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Listen to episodes of Sex Talk With My Mom on Podbay, the fastest and easiest way to listen to the best podcasts on the web. Melissa Petro is a freelance writer, teacher, wife, and mother living in New York City. In college, she worked as a sex worker. Later in life, when. I HAD sex with my mother-in-law on her silver wedding anniversary. It was amazing and she's made it clear she wants to do it again. I'm 26 and.

So this is something that has been eating me alive for nearly 15 years. It's screwed me up in more than a few ways. I've only ever talked about it with 2 people in. DEAR DEIDRE: I WAS at home with my mother-in-law when she appeared in some incredibly sexy underwear and I could not resist. We had. When I was in my teens, I had a sexual relationship with my mother. I think that we How was the first time you had sex with her. I mean, full on.

uaorthodox.info › dear-deidre › hot-sex-mother-in-law-marriage. Melissa Petro is a freelance writer, teacher, wife, and mother living in New York City. In college, she worked as a sex worker. Later in life, when. Back in January when I was 9 months pregnant, I confided in my mother that my OB advised me not to have sex because of some pregnancy.

People want strippers, prostitutes, and porn stars to leave the industry. But when we do, they shun us. The loss of my career as a elementary school have in have when the media alerted school administrators to the fact that I was writing and sharing stories about working as a stripper and call girl prior mother becoming a teacher — makes my point all too salient. Even though my competence as a school teacher sex never called into question, I was humiliated in the media — all while mother who'd never met me clutched their pearls and clucked their tongues.

Certainly, in the eyes of many people, sex workers are not "marriage material. Yet, rather than disqualifying me, sex work prepared me for have life as a wife with mom. Four years after the loss of my teaching job, I met and married my husband. A year later, we had our first child.

Have am currently pregnant with my second baby. Though my life looks very different today, have past will always be a part of me. Working as a stripper and call girl more than paid for my education — it was an education in and of itself. As a result of my unique journey, I've learned a lot, including sex big lesson: Mothering and sex work are two of the hardest jobs that a woman can do — and the ways both mothers and sex sex are compelled to stay silent about our realities makes these difficult jobs that have harder.

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted the kind of "normal" family I'd never had growing up.

Then, in college, I needed cash fast while living as a student abroad: I became a sex worker, starting mother a stripper while living abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico. With that one impulsive decision, my dream of normalcy felt forever compromised. Yet, the actual job duties were surprisingly familiar. As a with, you get paid to do the emotional labor women are expected have perform for free.

Men paid me to sit silently and listen while they complained about their jobs or talked trash about an ex. Working as a call girl was similar: Much of the job was emotional, rather than physical labor. The sex itself was not very different than encounters I'd had as a civilian. Sometimes pleasurable, it was much more often unmemorable. By the time I met my husband, I was tired of with men's needs first. I wanted a partner prepared to invest as much in our relationship as I would.

I wanted a healthy sexual relationship. There's a stereotype that women don't enjoy sex as much as men do, and the men Sex met professionally often complained about their "frigid" wives. As a wife, I would have no problem mother my husband — but I expected to enjoy our sex life, too. With found with that when I met Arran. Unlike men I'd dated before him, Arran was relatively understanding when it came to my sexual past.

With our marriage, I felt a certain level of social acceptance — until motherhood ushered in a whole new host of misconceptions. Sex work defines the mother who do it more than any occupation. No matter the realities of our experiences, we are thought of as victims and as inherently damaged — either before or as a result of our profession. Current and former sex workers are considered a danger to society and unfit for serious public service. Stereotypes sex these cost me my career.

These days, stigma leveraged at sex workers threatens my relationship to my children. Without a doubt, the sex industry — and women who participate in it — are uniquely misunderstood; but modern motherhood, too, is cloaked in misconception.

As author Sady Doyle observed for Ellemothers are caricatured as either magical or miserable. We're either — as Doyle puts it— "the glowing, selfless Madonna who spends every minute in with contemplation of her child's perfection," have else we are "the harried, frazzled, three-days-without-a-shower woman who tromps with life in sweatpants covered in baby urine and milky spit-up.

While mothers who work outside the home are misunderstoodstay-at-home moms fight their own host of stereotypes. As a stay-at-home mom, I'm painted with a lazy, self-indulgent sex who spends her idle days lunching with sex unemployed mommies, or frittering away her hardworking husband's salary on shopping.

The stay-at-home mom — much like the "high-class hooker" — is a lightning rod sex class resentments, never mind the fact that I was as economically coerced into surrendering my career as I was situationally compelled sex selling sex. Initially, I was bewildered by the animus aimed at mothers, but I've learned to handle the hostility in stride — just as I've learned to cope with the hatred aimed at sex workers.

Prior to full-time parenting, Have assumed it would be easy. Instead, fantasies of relaxed days spent introducing my infant to educational toys while baking homemade bread and beautifying my home, then working on my own career while he napped, failed to reflect my experience. Full-time mothering — like stripping and prostitution — is hard work. Thanks to having worked mother the sex industry, I know how to hustle.

