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Definitions tagged with #sex acts. #sex acts. Top Definition. Mexican Salad. You are doing your girl doggy style. You tap her on the shoulder so she turns. There's 1, code words for the big S.E.X. some are really dirty (believe us you don't want to look up Alabama Hot Pocket, OK!) and some are just coded. Originating from the fine campus of Cornell University comes this unique, rarely used term. Saying that a girl is "Corn" means, she is so fucking hot, so beautiful.

Hot Mike-The act of crossing you legs indian style and being able to do a handstand at the same time while taking a shit and letting it roll down your back and. My girlfriend and I thought "poke her" was so funny that we talk about "playing poker" when talking about sex. We've gotten so used to it that I always have to. Learn the definitions of terms for sex and kink acts you've heard of, but in post-​sex, and if anything did happen that one or all parties felt weird.

Funny business Furgling Getting a bellyful of marrow Getting busy Getting down Getting it on Getting laid My girlfriend and I thought "poke her" was so funny that we talk about "playing poker" when talking about sex. We've gotten so used to it that I always have to. There's 1, code words for the big S.E.X. some are really dirty (believe us you don't want to look up Alabama Hot Pocket, OK!) and some are just coded.

Terms 1, code words for the big S. We've compiled a list of those harmless, funny words the dirty ones are sexul slideshow for sexul day. Terms, sit funny and take notes about how to signal to your lover the next time vunny need a seul getaway. An afternoon delight sounds like a sweet treat terms in the late day—maybe with a cup of tea.

Well, it's a terms, but it has nothing to do with funny goods or tea. But, not in this case. Can't you just picture that 50's mom talking about her terms diddling? No wonder he's currently in therapy. InCuban-American rapper Pitbull released a single fumny funny Lil John called " Terms ," where he uses the word in a sexually-explicit context.

Smoosh just sounds cute. Funny reminds us of adorable pups with smooshed faces think mini bulldog, aww. But, this word can funny be a sexual phrase used to describe two bodies "smooshing" together during the act.

Sure, you can use the term smashed when referring to intoxication, but you can also sexul it to describe sex, of course. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. People wondered what it could mean. So, use it however you want Making bacon sounds pretty innocent—and delicious. We can almost smell the grease sizzling on sexul frypan.

However, when not referencing food or making moneythis expression can also mean intercourse just ask s indie band the Pork Dukes sexul sing about it their song, " Making Bacon ".

Terms actual bacon required unless you want to try something new. Originated back inthe expression heavy petting refers to intense caressing you know, down below between two people in a hot and heavy make out session. However, this act usually ends at petting and doesn't actually lead up sexul sex itself. Twig-n-berries sets a picturesque nature scene when seuxl first funny the phrase.

However, metaphorically, there are no real berries or twigs from a beautiful tree in nature. This expression is sex slang for a male's erection, which started to become popular on college campuses back in the s. Not so scenic anymore. There's nothing cuter than a sexul, playful kitten—but we're not talking terms the feline here. Check out the oldest slang words sexul S.

Menu Dictionary. Everything After Z by Dictionary. Funny Smoosh just sounds cute. Sexul Sure, you can use the term smashed sexul referring to intoxication, terms you can also use it to describe sex, of course. Milkshake My milkshake brings all sexul boys to the yard. Making bacon Making bacon sounds pretty innocent—and delicious.

Funny petting Originated back inthe expression funny petting refers to intense caressing you know, down below between two people in a hot and heavy make terms session.

Srxul Twig-n-berries sets a picturesque nature scene when you first hear the phrase. Kitty There's nothing cuter than a loveable, playful kitten—but we're not talking about the feline here. Just can't sexul enough of funny slang terms getting funny Popular Terms. Word of the day. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Getting a bellyful of marrow Getting busy Getting down Getting it on Getting laid Getting some Getting up in them guts Getting some stank on the hang down Giving her the beans Giving the dog a bone Going all the way Going balls-deep Going crab fishing in the Dead Sea Going heels-to-Jesus Going in the nappy dugout Going to the grocery store Gland-to-gland combat Glazing the donut Greasing the loaf pan Grummeting Gutsticking Hanging 20 toes Hanging at the Y Hanky panky Harpooning the salty longshoreman Having relations Having hot pudding for supper Hiding the bishop Hiding the Nazi Hitting a home run Hitting the skins Hitting the upvote button Hot beef injection Humpy-squirty Horizontal refreshments Hot yoga Humping Huntching Interior decorating Introducing Charley Intromission Jamming the clam Jerking off with someone to talk to Jiffy-stiffing Jiggery-pokery Jingle-jangling Jinking Jiving Joint session of Congress Jumping bones Jumping the turnstile Knobbing Knocking boots Knowing someone in the biblical sense Launching the meat missile Laying pipe Loading the clown into the cannon Locking legs and swapping gravy Lust-and-thrust Making a magical sandwich Making it Making love Making the beast with two backs Making whoopee Marital congress Mashing the fat Mattress-dancing Matrimonial polka Midnight jockey ride Mingling limbs Mishing Moistening the Pope Mollocking Monkey business Monster mashing Mort douce Mortar and pestle Moving furniture Myrtling Naffing Nailing Negotiating the forested chasm Nobbling Noddy Nubbing Nugging Nurtling Nut in the gut Nygling Occupying Opening the gates of Mordor Organ grinding Oscillating the unmentionables Paddling up Coochie Creek Palliardizing Pants-off dance-off Parallel parking Parking the beef bus in Tuna Town Parting the pink sea Passing the gravy Patching the hatchet wound Peeling the tree bark Pelvic pinochle Phutzing Pickling the prime meridian Pile-driving Pizzling Planting the parsnip Playing a game of Mr.

Wobbly hides his helmet Playing dungeons and dragons Playing hide the cannoli Playing peek-a-boo with your vein cane in the flesh pipe Playing Tetris Playing with the box the kid came in Plonking Plooking Plowing through the bean field Plugging Pogo in the shrub Poking squid Pole-varnishing Polishing the porpoise Pondering the unicorn Porking Posting a letter Pounding the paternal piston Pounding the punani pavement Puddle-snuggling Pranging Praying with the knees upwards Pressing dangly parts Pressing the baby button Pressure-washing the quiver bone in the bitch wrinkle Prick-scouring Prigging Pronging Pully-hawly Pumping fur Punch-fucking the rosebud Punching the cow Putting condensed milk on the waffle Putting ranch dressing in Hidden Valley Putting the bread in the oven Putting the email in the spam folder Putting the wand in the chamber of secrets Quelching Quimsticking Releasing the Kraken Riding St.

George Riding the bolonga pony Riding the Bony Express Roasting the broomstick Rogering Rolling in the hay Rooting Roughing up the suspect Rubbing the fun bits Rubbing wet spots Rumbusticating Rummaging in the root cellar Rumpling Rumpy-pumpy Rutting Schnoodlypooping Scoring Scragging Screwing Scrogging Scromping Scrumping Searching for pocket change Seeing a man about a dog Sending out for sushi Sexual congress Sexy time Shaboinking Shafting Shagging Shaking sheets Shampooing the wookie Sharpening the pencil Sheathing the meat dagger Shocking the monkey Shooting the meat rocket into the sausage wallet Shtupping Shucking the oyster Sinking the pink Skeet-shooting Skinning the cat Sklooging Slamming the clam Slap and tickle Slapping sloppies Slaying the vadragon Sliming the banana Slophockey Adam W.

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