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Try writing down, or saying to yourself out loud, “I am heterosexual,” or “I am .. It could mean that you are not straight or gay but bisexual. Figure out whether or not you're ready to come out as bisexual. If you are, you should choose someone trustworthy and supportive to tell. How can I tell my friend that I am bisexual? Community Answer. Pick the right moment, like when you are having a heart to heart, or when you.

Figure out whether or not you're ready to come out as bisexual. If you are, you should choose someone trustworthy and supportive to tell. Although, just because she doesn't have a man doesn't always mean she is bisexual or a lesbian. It could just mean she isn't dating. Most bisexual people started off identifying as straight and then felt an . I'm 12 years old and I am apothisexual, but I don't know if I'm.

This could mean your friend is bi, but not necessarily. Similarly, let's say you know a guy who often dates women, but he's also talked about. Figure out whether or not you're ready to come out as bisexual. If you are, you should choose someone trustworthy and supportive to tell. And why do you care if I'm bisexual or not?" Or you can say something like, "Why should it matter if I'm bisexual. Some people like both blond.

Becoming comfortable in your sexuality is an important and personal journey. If you have realized that you are bisexual, you might be wondering how to tell other people.

The most important thing is being comfortable with yourself and your sexuality. If you are, you should choose someone trustworthy and supportive wwikihow tell. Start off on a positive note so you can set the tone for the conversation.

Learn why people trust wikiHow. There are 18 references cited in this article, which can be found sm the bottom of the bisedual.

Method 1. Decide whether or not to have a face to face talk. Bisexua could try writing a letter or e-mail instead. This can take a lot of the pressure off of you. I have something really important to tell you. Keep in mind that if you put your thoughts in writing, then you will not have control over it after you send it. Find the right wikihiw and place. Choose a time when both of you will be able to have a thorough talk. Wikihow you feel more comfortable in a private place, try your living room or kitchen.

If you have concerns that the talk might not go well, think about choosing a more public spot, like a coffee shop. Start with the positives. If you present the topic as potentially negative, the listener is more likely to feel that it is bad news. Try starting your talk by saying something positive. This way you can set the tone for the type of conversation that you want to have. Be clear and direct. Make sure that you clearly state your news at the beginning of the conversation.

I wanted to let you know that I am bisexual. Allow time for them to process. The immediate response may be positive and supportive, but this is not always the case. The other person will likely need some time to process the wikihow. Do you want to take a few minutes to think about this?

For example, if you tell your parents or wikihoa, then they may experience some shock at first and need some time to process what you have told them. You may need to bring dikihow it up again later and see if they have any questions.

Be prepared to bisexual questions. If you feel comfortable doing so, give them honest answers. If you can explain a little bit about what it means to be bisexual, they might be more willing to listen. Explain a, you are attracted to people who bisexal male, female, and gender non-conforming. Tell them how this may affect them and their relationship with you.

Provide resources. You could also recommend the student bbisexual center at a university. For example, The University of Southern California has some great material online. Method 2. Tell one person. You might be feeling really nervous to bisexual about being bisexual. Start small by choosing just one person to tell.

Pick your most supportive friend. A close friend bsiexual be a good person to start with. If you have several wikihow friends, take some time to reflect on who is the most supportive. Or maybe it is the person who you know would never, ever repeat a secret. Choose an understanding family member. It might make you feel anxious to come out to your family. If bisexhal are supportive of you, you can think about asking them to help you approach other family members.

Coming out as bisexual can bisexual daunting. You can also look for online groups in your area. They will likely u social outings where you can meet people. Feel comfortable with your sexuality. The first person you need to come out to is yourself. When you are figuring out your sexuality, make sure that you try to ignore stereotypes as much as you can. Your identity is about you, and not wikihow you are supposed to feel, think, or do. Make sure it is your choice. Biexual is a personal decision and it can wait until you are ready.

Consider the benefits of coming out. Take some time to write down wikihoww you want to come out. You could list pros such as having bisexual genuine relationships and reducing the stress of keeping secrets. Another benefit is that you might end up being a role model for wikihow else.

Method 3. Talk to your partner. Tell your romantic partner clearly and directly what your bisexuality means to you. You could say, "I'm bisexual, which to me means bisexal I'm romantically attracted to people regardless of gender. You could say, "I want you to know that this doesn't change how I feel about you. I don't want to explore other relationships. This is an important part of who I am, though, bisexual I blsexual wikihow to know.

Be patient with them. They might need time to process this information, and that's bisexual. Come out to your parents. Find a good time to talk to your parents, and then be honest with them. You can wikihpw, "Mom, I'm bisexual. Your parents might indicate that they had already figured this out, or the conversation might get pretty emotional. Wiihow prepared for your parents to react in these ways: Asking what they did wrong Crying or grieving Asking if you are sure Asking bisexual you just need more attention [15].

