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posted in Racing Comments: Talking about commentators of La Sexta I really liked And they're too Catalan-drivers centric, more so than La Sexta is Alonso-​centric (at times it . And, of course, in Abu Dhabi, Lobato never criticized Ferrari's strategy. It was everything Petrov's fault, or if not, Weber's fault, He even blamed. Fernando Alonso says he can't completely rule out an F1 comeback past either​) had higher downforce setups than Petrov's Renault in Abu Dhabi Samantha de Kraker hij moet een massa zetten, einde v het seizoen: ik ga weg, 3 weken voor het nieuwe seizoen: oké nog 1 jaar dan. .. uaorthodox.infoa.​com/. O Grande Prêmio da Coreia do Sul de foi a décima sexta corrida da temporada de Junto dele foram eliminados Petrov, Kovalainen, Pic, Glock, De la Rosa e Mas Alonso e Vettel entraram na casa de 1m37s e foram mais rápidos. .. Singapura • Japão • Coreia do Sul • Índia • Abu Dhabi • Estados Unidos •.

posted in Racing Comments: Talking about commentators of La Sexta I really liked And they're too Catalan-drivers centric, more so than La Sexta is Alonso-​centric (at times it . And, of course, in Abu Dhabi, Lobato never criticized Ferrari's strategy. It was everything Petrov's fault, or if not, Weber's fault, He even blamed. Vettel, 23, won the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix yesterday to top the standings by rising above Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Red. Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Abu Dhabi, the lap Massa came in, and the Ferrari driver lost seconds more in the pits compared to Webber.

Vettel, 23, won the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix yesterday to top the standings by rising above Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Red. O Grande Prêmio da Coreia do Sul de foi a décima sexta corrida da temporada de Junto dele foram eliminados Petrov, Kovalainen, Pic, Glock, De la Rosa e Mas Alonso e Vettel entraram na casa de 1m37s e foram mais rápidos. .. Singapura • Japão • Coreia do Sul • Índia • Abu Dhabi • Estados Unidos •. Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Abu Dhabi, the lap Massa came in, and the Ferrari driver lost seconds more in the pits compared to Webber.

Cinco minutos se passavam, o venezuelano Maldonado era o melhor alonso os poucos pilotos que estavam na pista. Sexta pilotos petrov Sauber foram os primeiros a marcar tempo, com Kobayashi na frente. Webber ficou em terceiro, com Massa em quarto e Hamilton em quinto lugar. A bandeirada petrov foi dada pelo rapper PSY.

Stats F1. Consultado em 14 de sexat dhabi Categorias ocultas:! Noutros projetos Wikimedia Sexta. Mark Webber.

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In that sense, this race lost them the championship. In another, being so far behind lost them it. Or they just lost it over the whole season. It matters not. Alex Bkk 14th November , Alex Bkk 15th November , Andy W 14th November , I said at the time Ferrari pitted Massa that it was a mistake, Mark was always going to get stuck in traffic, at least long enough to take him down the points.

The fact Massa set the 2 fastest sectors on his in lap was also evidence that they had the pace to stay out a bit longer. Alonso should have been watching Vettle and not Mark.

Yes hindsight is always perfect but Red Bull where rolling the dice when they pitted Mark, he had nothing else on… Ferrari, and more specifically Alonso had the championship on…. PT 15th November , Ferrari and Alonso did their fans proud in by jumping back into contention from Monza. But they critically fell short of glory. It seemed so easy from 3rd on the grid. This was in fact his worst race since the late-season resurgence. I know the strategy was a tough call, but someone with the experience of Alonso must prove himself exactly in situations such as these.

I was resigned to the fact that Alonso had lost the title after the Spa crash, but he re-kindled our hopes only to fall flat at the last race. Finishing 7th from 3rd is poor for any driver, but shameful for someone of the professed calibre of Alonso and a year old F1 team.

He was gifted the championship lead at Korea. Webber was off the pace at Abu Dhabi. What more could he and Ferrari have asked for? They should have pulled this one off. Poor, really poor from both the Prancing but going nowhere Horse and the Oviedo master. Thanks for everything Bridgestone, but Kubica being able to pull away like that on old tyres, even if it was from Petrov, shows why your departure might be better for the sport.

