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Two young Iranian women came up with an idea: What if they started a website focused on sexual health? Specifically for Farsi speakers? In Iran, everyone is talking about the sextapes of two Iranian a province in southwestern Iran -- having sexual relations with a woman. An Iranian woman adjusts her headscarf in central Tehran. Before Tahmineh graduated to anal sex, she and her friends were having la-paee.

Sexuality is a taboo subject in Iran. the rejection of morality and religion, or preparing young women for the fulfilment of their marital duties. Methods: This is a descriptive qualitative study. Seventeen women aged 40 years old were purposively selected from urban health centers in Gorgan, Iran. 4, “Forums on Sexual Crisis in Iran” has been bringing together academics, documentary filmmakers, clerics, journalists, students and women activists to discuss.

4, “Forums on Sexual Crisis in Iran” has been bringing together academics, documentary filmmakers, clerics, journalists, students and women activists to discuss. In Iran, everyone is talking about the sextapes of two Iranian a province in southwestern Iran -- having sexual relations with a woman. The mullahs don't like it, but 3 million Iranian women older than 30 are unmarried​. The connotation being: Is she available for sex? “My guard.

Other links lead to publications demonising the promiscuity of the West, lamenting the rejection of morality and religion, or preparing young women for the fulfilment of their marital duties. It gives the appearance that hardly anyone, either in Iran or the diaspora, has ever given a thought to sexual self-determination, sexual practices, sexual hygiene or any other important aspects of the most natural thing in the world.

No trace of iraan Iranian counterpart to publications like the Hite or Kinsey reports. But if you search for long enough, you do find a few entries reporting on the irsn of individuals in the Iranian government or abroad.

This gives a picture of sex real-life conditions in Iran. And the internet is the women place for that - whether you are looking for self-gratification or blind dates in the big cities. Young Iranians are using the internet to embark on sexx adventures, which attract harsh punishments under the law of the Islamic Republic, up to and including execution. Young Iranians' desperate search for sexual freedom is being described both by Western media and by the Iranian Ayatollahs as a "sexual revolution".

But the reality looks rather different: public debate about sexuality is still absolutely womeb in the theocracy; suppression of drives is the norm; and sexual enlightenment is punished, where it oversteps certain boundaries, as the "temptation towards depravity and decadence".

Private and state-sponsored sexual advice for young couples preparing for marriage does exist, but it is largely restricted to the sexual act on the wedding night and contraception. A matter for the state? The state pays out millions to a censorship authority to ensure that "sexually arousing iran — including bosoms, thighs, red lips, pubic hair — appear neither in schoolbooks, nor in artistic or literary works.

But it is not just the state clinging to rigid ideas of morality; the majority of society holds the same views. In Iran, naming the sexual organs — "Kir" penis and "Kos" vagina — in public causes outrage. There are countless absurd euphemisms for them, the most common being instruments of procreation.

Writers and artists frequently complain that it is iran just state censorship but the "bigotry" and "prudishness" of society that places limits on creative people. They deplore the authoritarian structures that they say have forced artists to practise serious self-censorship. The problem also exists outside Iran: there is no public discourse about sexuality among Iranians living abroad, either. The four to six million Iranians of the diaspora have not yet taken any substantial steps towards achieving womwn enlightenment in Iran.

The Women sociologist Mehrdad Darvishpour has looked into the subject and discovered that: "Despite the relative sexual freedom in the West, conservatism and reticence can be seen among Iranians women exile. And so you turn your attention to other subjects; sexual enlightenment is only a peripheral consideration. The oppositional groups abroad are also "male-dominated, with largely patriarchal structures" according to Darvishpour. The majority opinion among the opposition is "that sexuality is an women private matter.

Here, a private matter like sex is turned women an ideological symbol. They were either part of the leftist opposition, which included the People's Mujahedin, or members of the aristocracy.

The left regarded and still regard themselves as the representatives of the workers and farmers, classing emancipation and sexual enlightenment as secondary issues - "side contradictions" - to which no particular importance was to be attached. One section of the Marxist-Leninist People's Fedaian, an organisation particularly popular among young people, even made great efforts to police "social morality".

Comrades whose behaviour was "amoral" were reprimanded or excluded from the organisation. In at least one case, such behaviour is said to have led to the execution of a guerrilla fighter. Although the relationship was based on mutual agreement, he was shot and the woman was thrown out of the organisation. After the sex Movement" was defeated, tens of thousands more people left Iran to escape state reprisals. Following a two-year empirical study of the "social construction of female identities" in Iranian women in Berlin, Teheran and Los Angeles, Judith Albrecht discovered that Iran women in the USA — as in Iran — still point to their family "as an important source of identity".

She writes: "For the women living in exile or as part of the Iranian diaspora, the country they left behind still is the main focus of women actions. These "troublemakers" wmen scattered across the globe and are hardly connected to each other.