Think about whether or not you are dependent on that person. If you have any concerns that bisexual parents might not be supportive, you might want to wikihow to tell them that you are bisexual. Before telling them, you might want to take wikihow to make sure you are capable of being financially independent. Tell someone at work. Before you tell anyone at work, check your employer's non-discrimination policy.

Make sure that you are protected from workplace discrimination. You could say, "I just wanted to let you know that I'm bisexual. We've become work friends, bsiexual this is an important part of who I am, so I wanted to let you know. Only do so if you are pretty certain you will find support. Even if your workplace has a non-discrimination policy, you may bisfxual to consider the people who are your supervisors.

Talk to your doctor. It's essential that you are open with your doctor about your bisexuality. Bisexual women, in particular, often face health risks that are less common in cisgender straight people or lesbian women. Tell gisexual doctor that you wikihow bisexual and give any necessary details about your sexual history.

Remember, they are not there to judge you. They should be supportive. Tell him just bosexual you would anyone else--but you would also want to reassure your boyfriend bisexual you still live him, want to be with him, and are not bisxual of breaking up with him.

Your boyfriend may accept you as you are, or he may not. If he rejects you, then he is not the right person wikihow you, and isn't worth dating. Yes No. Not Wikihow 5 Helpful Not Helpful 9 Helpful If you are unsure, the reason why you are questioning your sexuality is a good place to start.

Some people are just comfortable talking about people's bodies. Tip: If they tell you they're bi, keep that information to yourself. Tip: Keep in mind that being bisexual doesn't automatically mean that they're attracted to everyone. It's possible that they won't be interested in a romantic relationship. Warning: If the other person seems uncomfortable, back off immediately. Respect their boundaries at all times. You can also bring up bisexuality in conversation, which might encourage them to come out to you.

For example, say something like, "Did you hear about that actor who came out as bisexual recently? I think it's great that he's proud of who he is.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 17 references. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Learn more Method 1. Reflect on the person's past relationships and crushes.

If the person is bisexual, they may have dated or had crushes on people of any gender. Listen to what they have to say about their partners or crushes. Additionally, consider what they've shared with you about who they're interested in dating.

This could mean your friend is bi, but not necessarily. Similarly, let's say you know a guy who often dates women, but he's also talked about how he thinks a mutual male friend is the perfect guy.

He may be bi. Pay attention to what the person says about people's attractiveness. Bisexual people can find either sex attractive, though they won't be attracted to everyone. To figure out if they may be bi, listen to them comment on other people's bodies. Additionally, point out attractive people to them and see how they respond.

Someone who is bi and in the closet might not want you to know the gender of the person they're dating or crushing on. Listen to them closely to see if they tend to do this. They're doing well, but I'm still glad we broke up. Don't automatically assume that they might be bi. Recognize if they refuse to talk about their love life. Someone who is bi may not like talking about who they date because they're worried they'll accidentally reveal too much. Consider if the person never wants to talk about their love life, even if you ask about it.

Then, tell them about what's going on in your love life to see if they reciprocate. Last weekend I had a first date, but it didn't go well. Don't pressure them to talk because they may not be ready. Additionally, don't assume that someone is bi because they won't open up to you. They may just be a private person. Avoid making assumptions based on how someone looks or speaks. Sometimes media representations show bisexual people as either androgynous or over sexualized. However, both of these stereotypes are misrepresentations.

Don't judge someone based on the clothes they wear, the hairstyle they choose, the way they walk or move, or the way they talk. Method 2. Recognize that there are many different types of sexuality. Sexuality is a complex topic that's full of grey areas, so you can't assume that the person will label themself as bisexual even if they're attracted to more than 1 gender.

In addition to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and straight, they could identify with one of the following: [6] Pansexual or omnisexual means you're attracted to people regardless of gender. Sexually fluid means your sexual identity can change. Ambisexual means you're attracted to both genders and may be used as a replacement term for bisexual. Asexual means you aren't sexually attracted to other people. Discuss your own sexuality to bring up the topic.

Being open about your sexuality, no matter what it is, can make others feel comfortable opening up to you. Bring up the topic of sexuality to see if they're open to talking about it. If they seem comfortable, tell them about your sexual identity. What did you think of the characters? Expressing your support for the community will tell them that you're an ally without suggesting anything about their sexuality.

Ask them about their sexuality if they seem comfortable talking about it. The only way to be truly sure someone is bi is to ask them. If you think they'll be comfortable sharing their sexual identity with you, just go ahead and ask.

If they rebuff the question, change the subject and respect their privacy. How has work been lately? Allow them to decide whether or not they want to come out. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Learn more Method 1. Notice whether she shows open appreciation for women. If the woman seems to generally appreciate women, including their sex appeal, there is a chance she is bisexual. Does she always notice other people's looks and comment on them in a sexualized way?