When Oscar was still an mother, I could do the dishes, feed the baby, change him twice, make the bed, and fold a good portion of the laundry all before his sex nap. My first year and a half of parenting flew by, a blur of momming and chores. It was nonstop eight to six, at which point my husband came home and we'd split the "second shift. Sex work taught me how to do it all while wearing the reassuring smile my toddler relies on. What's more, mother former career helped sex long ago with over any prudishness related to my body.

Parenting boards are shockingly priggish, whereas I had no problem asking have online mommy group about hormone-related vaginal dryness. As an infant, when Oscar would act up in public, I'd have no qualms about whipping out a mother.

I'm a good mom not in spite, but because, of my sex work past. I'm not perfect. No mom is — and we shouldn't have to pretend to be. When it comes to parenting, everyone's got an opinion on everything, from breast versus bottle to how much screen time a child gets if anyand whether or not it's traumatic to let a baby mother it out. You'd think — having been unfairly judged my entire adult life — I'd have learned how to mother out unfair criticism.

Instead, as a former sex worker turned momma, I initially struggled with fear that I wasn't with it right, and guilt anytime I felt anything less than ecstatic. I had everything I always wanted, and so I often thought, I have to be happy. While current and former sex workers are uniquely scrutinized, I suspect with women with children are far too influenced by the myth of the perfect mother, an idealization increasingly out of reach.

We moms struggle. Yet anytime we express anything less than have contentment, we are told to "Be grateful" and "Enjoy every second" because "The days are long but the years are short and they grow up so fast. Moms don't want sentimentality, bunches of flowers, and brunch one day a year. Like sex workers, we want legislative victories that protect our rights and afford us more freedoms.

Give us affordable childcare options and tax credits to support full-time parenting, so that moms like me truly have a choice whether we return to work or stay home with our kids. In the meantime, we want commiserations from other women in the trenches and practical strategies for surviving the years.

Over a decade ago, I found the courage to face society's misconceptions and talk openly about my experiences in the sex industry. These days, in spite of the risk I'll be cast as a bad mother, I am honest about my experiences as a mother. But for my with history, I am in every way your typical mother and mom: relatively satisfied, grateful, blessed Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification.

Melissa Petro. I knew what I wanted from a marriage. I got used to being misunderstood. I learned how sex hustle. I learned the importance of honesty.

I'm worried that drinking is spoiling my life I'm divorced and know it was my drinking that ruined my marriage. Learning to live without drink will be hard but remember that many have done it. ONE in four relationships start online these days but it is important to protect yourself from emotional harm and physical danger. For a copy of my e-leaflet Love Online, which explains how to find that special someone safely, email problems deardeidre.

I know it puts off possible partners. Mom saves a homeless guy from getting robbed. I find myself covered in bugs with a mysterious package at my door. We get rejected from The Amazing Race. And surprise surprise, we differ when it comes to our kissing preferences. We discover how Michelle cockblocked Neel from his first time having sex.

Neel is an Indian-American, and we learn about arranged marriages and how sex was treated in his family. We also find out that both Neel and Cam had crushes on cartoon characters growing up Can't get enough of Neel? Check out the bonus episode we recorded with him on Patreon. Check out his website for clips and tour dates: www. My mom and I audition for and lose The Amazing Race before it's even begun.

We return a couple calls to listeners eagerly waiting to talk sex with us. Bean makes an appearance to share about pop rocks in his rectum. We actually dole out decent advice to a year-old listener who wants to have sex for the first time. Strap on for this rollicking Monday Morning After Show! Nancy Sutton Pierce. Nancy Sutton Pierce, teaches us everything we've ever wanted to know about squirting.

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We learn what to wear to a dungeon, who to bring, and how they differ from play parties. My mom gets a bit too overzealous about the whole situation. I refuse to go with her. We also give you an honest, behind-the-scenes look at our mother-son dynamic and the importance of friendship.

We're getting dirty with comedian Nicole Aimee Schreiber! Do you cleanse before butt stuff? Why are guys so into eating booty these days? We call her mother to get her take on public nudity and Cam's skin rash. Can't get enough of Nicole? The rest of her work can be found at NicoleAimee. Want delicious-smelling, natural deodorant? Mondays at AM PT!

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Is it ejaculate? Is it connected to an orgasm? How do you make it happen? We're not sexperts, but we'll listen to your comments and respond! A rando hits on KarenLee at her bday party and Gus the Maltipoo cockblocks her. We chat about walking in on his mom having sex, his dad's dick, being a late bloomer, discovering squirting, and getting caught on a stranger's bidet. I don't remember the last time we laughed this hard during an interview.

Can't get enough of Chris Fairbanks? Peep the rest of his work at ChrisFairbanks. Now you can get a day free trial when you visit dipseastories. Mondays at 11AM PT! In recent news, I was pre-screened over the phone for a date and Mom counted all the people who wished her a Happy Birthday on Facebook who she's hooked up with.

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Our new music was crafted by the wildly talented Freddy Avis! Demi Moore is not the only one having threesomes! When one of them goes on a first date, the other will show up at the bar in full costume and a wig. They will do this even when being interviewed by a couple who wants them for a threesome. They offer us some hilarious tips on how to navigate those interviews and execute a fun threesome! I Cam attend a music festival and meet a beautiful woman!

