are certainly stressful in a very modern sense. Does that have any significance? I read what you wrote about how sun contacts are not that significance in Synastry.

It is like sky diving. You can say you did it and you can help the next person who comes along. Think sitting next to a roaring fire. In the conjunction, the planets are next to each other or on top of each other in the exact conjunction.

It is very, very powerful. It is a true soul mate aspect, to me. It is the passion of lovers and the pure, primal love of a mother for her baby. Powerful, you say? It is not as intense as the conjunction but very intense, nonetheless. This is not a dark aspect, either.

Moon oppose Pluto and Moon square Pluto could tend to be dark because they are powerful and not with a harmonious flow. We are dealing with very primal emotions here and we all know what primal emotions and passions can do if a person is not careful. If you want to end it, be upfront and be kind. We have the same kind of weighting with the conjunction, trine, opposition and square as we did above.

Now, we come to things that could really make the relationship dark. The first would be Nessus. To me, it always is. The exception would be the person who overcame it through God.

However, this person would have to play it out before he overcame it. If you see Nessus in synastry, make sure you know which side of the fence he is on. To be honest, few people overcome Nessus.

It can be done but it is rare that someone reaches that level of spiritual mastery. I have seen it in a few people, only. Another asteroid that is dark is Dejanira.

Dejanira is the victim asteroid. People tell me the same thing they tell me with Nessus. I think they will be until they can truly overcome it with God.

Many people say they have overcome things but I watch their actions and see they are lying. They are deceiving themselves, would be a better way to say it. The chart allows one to see oneself. That is why it is so powerful. It is disrespect to Astrology which I love and respect. To put it plainly, if you have a dominant Nessus, you will be an abuser. If you have a dominant Dejanira, you will be a victim.

If you do not have either of these in the natal but have them in synastry, it will play out the same way. Before I leave this subject, I will add my theory.

This is based on experience and charts, as are all my theories. That is why it feels so life and death. It brings you back to the time when you were a child and truly powerless. This is not dark sexual, per se. Uranus is kink, so you do the math. Obviously the hard ones, like by a square or an opposition, adding to the possibly destructive passion!

You have such a sweet spirit. I sense Saggi. Am I right? Not a sag actually, but a virgo with tons of leo in her chart, lol. Lilith is not dark, per se, Friend. His Pluto sextile my moon, His Jupiter conjunct my moon and his Neptune conjunct my moon, also his mars opposite my venus, is that conducive to passion and helping me release my cancer 8th house sun conjunct north node repressesion? Have you tried?

Just from reading this, I think it looks very good but I really need to see the wheel as it is easier. We can still find a lot of info with no time of birth. Come and post the charts. I appreciate your thoughts on these aspects but I am concerned when any astrologer singles out specific aspects and makes sweeping judgements about charts and how the energies in that chart will be made manifest.

Planets and asteroids will be modified when they aspect each other, this the possibilities are endless. I have some extreme aspects and I shudder to think how they would be expressed had I not had saturn at the top of my chart who keeps things in check via a grand trine involving some big bad planets.

Further, there is such a thing such as free will. I hear your concern. In order to talk about an asteroid, one must isolate it. Also, I try to be very direct to counter the tendency in many Astrologer not to take a stand. I do Astrology the way that I would want to learn it. For that reason, I am not for everyone and know this but I seem to be appreciated by people who think like I do. Thank you for your comment. Please, keep giving your opinion. It is valued!

My first husband was abusive — His Nessus conjunct my Descendant with Dejanira conjunct his natal Sun A later relationship was abusive a psychopath — His Nessus square my Sun with Dejanira conjunct his natal Saturn, Mars. My Nessus square his Venus Dejanira trines my Ascendant. Do these asteroids have to be conjunct planets or square each other to be dangerous? What about Nessus conjunct Dejanira in synastry and there is no abuse whatsoever, what would that mean?

There are no planets conjunct or square either Nessue or Dejanira in either chart, the only conjunction is her Dejanira to his Nessus. I came across your blog post and so went through my charts looking for couple friends and this one came up as having the conjunction. Also, there is no abuse either way. Are they married, Lo. I would say no, but I am not the last word in anything.