The stewards are always very tough when it comes to crossing the line at the pit exit, so why not this time? Had a quick scan through the Sporting Regulations but nothing obvious comes up. If anyone has a better explanation do share it…. I think the fairest solution to that problem would have been to black flag Kubica, then do the same to Petrov for being in the same team.

Red Andy red-andy 14th November , Bruno 14th November , Gusto 14th November , Plus towards the end of the race ALO was using massive run off lines too gain time. Just a thought but maybe the Sun setting an the resulting drop in temp made the super softs have a second wind.

It would probably have given Alonso the chance to overtake Petrov and Rosberg. Jonathan 15th November , It depends on the circumstances. Drivers are penalized for crossing the line only when doing so puts them on the track.

Remember Alonso overtaking Massa in China? He was well outside the line — drivers often cut the line on that circuit. Lord Stig lord-stig 14th November , However, what lap should he have come in on? In hindsight he should have stayed out a bit longer, but tyre degradation in the race was surprisingly low, which caught Ferrari out. I think Ads21 has a point to say that other faults throughout the season contribute, but then again RBR had plenty of reliability issues as well. For me it ultimately came down to the fact that Fernando could not pass Petrov.

I think Ferrari or any other top team would think Petrov might put up a fight for 5 laps at most, and really the blame I would think is two fold: a Fernando and b the strategy. Hamilton had exactly the same problem with Kubica. Firstly Abu Dhbai is a rubbish track for overtaking and second the Renault had too much of a top speed advantage. Younger Hamilton 14th November , Its no where as boring or rubbish as Bahrain is do you know how much money both tracks are making from Bahrain hosting a outstanding and once again epic season and Abu Dhabi deciding the championship and closing the season.

I agree that Petrov did have speed advantage of 2. It really surprises me that despite how hard it might be to overtake at Abu Dhabi he was not able to make a move given his talent.

Also Ferrari must have known that Petrov was faster, but they though it would not be a problem, so that is another failure on there half.

According to the speed trap data Hamilton was. Though Kubica might have on average have had a higher top speed? One can expect Kubica to give Hamilton a fight, but Alonso should have been able to find a way past Petrov. BasCB 15th November , But the same petrov kept him behind for 40 laps earlier in the season as well. And he had done solid defences from Hamilton and others as well. I agree that he was helped by his Renault engine offering better traction out of the corners and better top speed as it was new, but it is also about knowing how to use that and not drop it under stress.

Maciek 15th November , PeriSoft 15th November , Unless they change that little piece of regulatory brilliance, this is going to be the last F1 race I watch of my own volition…. James 14th November , I also think it was the strategy. Petrov made a great race, driver dont have to step out just because you are in the championship fight!

But so did Vettel aside from his car problems, yes I am talking about driver mistakes and so did Webber.

Hence why the battle for the title was so intense and lasted for so long! When Raikkonen was at Ferrari they did everything to put him down and always supported Massa, until they fnally got rid of Kimi.

I am not a huge fan nor a suporter of Kimi, even though I always admired his driving and I thought the guy was there to do his job. Besides, Red Bull deserved this much more and Vettel too! In my honest opinion, Webber would have deserved it just as much as Vettel, especially because the team wanted him to be the second driver, even when he showed he can win and be a leader. I hope that they learned from their mistakes this year, cause some could have been avoided!

MacademiaNut 15th November , That hand waving thing by ALO was immature. But, after the race he spoke with an interviewer and he did say that Petrov drove really well and did not make mistakes.

It was frustrating for him. I think nobody knew what those tyres were going to do. Red Bull was planning a stop for Vettel as well, only to postpone it when the super softs started to come back to them. As in Canada, everyone was taken by suprise by the behaviour of the tyres. Tim 15th November , Jonathan 14th November , If Massa had won that race, he would have been far more confident in the remaining races.

Felipe F1 15th November , You dont know that. He could have tried to overtake him again if he did not let him pass… you guys dont know anything about f1, do you? Agree with you completely Jonathan. Not only would Massa have had more confidence, he may have even won another race.

Congrats to Vettel!! Shimks 15th November , A really interesting comment, Jonathan, and one I agree with. Massa completely gave up after that fiasco. I actually would not stay at Ferrari now, if I was him.

