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Alisha Rai knew from a young age, back when she was still writing "Nancy Drew" and "Hardy Boys" fanfic, that she wanted to be a romance novelist. Since then, the lawyer-by-day has published more than a dozen books, often featuring non-white heroes and heroines — a rarity in romance novels. Rai herself is a woman of color, another striking rarity in this blockbuster genre. According to a recent report by the Ripped Bodice a,isha, the sole romance-only book store in the U.

One of the things that I really like to see in the romances I read It was Rai's "A Gentleman in the Street" that put her on the map for many romance readers — this reader included.

Her incredibly sexy books are also beautiful character studies that, sex her website tagline suggestsbring "all sex heat, all the heart. The first, "Hate to Want You," which came out in August, follows Nicholas and Livvy, a couple who grew up together and then fell in love until a big family fallout drove them apart and Livvy moved away.

I recently caught up with Rai — as both a fan and a friend — to talk about what she loves in romance novels, how she writes all those sexy scenes and characters, and how consent, sexiness, and race intersect in her work. Jessica Luther: How did you go from being an attorney to also writing romance novels? Alisha Rai: I started [writing] when I was 13 years old, and it was just always a part of my life.

I wanted to write a romance from the time I was I think I always knew this is what I wanted to do. I went to law school, it was fun, and I really loved it.

Even if I got millions and millions of dollars, I don't know if I would ever quit law, because I really do love it. I feel better having my brain sex two different areas, to have the creative part and also the logical, rational part. Alisha One of the things that I really like to see in the romances I read — if we're talking about particularly heterosexual romances — is a woman getting what alisha wants, whatever that means.

If that's career, if that's family, whatever. Marriage, if you want marriage. If you want to be really good at your job, you should be able to be really good at your job and not have somebody knock you down for that.

And then, tied in with a happily ever sex, the hope that everyone can be loved no matter eex it is about them that makes them think maybe they shouldn't be happy. JL: Your books are very sexy. How do sex know as an author sfx your hero or heroine is sexy? How do you make sexy characters? AR: I think sex positivity is really important, as a person and as an author. Alidha I think a lot of people interpret that to mean "Women should have lots of sex.

And as long as it's consensual and you're adults and all of those caveats apply, if you're honoring sex own desire, that's good, and that's positive.

And if that means abstaining from sex, that's fine. If that means having lots as one, that's fine too. When I write the scenes, in my head, if both characters aren't finding it sexy, it's not sexy sex me. Alisha don't want to write it, and I don't think it'll sex sexy to readers. I think "Gentleman" [on the Street] is probably my sexiest book, and I've had people say to me "Oh, I would never, I don't read books with multiple partners, it's over the top, but ['Gentleman'] was really hot.

I went deep enough in the character point of view that you picked up on their sexiness, and that alisha you find the book hot, too. JL: On that note, how do you bring consent into how you write alisha scenes? And if it's a man and alisha woman and the man is in the dominant position in whatever way, I'll write it from her point of view, just to show that her head's fully engaged alisga she's consenting. I think it's important from a craft perspective to make it very clear in whatever way you can that [both alisha are digging it.

JL: You're a woman of color, and you often write characters of color, but we live in a society that very often equates sexiness with whiteness.

White people are given a much broader spectrum alisha sexy, and certainly the romance genre itself has deficits when it comes to both authors and characters of color. Does all alisha this have an impact on how you think about sexiness and consent with your characters? AR: I've actually talked about this with my friends — the ones that are women of color — and we talked about how sex positivity and sexiness can vary from culture to culture, and how it zlisha mean different things for different women men as well, but we're talking specifically about women depending what your background is and how you were raised and various other things.

So I thought that was interesting. What does that mean that you're uncomfortable seeing a woman of another color owning her sexuality, but you applaud it when it's a white woman? And the emails and reviews and letters I've gotten from Indian-American women, they're always like, "Thanks for writing this.

It's the first time I've read a sexy book with an Indian-American heroine. And that sort of trickled through my other books: "Oh thank you aliwha writing this, because we allisha really have this.

JL: Do you just not think about the haters as you are crafting stories? AR: I can't predict what pre-conceived emotions people have about different ethnicities, but I know for a fact that someone from whatever ethnicity I'm writing, or whatever race I'm writing, is reading my book. I know that alidha who sees themselves in my characters is reading my book somewhere in the world. So my priority is sex not hurt them and to give them a voice. I'm glad even if somebody tells me they don't believe someone from that culture could have sex with two men or have an orgy or whatever.

Sex important [that] they read the book, and maybe they'll read another one with something similar in it, and at some point they'll think, "Maybe women of color are just like white women.

Maybe they come in all different sizes and shapes and wants and needs and whatever makes them happy might be different from woman to woman and maybe everything I have been fed is sort of a lie.

Even if that means that I get some emails in my inbox. I'm hearty enough that I can withstand that if it means that I'm putting out material sex makes people question things in a good way. Jessica Luther is an independent journalist and avid romance alisna living in Austin, Texas. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Festive Cocktails for Your Thanksgiving Dinner. Celebrating Thanksgiving Day Our Way. For me, what sex positivity means is that people aisha just do what feels alisha for them.

At some point readers will think, Maybe women of color are just like white women. Advertisement alieha Continue Reading Below. More From Books.

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Later in the episode , Alisha is being reprimanded by Wilson after breaching the terms of her probation, when he takes her by the arm, and is unintentionally forced into a sexual craze, in which, against Alisha's will, he pins her on the table and drops his trousers. Sally walks in and splits up their meeting. In the pre-titles sequence of the third episode , she is shown using her power to her advantage on several unnamed men, whom she touches in a nightclub and later sleeps with.

She uses her power on one man she really likes, Curtis , and they have sexual intercourse in the community centre bathroom this is considered rape. This makes Curtis highly displeased. Following Curtis' negative reaction, she uses her power on Ben and takes him to her flat to sleep with him.

He does not remember their actual sexual intercourse. Alisha intends to sleep with Ben again and they drive to the other side of the lake. She ultimately changes her mind and steps out of the car, but Ben grabs her arm and he goes into a sexual frenzy and pins her down on the car seat.

Curtis comes to save her only to be likewise, contrary to Alisha's intention, forced into a frenzy and acts likewise. Alisha manages to escape from the car. Curtis tells her he likes her and she does not need to use his power on her. They begin a non-physical relationship. When Lucy , a girl with the the power of Shapeshifting comes to the community centre in S2E1 , she begins impersonating various members of the gang.

When the gang suspect Alisha is really Lucy, she demonstrates her power on Simon , to show that is is really her. Her power is shown not to work on Superhoodie , because of his Immunity power, which results in her breaking up with Curtis and starting a physical relationship with Superhoodie.

In order to start a physical relationship with present Simon , Alisha sells her power to Seth for free in the Christmas special. Elliot buys the power off Seth. He then uses it on Mary while they are in the locker room at the community centre. Alisha confronts Elliot, mentioning that she saw him buying powers from Seth , only for Elliot to use this power on her.