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While most countries of Southeast Asia resist the classification of prostitution as an industry, or sex work as an acceptable occupation in national statistics, there is no doubt that millions of women in the region earn a livelihood from selling sexual services.

To do sex virtually all of these women are forced to leave their birthplaces and residences and migrate to places where they will have some anonymity. Often this asian is expose, and sometimes it involves cruel exploitation. This paper pulls together the limited data sex to gain insights into the shadowy world of Asian prostitution. It concludes that while governments frequently crack down on women selling sex, they ignore the roles of asian customers, and often protect the criminal elements who use kidnapping and violence to exploit the women.

There is a need for legalization of the sex industry to protect women and expel criminals. Souvent, cette migration est involontaire, et parfois elle implique une exploitation cruelle. He was the author of more than books, articles in scholarly journals, chapters in books, as well as a large number of conference papers and reports.

There is a strong relationship between this development and population movement. On the one hand various types of population shift have created significant markets for prostitutes. These include concentrations of contract workers usually males in plantations, mineral asian oil extraction areas, sawmills etc.

As well as the rapid development of urban areas to which single workers are attracted. Similarly the rapid expansion of international tourism has created a demand for sex workers.

On the other hand as Lim points out:. Prostitution is closely related to both internal and international migration.

Prostitutes generally do not engage in the trade in their hometowns or villages. They tend to be procured from rural sex and small towns for the cities or, as young, first time job seekers new to urban areas are drawn into the sex sector.

Lim b: expose The sex paper begins by outlining the increasing scale of migration in Southeast Asia in s and the increasing feminisation of that movement. The second part of the paper examines some of the features of the migration of prostitutes in the region and the final section addresses some policy implications. Unfortunately the data vary greatly in the definitions of migration adopted. For example, in the Indonesian census one has to move permanently across the boundaries of the 27 provinces to be counted as a migrant, whereas in Malaysia all permanent changes in place of residence are recorded in the census.

Even within countries at different points in time different definitions asian migration are employed. Nevertheless an increase in the extent of migration of women is strikingly apparent and in some instances e.

In the Philippines the proportion of Filipinos who moved between and was slightly less than it was in This is probably due to the fact that many of the people who in the s would have moved within the Philippines in the late s moved internationally and were not counted in the census. Nevertheless it is interesting to note that female mobility is higher than that of males.

The difference was due to the fact that the latter detected temporary migration but the former did not. However, it is apparent that among census migrants there is not as much male dominance. This is due to the fact that females tend not to be as involved in non-permanent migration. However, it is clear that females are becoming increasingly significant in non-permanent as well as permanent migration and it is apparent that prostitutes are an important part of the female non permanent migration e.

Table 1. Source: Indonesia—Censuses of,and Intercensal Survey of Philippines—Raymundo et al. Malaysia—Hugo et al.

It can be assured that almost all of these are migrants. Table 2. The internal migrants are directed to the main types of areas:. Table 3 for example shows how the proportion of lifetime migrants in Jakarta, Indonesia has gone from However, when more recent migrants are considered This reflects the fact both of increased female participation in migration and increased turnover of females in megacities, with many spending several years in the city then returning to the village.

Female migration in the Southeast Asian context has taken some distinctive forms and there is a great deal of segmentation into specific types of migration Hugo b.

Movement of workers, mostly on a temporary basis has been the largest flow. It is difficult asian establish asian extent of labour migration of women among Asian countries because much of the movement is undocumented and many of the sources do not break down the official data that are available by gender. In Table 4 we make some estimates of the size of the labour migration from the Southeast Asian region among the main outmigration countries.

Overall females would appear to make up between a third and a half of all migrants. An important segment of female migration in the region is the movement of sex workers between countries in the region but also and importantly to destinations outside of the region. Two of the major areas of origin of female sex workers are Sex and the Philippines but expose are also flows from Indonesia to Malaysia and Singapore and from Burma, Cambodia and Laos into Thailand.

Table 5. Nevertheless, it is apparent that it has become involved asian the international sex trade of the region. More recently there were reports of more than 17, Taiwanese men taking young Vietnamese women as mail order brides with cases of sexual exploitation being reported South China Morning Post18 January asian However, there is a significant movement of sex workers from Indonesia to Sabah predominantly from East Java and from Sumatra to Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore Jones There is significant movement of prostitutes from the Riau area in Sumatra to nearby Singapore—in fact there is substantial nightly commuting of sex workers from Riau into Singapore.

It is clear that women have moved to Batan from other parts of Indonesia particularly to be involved in the sex industry. One insidious element in this has been the trafficking of women from Thailand.

This involves both Thai women and women from other countries for whom Bangkok is staging point in asian sent to third countries. Trafficking of women from Expose countries in virtual slavery has been noted in the region and is often associated with the entertainment and sex industries. Figure 3 shows the main routes sex trafficking women and children in Southeast Asia and the centrality of Thailand in this pattern is evident.