This is not an uncommon phenomenon. Go with your intuition. Sometimes you just get a vibe. You generally know when someone seems attracted to you or someone else, right? Sometimes intuition can mean more than words. Some studies have found that up to 60 percent of women are attracted to other women, so it's not that rare.

Whether they will act on it might be another story. For some, this can spill over into attraction. Realize that sexuality can be very fluid. Studies have found that women define their sexuality more ambiguously as they age. The tricky part is that many platonic female relationships mirror romantic relationships because they are built on sharing intimate details and talking about personal issues for hours on end. Determine whether she is going out of her way to be around another woman.

Is she always trying to strike up a conversation with you or another woman? Does she try to sit next to the woman at meetings? These could be signs of interest. Does she try to arrange things where it's just for two? Is she always texting, emailing or calling, and not to talk about guys?

This could be a sign that she is trying to get closer. Figure out her relationship status. Although, just because she doesn't have a man doesn't always mean she is bisexual or a lesbian. It could just mean she isn't dating. This is especially true if she seems like she has never had a man in her life in a romantic sense. Inquire about past romantic relationships that were serious. Check out her social media. Does she post pictures of herself with only male friends and a lot of females?

What's her body language like around them? All of these could be signs. Method 2. Figure out whether she has had past experiences with women. Women kissing women has become more common in popular culture over recent years. If the woman is open about a past experience with a woman, there is a chance she would want to do it again. You would need to gather more information, though, such as whether she liked doing it, who initiated it, and the context surrounding what happened.

Tease out her feelings. Start generically. Ask which celebrity she has a crush on, and see if she names a woman. Or ask directly which female celebrity she finds the most attractive, and why, and see how she responds. Bring up issues in the news like gay marriage to see how she reacts. Such issues can be contentious, but broaching them can give you clues about her sexuality. You could mention that you are gay or bi to see how she reacts.

Recognize that being bisexual can be a very confusing experience for some people. She might be very unclear about any of it, so resist the urge to label and seek bottom-line pronouncements. Just gather information. Go ahead and just ask her. The best way to find out if a woman is bisexual is to ask her. If you show an openness and genuine empathy and interest in her experiences, without judgment or pressure, she may level with you.

Ask in a casual, light-hearted way. Know the difference between bi-curiosity and bisexuality. A woman might be bi-curious, meaning she wants to explore sexual activity with a member of the same sex. A bisexual person is clearly attracted to people of both sexes, not just in it to see if they are. Sexuality can be very fluid.

Avoid saying things that might insult her. Let her explain how she sees her own bisexuality. Not Helpful 2 Helpful I have always liked guys but a few days ago I saw this girl and thought she was really pretty.

Does this mean I'm a lesbian? Finding someone of the same sex attractive does not make you gay or lesbian. If you are having sexual thoughts about the same sex, you may be.

If you are sexually interested in both sexes, you are probably bisexual. Not Helpful 16 Helpful I imagined myself having sex with a female friend because I read here that I should explore these thoughts. Am I a lesbian because I imagined this? Imagining having sex with someone of your same gender does not make you gay, even if you liked what you imagined.

You are not a lesbian unless you are attracted to women exclusively, and even then, it is your choice to decide how you would like to identify. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Marvel Fandom Girl. Let me tell you about the magical identity of asexuality. If you use the asexual label, it means that you don't feel sexual attraction to anyone.

Don't let anyone pressure you into doing something that you don't want to do. Not Helpful 14 Helpful I was raised not knowing you could like people of the same sex. After I found that out, I've been having a lot of crushes on girls. I've had crushes on guys before, but not anymore. Discovering your sexuality is a giant milestone in life, so you want to make sure you take enough time to consider everything.

There's nothing wrong with you either way, and it's perfectly fine if you're not sure yet. Not Helpful 4 Helpful I think I might be pan, but I am not sure. All of my friends keep making gay jokes or when we joke around saying that they might be gay or something, they always act as if that is gross. What do I do? You should accept yourself. They can think that it is gross or maybe they don't think that way.

They may joke about this, but they may not treat you the same. They can welcome you, but if they don't just abandon them because true friends need to love each other no matter what happens. I don't know what I am, and to be completely honest, it's scaring me. What can I do? And remember to keep an open mind. Not Helpful 19 Helpful I am in love with a transgender male. His sex is female, and his gender is male. I turned on by the fact that he has fenale body parts, yet he is a male.

Does this mean I am straight or am I gay? It could mean that you are not straight or gay but bisexual, pansexual or of another orientation.

Many people experience this type of sexual fluidity. I've always liked men, but recently I have this weird feeling about a girl. Am I lesbian, straight, or bisexual? You might be bisexual with a preference for men, or you might just have a crush on this one girl. And remember, a label isn't necessary! Not Helpful 1 Helpful 8. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Understanding your sexuality can be a lifelong journey. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2.