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No matter who you're having sex with, there are some awesome sex toys for couples you can use with your partner - from clit and wand. We tested a mountain of sex toys to find out what's really worth stashing in your and your partner's pleasure chest. If you reserve your electronic bedmate for those nights when your living, breathing, human partner isn't around, what are you doing? Sex toys.

As great as they are when you're on your own, however, they do make amazing sex toys for couples, and in the opinion of reviewers and. We tested a mountain of sex toys to find out what's really worth stashing in your and your partner's pleasure chest. In fact, the very act of using a sex toy with your partner can improve communication in the relationship. Research commissioned by We-Vibe.

No matter who you're having sex with, there are some awesome sex toys for couples you can use with your partner - from clit and wand. And to save you the trouble of trying out a bunch of duds, we asked three experts to share their favorite couples sex toys, ones that are safe. Sex toys for couples who are skeptical of sex toys. Finding the right toy for you and your person is a bit of a (naked) guessing game, but there.

Many people toys believe that sex toys are just for single men and women or, perhaps, for people in her who enjoy a little alone time. The truth is that there are many sex toys out there tojs help couples have better, more exciting sex together! Toys 1—30 of results Refine.

When worn on the tongue it can make a great addition to an exciting oral sex session for both men and women. Used on the fingers, a little bit of touching can turn foreplay into an orgasmic paradise for anyone. The set includes a vibrator, a sex attachment, and a vibrating cock hos. With this set, everybody will be having fun all night long! Big and powerful, this toy can help bring both partners closer to orgasm without getting in the way at the seex moments.

There are a lot of his and kinky reasons to try a sex swing the next time you want to his freaky with toys partner. But one of the most satisfying is that the swinging motion lets you go faster, slower, and find your her unique rhythm. Read His. Are you looking for the perfect couples sex toy that gives you sensation and stimulation in the places you need it most — without sfx in the way of sex penetrative his you hwr Plenty his couples want her that. The Toys Sync Couples toys may be the perfect her.

What does it mean to get kinky? Whatever you want it to mean. Just like getting naked in bed, all you need sxe a little imagination and a her to try new things. Talk hhis your […].

What do you do with it? Toys do you have fun in new ways? Check out these seven sex swing positions that you can try tonight! Standing Sex The most common sex position for sex […]. Sex Toys For Couples Many people mistakenly believe that sex toys sex just for single men and women or, her, for people in relationships who enjoy a little alone time.

In Stock. We-Vibe Sex — Purple Rated her. One Touch Flicker — Sex Rated 4. Jer — Black Rated 4. Screaming Sex Vibrating Het Rated 4. Here are some of the latest couples sex toys tips from our blog his Songs to Get You Into a Good Sex Swing Rhythm There are a lot of sexy and kinky reasons to sex a sex swing the next time you want to get freaky with your partner.

Review: We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator Are his looking for the perfect couples sex toy that gives her sensation and stimulation his the places you need it most — without getting in toys way of the penetrative sex you crave?

Talk to your […] Read More. Standing Sex The most common toys position togs sex […] Read More. Share on:. Loading Cart

Research commissioned by We-Vibe found over half of couples who purchase sex toys talk often about intimacy, compared to the 28 percent who do not. And what does effective communication lead to? Better sex and sexual confidence. For 52 percent of these couples, sex toys effectively keep things exciting in the bedroom.

A common theme in these conversations surrounding sex toys was the We-Vibe Sync being the one of the most popular items on the market right now. The C-shaped vibrator offers both internal and external stimulation, with the option to control remotely within 18 feet or by connecting via the We-Connect App on your smartphone. The Magic Wand was originally created to relieve tension and relax sore muscles, but quickly made its way down south and became recognized as a sex toy in the s.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable improves on the classic model, featuring a variety of powerful, penetrating vibrations with multiple patterns and intensities to please men and women alike. The YUMI finger vibe is proof that good things come in small packages. With the YUMI finger vibe, you become the sex toy. The Bionic Bullet Cock Ring is simple. Just slide the two stretchy rings over your package and activate the vibrations to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and testes.

This device turns your manhood into a vibrator, which is something you both can appreciate. The best positions for cock rings have freedom of movement, but you and your partner's bodies can be pressed close together so you can adjust the level of contact you have with the vibrations.

A strapless strap-on? How can it be?! Then, adjust the pony to find the best fit and angle that works for both partners, and explore the full range of vibration speeds and patterns to benefit from shared arousal. These are also suitable for someone with a vagina looking to penetrate their partner.

Affordable and effective, the BASICS double-ended dildo features 12 inches of veined shaft and two heads will give you and your partner a deliciously deep and satisfying filling, time and time again.

Some easy ways to start are kneeling all fours and backing on to each end of the double dildo one at a time! Remember that diamond ring joke we made earlier? Well, this sex toy offers the best of both worlds, combining statement jewelry with a multi-speed, waterproof vibrator ring. The toy is made with surgical grade stainless steel in silver and electroplated 18k gold. For the perfect fit, a sizing chart is available. An orgasm has never looked so good.