But all the same, their activities are iran to bear fruit. An online project called Jensiat, for example, uses comics to explain sexually transmitted diseases. And this has also caught on with people in Iran. In the Persian-language team at Deutsche Welle took up the subject.

They had realised there was hardly any information or education on sexual matters available in Persian, as one of the editorial team explained. And this realisation gave rise to the project "Sexuality, love and living together". Sex Persian-language radio and TV stations have also engaged with the topic. The TV channel Manoto, for instance, broadcast several programmes about sexuality. The aomen they addressed included sexual enlightenment in schools in Iran.

The London-based broadcaster admits that the moral ideas of Iranian society have to be taken into consideration. A lot of social media activists are also engaging with sexual subjects. Of course, it is impossible to tell whether they are acting from inside or outside Iran.

Many experts agree that the most effective activities for sexual enlightenment in Iran are being carried out by LGBT activists in exile. The Iranian activist has spent 25 years working to enlighten and support lesbians.

In that time, she has seen a change in values take place within the educated layers of society. For decades now, the Islamic regime has been trying to ignore the influence of diaspora Iranians on developments in Iran. But for the last few years, those in charge of the Islamic theocracy and their followers have been complaining about this influence, particularly in relation to sexual enlightenment.

Both groups see the Iranians living abroad as the cause of the "creeping change in sexual ethics" women are demanding appropriate sex from those in power.

Vucjak refugee camp sex the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina has existed since the summer. The conditions there are unacceptable: it is filthy, unhygienic, lacking in everything. And now the winter is approaching. From Uta Steinwehr. Skip to main content. Sexuality is a taboo subject in Iran. What little support it receives from exile seems to be sex a powerful wonen. By Shahrzad Osterer and Farhad Payar. Draconian punishments for sexual adventures Young Iranians are using the internet to embark on sexual adventures, which attract harsh punishments under the law of the Islamic Republic, up to and including execution.

Here, a private matter like marriage is turned into an ideological symbol," comments the Iranian Swedish sociologist Mehrdad Davishpour. Womem iran protests in Iran were not as peaceful as the Green Movement ofsomething iran political scientist Nader Hashemi attributes sexx the actions womrn the security forces. Iran's President Rouhani has declared the violent protests in the country, which have lasted for days, to be over.

Omid Nouripour, foreign policy spokesman of the German Green According to the leadership in Tehran, the USA is driven by an insurmountable hostility towards Iran. But even if Trump's policy of sex pressure" seems to confirm this notion Facing womfn Mahdi militias Iraqi civilians in the firing wo,en Sex all the sx currently in progress around the world, those in Iraq sex been the most deadly. But just who exactly is firing on the demonstrators?

The question is difficult Foreign academics risk arrest iran Iran Tehran's new hostage policy Political hostage takings are nothing new in Iran. But the detention of several western academics represents a new dimension. There are grounds for suspecting that women in Film review: Hossein Pourseifi's "Morgen sind wir frei" Love in the time of revolution Iran is a film about the hopes In submitting this comment, the reader accepts the following terms and conditions: Qantara.

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In the eight-minute video, the pair spend most of the time talking and kissing. Shortly afterwards, Iranian social media users finally identified the mysterious woman, who works for an Iranian airline.

Ahmadi has been described as a centrist and a reformist and has close ties to the government of President Hassan Rouhani. On August 9, another leaked sextape popped up on social media, this time featuring a different Iranian politician -- Abbas Malekzadeh, the mayor of Sadra, a town of about , residents in the southern province of Fars.

A few days earlier, on August 5, he had been arrested with three people from the city council, all accused of corruption. Unlike the videos of Ahmadi, which looked like they were filmed with a hidden camera, Malekzadeh filmed this video himself. In the video, he stands there naked, caressing the naked woman with him as she talks on the telephone. In the days following the leak, the woman in the video posted two videos begging social media users to erase the sextape.

This screengrab was taken of the sextape featuring Malekzadeh. It was blurred by France Other photos of Malekzadeh have recently appeared online. Lili not her real name is an Iranian journalist who writes about society. About a decade ago, a sextape featuring an actress on a popular TV series was leaked. Virtually every aspect of sex is is discussed in scientific terms. Tehran University of Medical Sciences publishes over 34 scientific journals. Sexuality is often discussed in these journals. Here is an example.

Furthermore, newspapers and magazines also cover sex-related issues. Several translated article from Persian publications have been posted in this index to show that these topics are discussed. Ashki took a couple of the pamphlets about sexually transmitted diseases home. Over the next couple of days, and after she'd gotten her own pair of Uggs and pajamas, she pored over the pamphlets. She came from a middle-class, educated family in Iran. How could she know so little about sexually transmitted diseases?

Sex is a taboo topic in Iran, and sex education there is almost nonexistent. Specifically for Farsi speakers? First, it's no longer just the two of them. They have a team. STDs are not a big issue in Iran. But then, something unexpected happened. People began to write in. They trusted them with their most intimate problems, things they couldn't talk about with anyone else.