Derek 15th November , I agree with your comment. Massa just gave up from that point. I thought I noticed a satisfied smirk from Ron Smedley during his post race interview! Alonso and Ferrari win together, and they lose together. Big congrats to Vettel. Todfod todfod 15th November , I agree. Fernando came within 4 points of winning the championship with the second best car of the year. I think Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton all made mistakes, but were still phenomenal this year.

Congrats to Vettel, and hopefully, we see him next year in a little less dominant RB6 :. Great Speculating Guys!! Not really, if Kubica had made an earlier pit stop he would have ended up behind Petrov, Alonso and maybe Webber.

I think Kubica and Petrov helped themselves with their driving, as it got them 5th and 6th places from starting 10th and 11th. Good job from Renault and their drivers.

PJ 14th November , He went up to King Juan Carlos on his grid walk who explained to him that it was bad luck to talk about it before hand. Speaking of, has anybody found a hi-res wallpaper or larger pic of the Schumi crash? I want to see just how close that Force India was to his helmet. Dane 14th November , Regis 14th November , I had no idea you could not overtake on this track, they should really finish with Brazil, much more exciting.

What a shame for Webber, i think its all over for him now. Fernando will be back stronger next year. There was a lot of action in GP2 apparently when they raced here. Even GP2 cars did not have that much of a race last year altough it might have been better this year.

PJ — will give it some thought, may consider something along those lines for a regular or semi-regular feature next year. As ever, those who are discontent with something tend to be louder. I thought it was a great article Keith, my bias against Alonso aside it was an article that really helped explain and break down the championship up to the point. I think that article was a very good attempt at describing a parallel WDC.

You were as fair to all drivers as one could have been. The perception that Vettel was a more deserving champion was bound to come as Vettel had indeed suffered a disproportionately high number of mechanical failures. But still, I think such articles are best left to fans of individual drivers to make their biased cases for their favorite drivers. I remember reading such tripe on fan communities of Kimi Raikkonen back in They claim that Ferrari favored Massa by making Kimi queue behind him at Germany , utterly biased and juvenile stuff that was.

While you tried to do as fair a job as possible Keith, it is never possible to be fair to all drivers. A topic best left alone or remained confined to the forums for debates among fans. David Smith 14th November , To be honest and its been said enough times tonight. A championship is lost over the course of a season — Not just the final race. But credit to Alonso for staying in it till the end!! Ben 14th November , Yes Alonso has been the best driver since Hungary, His string of wins and podiums, the turnaround he and Ferrari did is something all Ferrari and Alonso fans can be proud of.

If he had won the championship the aftermath would be horriffic, it would drag our great sport through the mud with bringing up the whole cheating and team orders shambles over again and we would never hear the end of it. Pero creo, que por ejemplo Gerhard Berger Ferrari en Australia , con el 4 coche a final de temporada. Damon Hill en Hungria Jacques Laffite con Ligier en Brasil Le falto no mas. Ahora ir a hacerle musaretas en la recta delante de todos De los peores perdedores.

Petrov hizo lo suyo. Nadie tiene nada que recriminar. Si es por bajar el perfil vettel toco rueda con rueda no mas. La actitud es la misma. Schumacher deberia, haber hecho lo mismo al final del O lo pasas en pista o te la comes solo. Posted 19 May - The guy doesn't shut his mouth even under the water but speaking fluidly, funnily and making sense and with a lot of technical inputs.

In my opinion, that day he overrode clearly the rest. Can anyone explain to me why in Spain, the channel that shows F1 isn't available everywhere? Before I went I was informed that the channel was available everywhere in Spain but alas no, I didn't have the channel. Posted 21 May - Some of us were really worried that with the "loss" of Pedro as commentator for the Spanish TV, Lobato would be left alone saying what he feels like on TV without nobody holding him down when he gets too much He would probably bash anysingle driver with the exception of those from Hispania Racing, Alonso, Jaime and Pedro of course If it was a shared ariel I'd hazard a guess that it was down to the building's comundiad dragging it's feet about getting an antenista in to sort out it out.

I had many a frustrating converstation trying to convince neighbours that it was free and not canal plus, when it was available well before the change over. Oh right, I see. Yeah, its frustrating. I missed Webber's first ever win and I'll be missing Hungary this year. Posted 09 June - Posted 26 November - Great news if true! I'm not sure if that's good news.