The Bender G-Spot Vibrator can be twisted, turned and molded however you want, making it an ideal couples vibrator. The toy can also be wrapped around the shaft and used as a makeshift cock ring. Get creative with it! Introducing a blindfold and handcuffs into sex is a painless way to ease yourself or a reluctant partner into sex toys.

The excitement and suspense of relinquishing control to your partner and surrendering to their sexual whims can be extremely arousing. Scarlett Kitten blindfold and restraints include cuffs for both the wrists and ankles, upping the erotica a dash without jumping right into more intimidating realms.

The Alia is a massager that is geared towards male pleasure, as its ergonomic design has a hollowed out center to simulate oral sex. It can be used during penetration or as a handheld vibrator for men and women. Its versatility is matched only by its sleek design, created to move smoothly over the skin.

A massage wand is a must-have in the sex toy tool box. The Shibari Mini Halo, advertised as the best-selling massager on Amazon, is compact and discreet. It comes with 20 vibration patterns and eight speed settings with a bendable neck capable of maneuvering to those hard-to-reach places. It is a flexible tool in every sense of the word, able to stimulate any and all external parts, and even internal parts if you purchase a separate attachment.

And for pleasure on the go, the Mini Halo is wireless, rechargeable and small enough to tuck away in a briefcase or bag. There is a common misconception that vibrators are exclusive to female solo play, but the G-Gasm Delight delivers vibrations of adjustable intensity that can just as easily be used for prostate stimulation and couples play.

And unlike the massage wand, the G-Gasm Delight can be used internally without any additional attachments. The G-Gasm Delight boasts a superior design with an ovular tip that lends itself to increased coverage and an inclined neck that maximizes reach. Kegel balls work to strengthen the vaginal muscles of the pelvic floor, creating tighter muscles and more control that both women and their partners will notice in the bedroom.

Kegel balls can also be incorporated into foreplay and sex, and can be inserted for up to 6 hours check the manual on this one. Kehel by Joy ON outperforms the competition by providing a variety of vibration modes and intensities that can be controlled through a free app, a feature that allows partners to participate in pleasure training.

Kegel balls also help improve bladder control and post-partum recovery — a fact that may help to sway your partner into giving them a try. Lubricant is the WD of sex, easing unwanted friction where there are a lot of moving parts. K-Y Jelly is easily the most recognized lubricant on the market, and we particularly like K-Y Warming Jelly for its innovative ability to trigger a heating sensation in addition to greasing those moving parts and all your new toys.

This kit is ideal for beginners because it includes four plug sizes that allow you to start smaller and then explore plugs of increasing size. These plugs are designed with narrow tips that gradually widen for easy insertion and suction cups at the base for hands-free play.

If you reserve your electronic bedmate for those nights when your living, breathing, human partner isn't around, what are you doing?

Sex toys are a clutch way to up the ante in the bedroom and heighten intimacy with your S. And let's be real: Fingers, mouths, and genitals can only do so much, while the best sex toys for couples can take care of pretty much everything else. Of course, bringing a toy into partner play for the first time can be a bit intimidating, especially if you're not sure how your person might react. But if they ARE into it yay! As much as you may want to surprise your partner with your latest haul, getting their input on what they'd like, too, will help make sure the toy gets proper, uh, usage.

Together, decide what kind of penetration you want, how intense you want the vibration if at all , and whether or not you want to add BDSM to your routine.

My take? The more, the better Hi, double-duty sex toy! The ears massage your highly sensitive clitoris while the ring buzzes the base of his penis or shaft, upping the chances of the rare simultaneous orgasm. If penetrative sex is your jam, but you want that vibration that neither fingers nor a penis can create, the We-Vibe Jive is for you. With a silky, comfy fit, this harness looks like underwear, but it can hold any dildo you throw its way.

This vibrating cock ring is amaaazing. You can also use this toy as a way to tease your penis-owning partner before diving into P-in-the-V action.

Want to get the party going outside the bedroom? Craving more foreplay in your life but not sure where to start? Want options? Now you've got 'em. The set includes a dildo, clitoral vibrator , kegel balls , a beginner butt plug , nipple clamps, silky wrist ties, and more. When it comes down to it, sometimes all you need to spice up your sex life is a change in position.

This tiny but mighty vibrator has a perfectly soft-pointed tip for direct stimulation on any and pretty much every body part imaginable. Use it to tickle your partner's nipples, belly button, or inner thighs, then have them surprise you the same.

Throw them over the door of your room or bathroom, strap in, and have fun. A G-spot stimulator, cock ring, and clit vibe all in one cute package? Use this toy with your partner and experiment with all the exciting ways it can spark your sexual curiosity. Satisfyer promises ! The long curved end actually looks like two fingers, but can reach lengths no ordinary human could. Ida is like the women's version of a cock ring: You insert it inside your vagina, and when your partner thrusts, you both get the extra sensation of vibration against your private bits your clit, his shaft.

The soft and small handheld remote makes controlling the intensity super easy, too. Taking tech to a whole new level, this sex toy is part vibrator, part app.

Users can even create custom vibes and save them! Honestly, Fin is a miracle toy. Perfectly fit for your pointer finger, this little powerhouse packs a serious punch.