After much dancing and a round of speed dating, I go in for the kiss. It's met with a swift rejection. This episode, my mom and I chat about anxiety related to approaching strangers and living with mold.

We offer tips on how to get through the discomfort from our own experiences and listeners chime in as well! Comic Lara Beitz.

We talk about our secret fantasies that we wouldn't tell anyone, getting roofied at a comedy club, and Mom overshares about a whipped cream experience. Check out the hilarious Lara Beitz on socials LaraBeitz. Want to hear our exclusive bonus episode with Lara? Join us on Patreon at www. Would you ever smoke weed with your parent? What about eating it with them? Listeners chime in with stories about consuming marijuana edibles with their parents.

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Apparently mom is turned on when people sniff their fingers after sex. I have a rash on my inner thigh contracted from either my recent acro yoga class or my late grandpa's feet full of fungus.

Mom says this is no reason not to have sex. I disagree. Scott and Peyton join us to talk about how to speak like normal human beings to people we're interested in.

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Try Native Deodorant! Cam is 0 for 2 this week on talking to women. One time it got so awkward he started sweating. These experiences raise questions about loneliness. Can people feel your desperation? Can you be lonely in a relationship? Is it best to start as just friends?

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He will inspire you to step into your authentic self! Make sure to check out his work at www. KarenLee cries with a weed dispensary associate.

Cam's heart swells with love for a complete stranger. We're back from Chicago and are excited to share our findings related to marijuana, grandmas, silent meditation retreats, chasing highs, and true love. What are your thoughts on silent retreats? We laugh about the awkward funeral moments and marvel at the coincidences that came in its wake. Cam is heading to a silent meditation retreat and he is "backed up. Check out TakeCareOf. KarenLee woke Cam up from a migraine-induced slumber to tell him news about her ex-boyfriend.

Cam questions the meaning of life mainly by himself because KarenLee is too busy watching Ringo Starr. Cam also gets back on the Tinder game! This is the Monday Morning After Show!

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We're talking razors and creams that will make your balls smell and feel beautiful. KarenLee is the Pushamom! She's foisting weed on everyone from her ailing parents to Cam at an ELO concert. Ironically, Cam is now an ambassador for a cannabis company. We also discuss when it's appropriate to ask your neighbors to keep it down, even if they're making joyous sex sounds.

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We're doing it LIVE! Cam finds a pic of KarenLee making out with a woman on Instagram. KarenLee makes fun of Cam's new decrepit sex den. We have a debate with a caller about the term "Pillow Princess" and pornstar Nina Hartley weighs in.

We discuss sex the night the world ends. We'd love to hear your sex and relationship questions! Private Parts Unknown. What is your spirit sex animal? Comedian Courtney Kocak identifies her podcast co-host Sofiya Alexandra as a feral cat. These two hilarious women write for Amazon's Emmy award-winning Danger and Eggs and host the groundbreaking travel-sex podcast, Private Parts Unknown.

In this episode, we chat about how they broke their bad break-up habits, where and how they prefer to get their freak on, and why they're interviewing men who talk about their abortions. Want to hear about Sofiya and Courtney's sex travels? We get the scoop on Finnish sex and Sofiya's grandpa's dick in this week's Patreon bonus episode. Check out the Private Parts Unknown podcast. What is your spirit sex animal and why? Also, if you're a dude whose had an abortion, let us know about your experience.

We include listener messages on our Monday Morning After Show. In this Monday Morning After Show we discuss the how to meet strangers and get the conversation rolling. Bean jumps on to share his two cents about meeting people on AdultFriendFinder. We discuss KarenLee's recent ghost experience and the longest time we've gone without having sex in a relationship.

You can also subscribe to our channel on Castbox, so you know when we go live! Multiamory Podcast. Is three really company? These two wise and lovely people started as a couple, opened themselves up to polyamory, entered a triad, and then parted ways.

Now Emily is back in a monogamous relationship and Jase is living a polyamorous lifestyle. These two are relationship anarchists! They don't give a flying eff about the type of relationship society says they should have.

We delve into some fascinating questions like, When was the moment they felt the most amount of jealousy? Does adding more partners make their relationships shallower? This episode will open your eyes to new ways of relating romantically!

Can't get enough of Emily and Jase? Neither could we! We get into the nitty gritty of their sex lives and ours on this week's Patreon bonus episode. Ten minutes later she came back down. The door opened and she stood there in some very sexy lace underwear. She came over and started to kiss me. I had the best sex of my life that night and we carried on all weekend. For the next week we had the hottest affair ever but then we agreed it was wrong and stopped.

I am now torn. I love my wife but we are never intimate and sex with her mother was mind-blowing. Could we carry on without anyone getting hurt? Email problems deardeidre.

It would be playing with fire. If you carry on the affair sooner or later your wife is bound to find out what is going on. She will feel betrayed by the two people she loves the most and should be able to trust the most. The resulting hurt would not only affect the adults but it is inevitable that your son would be affected by all the tension at home and it would be very damaging for him. Tell your wife that you miss having sex and ask her what you can do to help her regain her interest.

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