This trade is largely in the hands of organised crime, some of it involving diversification from the drug trade. It is clear that Southeast Asian women, especially Thais, are living in virtual slavery in Expose. Miki 21 found in a study of one of many shelters for foreign wives of Japanese men that of the women helped by the shelter, of them were Thais and of them had been the victims of slavery. Skrobanek, Boonpakdee and Jantateero have made a study of the trafficking of women in Thailand, and have graphically shown the misery experienced by women involved in this movement which dates back to the nineteenth century.

However, this modern form of movement developed out expose the expansion of the sex industry in the s due to asian basing of many US military men in Thailand. It grew in the s and many thousands of Thai women were trafficked to Europe and Asia.

The main routes of these women are identified as follows:. Brockett has shown that there is a circuit for Thai sex workers moving into Australia and other Asian destinations, especially Japan. It is also estimated that 30, Burmese women work in the Thai sex industry in Bangkok expose in border towns Fairclough This involves both trafficking of Cambodian women to Bangkok and to the rapidly expanding sex industry in Pnom Penh Manila ChronicleJuly 31, It is apparent too that there is movement of Vietnamese prostitutes into Cambodia.

Jones for example documents a range of abuses of Indonesian migrant women in Malaysia. He reports that Indonesian officials in Expose provided minimal help to migrant women in difficulty indicating that they. Male migrants, on the other hand, were seen as adventurous and entrepreneurial. From their statements in the press, many Malaysian officials appear to view maids, particularly Filipino but other nationalities as well, as potential prostitutes.

Jones Japan is an important destination. Sazaki indicates that there is expose similar pattern of sex to that observed in Thailand. Fernandez reports that Malaysia is involved in global trafficking in women as a. Besides, girls from Thailand are sent to countries like Japan after transit stops at Kuala Lumpur, where syndicated organise Malaysian passports for them. Within Malaysia itself indigenous girls from Sabah and Sarawak are trafficked to peninsular Malaysia.

Besides, Indian girls from estates and Malay women from interior Kelantan and Terrenganu are reportedly trafficked to urban expose and the west coast. Sex Movements of men from more developed countries has increased the demand for prostitution in different parts sex the region. The stationing of substantial numbers of US troops in Viet Nam, the Philippines and Thailand obviously was significant.

Increasingly, sex tourism in the region has increased from other Asian countries, especially Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. The linkages set up by sex tourism between other countries and Southeast Asian nations such as the Philippines and Thailand also became conduits for the flows of Southeast Asian prostitutes to developed asian like Japan, Germany and Australia.

Migrant female sex workers tend to come from particular rural areas. In addition, there are particular parts of the outer islands in Indonesia expose are known to supply prostitutes. For example, North Sumatra is an important supply point for Batam and North Sulawesi for oil and forestry settlements in East Kalimantan.

Such patterns are common in other Southeast Asian countries. The reasons for this spatial concentration of origin areas sex prostitutes are clearly associated with the development of networks between migrant prostitutes and women in their home villages and the development of subsequent chain migration. Many women migrate to join friends and relatives already working at the destination and, hence, move in an atmosphere of certainty.

Jones, Sulistyaningsih and Hull ibid. Fieldwork in Java found situations where organisations of prostitutes in Sumatra sent money to particular villages in Java to send girls to Sumatra to work as prostitutes.

It may also be adventitious factors which see a particular individual recruited into the industry and then subsequently paving the way for fellow villagers to join her. Field experience indicates that these women are often not open about their destination occupation in their home areas but there is sex knowledge in the village about what work they do. There is no doubt that over time there is an acceptance of the work in the origin area and that it becomes an accepted or normal part of behaviour for young women to leave the village to work as prostitutes.

The remittances from the prostitutes are an important source of funds for village development. A key element in the migration of women to work as prostitutes in Southeast Asia is the involvement of recruiters. While middlemen and women are involved in several activities within the prostitution industry in the region, those involved in the recruiting of new women for the industry play a crucial role.

A key element in the migration of women to work as prostitutes in Southeast Asia is the involvement of recruiters. While middlemen and women are involved in several activities within the prostitution industry in the region, those involved in the recruiting of new women for the industry play a crucial role.

Some recruiters are clear about the work women will be asked to do, especially those who recruit women from particular areas which have a reputation for supplying large numbers of women as prostitutes. Nevertheless, it is common for women to be misled that they will be working at activities other than prostitution. It is clear that organised crime has entered the area of recruiting in a substantial way. Since, in many cases, prostitution is illegal, recruiters often engage in exploitative activity.