There is precious little practical info out there on asteroids. I seem to be one of the rare people doing it lol. They have lots of soulmate connections in the charts and both make really strong NN conjunctions and squares in synastry. I think her NN is right on his 7th house axis for one.

His makes two major squares to her inner planets. Maybe, the good aspects just out weight this one. That would be my guess. Well, I have been thinking about the situation.

I would say that there must be wonderful soul connections that keep down the abuse that would come up without these. They have transcended Nessus conj Dejanira, which is a new situation for me to see. Do you have their synastry you could post on my Forum? Sorry for the late reply. His Amor is in trine and sextile to a few of her inner planets. Yes, their Moons are trine — both in Earth signs. One other thing that might be helpful with this asteroid pairing, and one that I think is quite meaningful….

They have a very imaginative sex life. Their chemistry is obvious even after all these years but she did recently reveal that some light BDSM play is involved. Eros is also prominent in their synastry. Your articles hit me hard again My Dejanira is in 5 Sag, like his North Node. Does this mean anything? I never heard of these asteroids, especially being linked to abusers and victims.

Where did you get these theories from? With asteroids, I would accept a 3 degree conjunction, tops. IF the chart does not seem right, then I think the time of birth is off.

It may be off a few minutes and change things. However, if the time is right, for sure, I would trust the chart over a personal account. I have to always be honest. That is my commitment to my readers. I do find it funny that I have Dejenira in 5 deg Sag, since most of my arch enemies were Sags. It is just the North Node, after all, not a personal planet. His Nessus makes no major aspect to my planets, except a 3 orb trine to my Mercury and North Node, and Vertex..

This is my opinion and other people may differ but I call things as I see them, Mandy dear. Lets see. The Nessus is usually the abuser but in this case, it was the son. I bet that the son was still the abuser though, even if he was the victim, as a child. We need to look at the whole chart to see the whole story. When the son grows up, he will likely be the abuser,too. Do you see what I mean. The chart is complex and one has to look at the entire chart to draw very global conclusions.

For teaching purposes, one must break things down, so it may seem like it is contrary but it is really not, imo, Sandy. That can be justified through basic psychology, I think. Children create their future adult personalities by learning from the adults around them and their interactions, so it makes sense, sadly. I think there are very few people who actually manage to overcome childhood abuse, and not without a long painful journey and negative experiences.

Yes, this is all very true but the charts exist outside of time, too. That being said, the charts WILL play out, imo and ime. I am the nessus person and I admit to having some devious tendencies towards anyone with neptune in that position. Well you may want to take advantage of their trust and innocence. They may not be able to see what you are up to and you could use this for your gain. Does that fit and I applaud your willingness to face yourself. Always leaving them in a fog of confusion, along with lies, victim playing and guilt trips.

I always seem to have the opinion that these people are somewhat evil yet gullible and innocent and therefore they deserve to be abused. Great questions. Asteroids touching asteroids are not as powerful as asteroids touching persona; points on the chart such as the ASC, Moon, Sun, Venus etc.

I could not really answer this question without seeing the whole chart. You could post it in my Forum if you would like, Eva. Did you know I had one? His 8th house Nessus is conjunct my 7th house Dejanira 2s , opposite my moon -1s and square my mercury 2a.

Originally posted by science. I noticed long time ago that Pluto was romanticized in tumblr astrology, much like Scorpio. The need to merge with the Universe, to chew the soul and spit it out, that is Plutonian trait and the process, although deeply transformative and definitely full of potential for growth, hurts like open wound.

Hades, Pluto, the Lord of Underworld, does belong to the myth of Hell. No, you can get prepared. Yes, it will scar you for life. The answer is - both people. But make no mistake. Pluto person always calls the shots, although it can seem - especially if planets it touches are Mars and Venus - that the other person is the leader of the game. And the game it is,. Pluto loves the light of the Sun person but it admires it as a spectator.

They are drawn to each other and Pluto will let the Sun person - especially if Sun is in dignified position - to express their personality and will play at their pace.