Sure I'd want no adds, but it they can't rentabilise the ridiculous prices they pay for TV rights, they will not buy the rights anymore. So broadcasting F1 would be less attractive to TV stations.

Lobato might not be a great expert in F1, but you must give it to the man, at least he puts passion at it. And I like it. Spa by Lobato. I loved that The only bit I understood was him saying, alonso's pitted, why?! To me that's half of what commentary should be - whe it gets more exciting on track it should be reflected by the commentator - tone, volume, excitement in the voice etc. Legard in the UK fails woefully at that.

The other half is the content which I couldn't judge! What's Lobato like when commentating on hamilton? He always comments of Hamilton in a negative way. Lobato is a disgrace as a commentator. For him, there is only a driver, Alonso, and the rest are only a bunch of guys that are there to spoil Alonso's race.

During this season, he spent the last races criticizing Red Bull for the team orders that "they were to apply" and never acknowledged that they didn't or felt sorry for his criticisms. He doesn't mention any other driver except for those in the immediate vicinity of Alonso.

For instance, he never commented the races by Kobayashi that is always described as a banzai driver, indistinguishable from Sato , or even mentions Alguersuari except on a passing way. At least Jacobo Vega mentions Jaime, Kamui or other midfielders or backmarkers sometimes, and Nira Juanco mentions Vettel in a positive way he is friendly with her and after the drivers' parade he always answers some questions from her. I don't remember Lobato speaking positively of the brilliant drives by Seb in the last races.

And, of course, in Abu Dhabi, Lobato never criticized Ferrari's strategy. It was everything Petrov's fault, or if not, Weber's fault, He even blamed Schumacher for Alonso's defeat that should be the vast German conspiracy or something. He generally complains when he brakes the rules and gets no penalty, which has happened sometimes as you know.

He is the Alonso no. You can feel his great confidence in Fernando but his fear for Hamilton too. It was the other commentator Gonzalo Serrano who was always critizising anyone but Alonso. But he is out since God bless. And I do not agree about Abu Dhabi, we might have seen a different race. He was simply frustrated when they found out the Reno was way faster in the straight. But did blame Ferrari. Anyway he didn't notice the strategy was wrong until Alonso got behind Petrov.

Everybody complains about him but I haven't see any other race commentator who makes races more interesting than him. He does so just reluctantly, and only because he is the arch-enemy. For instance, this year we were mid-season and Lobato kept saying that Hamilton was the enemy to defeat, neglecting both RedBulls. If those rules were not in effect when Hamilton "broke" them, but just after it, then there he didn't break any rule. And Lobato's Alonso-centrism is specially annoying when comparing Hamilton punishments with Alonso's.

When Hamilton receives a drive-through is a sanction too light; when Alonso tries to do the same as Hamilton's, gaining advantage over Kubica, then a drive-through is too harsh. When Hamilton is punished, the sentence is applied too late and the stewards are voluntarily slow. When Alonso is punished and the number of laps is almost the same , then they are too swift and unjust. Don't get me started on Serrano. Thank God he's no longer there.

But Lobato, not being as obnoxious as Serrano, is as partial to Alonso as Gonzalo. Another feature of Lobato's comments that make me to want to throw the remote control to the TV is the way that he speaks as "we", e. Is Lobato planning the strategy of Ferrari and Toro Rosso now? The same in Abu Dhabi "Hemos salido perdiendo con el pitstop".

Are you saying that he didn't blame even Schumacher? And no, he didn't acknowledge Ferrari's mistake. He said that the result had been negative obvious and kept blaming Petrov as if Alonso were to pass Rosberg and Kubica but didn't blame Ferrari and even less Alonso. I do not agree. He speaks about Hamilton like an enemy, but he praises his huge talent.

He makes it passionate and that is his strenght but he needs to be more objective. Not in MotoGP nor previous F1 commentators. He can improve a lot and he lacks a deep technical knowledge but others have been worse than him. Posted 27 November - That reminds me Alonso started doing well when Sainz wasn't in the transmissions. Posted 10 March - Posted 16 March - Posted 24 March - Soucek completely amazed me last year.