As Sherry, Lee and Vatikiotis point out. Arbitrary debts and other pressures are used to coerce them into prostitution. Social networks are crucial to the process in both internal and international migration. Some argue that social structures in some Southeast Asian contexts are responsible.

This has led them to accept going into prostitution or, in extreme cases, to be sold off to traffickers, to fulfil their obligation to their parents. Among the international migrants the vulnerability is exacerbated by the fact that they may be undocumented or have their passports taken away by their employers.

The prostitutes are generally in a powerless situation in relation to their clients, employers, authorities and the police and are often subject to abuse. Hence, there are social network effects at both origin and destination. These networks are important sources of social support, assistance when ill, etc.

However, in many international destinations, the bulk of assistance to migrant and entertainment workers appears to come from Non Government Organisations, e. Other things being equal it would be expected that migration would be an empowering process for women leaving rural areas of Southeast Asia for the following reasons:.

The complexity and variability of the migration experience for women needs to be stressed and the widespread tendency to stereotype their movement and its impacts needs to be avoided. Most migrations have both positive and negative consequences. For example, even women migrants in highly vulnerable and exploitative situations often indicate that their migration has given them greater autonomy in some areas of their lives.

Brockett , for example, reports that Thai sex workers in Sydney considered that their migration had empowered them. The growing practice of trafficking in women migrants Skrobanek results in the violation of their human rights in a number of areas. Prostitutes are important remitters of funds to their home villages both to their families of origin and to purchase investments to ensure their future well being.

The onset of the financial crisis has seen more women enter prostitution in the region Jakarta Post , August 19, 12 as women are displaced from both formal and informal sector jobs. Lim and Oishi 32 have suggested that the policy aspects of female migration are best approached through a consideration of:. It is apparent that many females are being put into a very vulnerable situation by virtue of being both female and an outsider at the destination as well as being often in an illegal occupation.

Among international migrants, being undocumented sometimes further exacerbates this. The abuse and exploitation of Southeast Asian migrant prostitutes remains substantial and policies and programmes regarding them are generally ineffective. The involvement of organised crime in the recruitment and migration of prostitutes in the region as well as in the prostitution industry more generally is also important.

It is certain that there will be increasing demand for prostitutes in the region. As Lim points out. Prostitution is also deeply rooted in a double standard of morality for men and women, as well as in a sense of gratitude or obligation that children feel they owe their parents.

These economic and social foundations are not easy to dismantle. Lim c: Such efforts will only result in the industry being driven further underground and the exploitation of the sex workers increased even further.

This would involve providing women with full details about work possibilities, earnings and conditions in likely destination areas, indicate their rights in dealing with recruiters and an indication of what costs are involved. Greater efforts have to be made to control the activities of recruiters and procurers and those engaging in exploitative practices particularly.

This would involve the outlawing of recruitment of child prostitutes. Traffickers need to be identified and prosecuted with full force. On the other hand, there should be recognition of the sex industry as a legitimate activity and recruiters who provide full information to potential prostitutes and treat them fairly need to be able to operate within the law. There is a particular problem when the women work in countries other than their own and in such context they are often denied even the protection given prostitutes who are nationals.

In such cases, there is a need for bilateral and multilateral arrangements that protect the workers at the destination. In addition, there is scope for the encouragement and assistance of the development of Non Governmental Organisations at the destination that seek to assist and protect prostitutes. They have generally been more effective in this task then government agencies have been. Migrant workers, especially those overseas and undocumented, are often defenceless against abuses by employers, recruiting agents, customers and authorities.

These include Fernandez :. They have absolutely no protection. The work the women do is looked down upon in the society where she is working and the society where she comes from. She is not only physically isolated but also psychologically and spiritually. Pollock There is not enough effort to control the activities of unscrupulous agents, brothel owners, recruiters, procurers and protection racket criminals. There is a need to decriminalise prostitution and for prostitutes to be included in the general labour laws.

Almost all of the regions several million prostitutes are migrants. The bulk are recruited from rural areas and subsequently move to cities, resorts, frontier areas or transport routes within their countries or to other countries. This movement has expanded rapidly over the last two decades and shows no indication of slowing down.

There is no area of migration where the migrants have more potential for, or actual experience of, abuse and exploitation—economic, physical and social. Where interventions occur they tend to be policy actions directed toward the prostitutes who are often the victims rather than the criminals in the system. There is a need in the region to recognise that prostitution is a significant industry and that it needs to be legalised and its workers given the protection and working conditions afforded to other workers.

This objective needs to be approached in a multiplicity of ways reflecting the complexity of the industry and its relationships with migration and as a matter of urgency. Laquian, A. McGee, ed. Firdausy, ed. Study No. Geneva: International Labour Office, pp. Rubbing asian teen pisses 2 years ago NuVid. Panties home mature suck chinese 5 months ago DrTuber.

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